Do not bite the hand that feeds - China/US Relations

Looks like the Chinese are in way too deep,the whole relationship is being manipulated by the US to force countries like Japan and China into lending them ever increasing amounts of money,but the paradox is that the more money they lend,the riskier it gets and if they stop lending they risk losing the money they have already lent and destroying their economies at the same time,

A less subtle form of blackmail you could not ever find.How long will the Japs and Chinese stand for it?Read on…

The Chinese have a lot to learn Professori. They are nouveau riche, getting cocky, and about to experience the biggest single bust in this entire episode in world economic history. If they get through it, they may, possibly, emerge as the world’s dominant economic player. I would not put money on it just yet though.

Either way it’s a 25-50 year play. Currently, they are FUCKED. Pure and simple.

There is no escape route for China. They can’t even hide. What’s that stuff they make again ? Oh yeah … now I remember … all the stuff we buy.

Congrats on spotting the biggest manufacturing bubble in human history …

Sell China.

i heard emmet oliver on newstalk, talking about this.

He is very worried about a return to protectionism, and the effect of china and russia not buying US debt anymore.

I was spooked, by how much he was spooked!!!

From the Sunday Times:

From The Sunday Times