Do we have collective responsibility in the housing market?

I’ve been viewing this site for a while and I’ve a big admiration for all you regular and informed posters.

I was lucky and sold up a couple of years ago and have been renting since with an eye all the time to buy back in.
But I’m keeping myself informed (hence my knowledge of this site).
I have several friends and colleagues who have been sucked in to buying in the last couple of years and I seem to have been the only voice they’ve heard telling them not to do it.

They range from ftb’s to moving upwards and needless to say, none of them have appreciated what they think is my negative point of view.
The consequences have hit them hard now, but it seems to me there is a reluctance on their part to say they shouldn’t have done it.
Although one friend has had to go back to full time from job-sharing and has questioned why they were able to borrow so much,- and this was April 2010.

My question is, do we have a collective responsibility to not only spread the word to not buy now, but when a property comes up for sale at a ridiculous head in the sand price, should we contact the agent and barrage them with questions asking why? Laugh down the phone? Show them 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, prices?

After all, we are collectively responsible, aren’t we?

Saving innocent souls was 2006/2007.

Saving your own ass was 2007/2008.

Watching the Government and the banks burn it all on a pyre was 2008/2009.

Watching the Government throw future generations on the burning pyre was 2009/2010.

The Hedgies, the Bond market and the IMF drooling for the feast was 2010/2011.

We’re long past collective anything.

It’s time to simply sit back and enjoy the show!

I am, as the name suggest, making cheeky offers.

I have engaged a few estate agents on the topic but get blank stares.

The sad reality is all we can do is wait and wait for the receivers and liquidators to out.

2014 here I come.

hahaha, never mind it, at least you’re trying to do something, keep up the good work!
Everything is bad, I agree, but I don’t believe its over yet.
2011 is another year, changes can still take place.
Keep the faith and keep the hope.
And yes, we do have a collective responsibility to take action this year.


I owe you nothing. You owe me nothing.

At some stage all the various parties, in a run up to an election, will make a promise that seeks to ensure that whatever you owe is now my responsibility.

If this is the kind of collective responsibility we end up with, then “No. Thank You!”

The corollary of collective responsibility on the way down is collective responsibility on the way up.

So having been tied to the gobshites in the banks and their bad debts and the gobshite developers and their bad debts, the plan is to now get tied to the gobshite McSavvies and their bad debts?

Regarding collective responsibility-yes we now have a collective
responsibility to take on all of the banks massive debts according
to the Fianna Failers.

Capitalism is great, lifts all boats in its rising tide. What-a massive
loss on the horizon-oh no, government I demand that you bail

The free market is fantastic until it all goes tits up. Then we find
out that the masters of the universe are just little boys who have pissed
their pants and are crying out for their mammies.

:laughing: What a one-track mind :laughing: Perhaps we have a collective responsibility to stop the bullshit. Perhaps we have a collective responsibility to take it all back. Perhaps we have a collective responsibility to make changes to this country to protect the futures of its children (who are relying on us) and future generations who are powerless to change the ‘now’. Don’t be small-minded. THINK BIG.

Fuck you if you think I’m being small-minded.

How BIG would you like me to think?

How about we take on the debts of all the private banks?
How about we set up the largest property management company in the world?
How about we run the largest government deficit this side of the known universe?
How about we borrow so much that we end up officially being run by bankers?

The unbearable debt burden that future generations have been tied to was run up by the gobshites of this generation.

Collective responsibility seems to arise from collective guilt - well, I ain’t guilty.

The solution seems to be we have the current generation of gobshites roll up their sleeves and dig a deeper fucking hole, all the while extolling the virtues of hard work, collective responsibility and national pride.

Fuck collective responsibility.

Think BIGGER. Think personal responsibility.

No, no I would like to see some collective responsibility i.e. a gathering of the those responsible and putting them into collective detention.

On the other hand am I or my family responsible for the current mess, are we fuck. Let those responsible take responsibility but of course they won’t, they just want us to pay for their responsibility.

Wow… Anger! :laughing:
I do think you are being small minded.
We do need to take ‘collective responsibility’, not out of guilt, but out of ANGER.
Collective responsibility to FORCE democratically and in a non-violent manner the complete upheaval of the present situation.
Undo the present situation and the unbearable debt both nationally and internationally.
Identify all the guilty parties and deal with each in a manner befitting to the ‘level of guilt and /or collusion’.
As far as you being guilty, who knows, I don’t know you so can’t judge that.
I do know one thing, if everybody in this country takes your same attitude of ‘fuck collective responsibility’ then this country and the future generations ARE fucked.
We DO NOT have a collective responsibility to ‘tow the line’ to ‘accept the debts’ or anything else along those lines.
We DO have a collective responsibility to rise as a nation and say ‘Fuck this, We have had enough of this bullshit’
and we DO have a collective responsibility to throw off all fears, and head into unknown territory, and take this country back.
The people of this country have been robbed.
The people of this country have been conned.
The situation must be recified now, while we still have the chance to do so.
It will only happen when the people of Ireland take ‘collective responsibility’ to bring in the right changes.
When that opportunity arises, and it will soon, anyone who then doesn’t stand in ‘collective responsibility’ will be motivated to stay on the sidelines through fear, selfishness or greed.
THEIR children will deserve the situation they allow to develop.
One hundred years from now when you and I are nothing more than rotting stinking corpses buried six feet under it wont matter what kind of home we had, what kind of car we drove, or how much money we had in the bank.
The only thing that will matter, the absolute only thing, is the difference we made in the ‘collective’ lives of Ireland’s children.
You are sadly mistaken. We all have a ‘collective responsibility’.

“Won’t someone think of the children”???

You want a return to 2007, you want the ostrich position for the Irish people and the right buggering that goes with it as they “collectively” imbibe the culture that the system tosses them? You want to abdicate all forms of personal responsibility in favour of a collective amnesia reminiscent of post genocide Rwanda…

Now really, who is being small minded??? :sick:

Nope - no anger - just a forthright manner. And yet…
You still insist on calling me small-minded. Well, again, fuck you!

Where comes this force for change? All I see are political parties that seek to maintain the status quo.

And before you start banging on about some new party on the horizon - remember, the Irish are the people who have had no issue with having people like CJ Haughey and Bertie Ahern represent them on a world stage.

I’m not interested in me, or future generations, taking on someone else’s guilt - they had their trips to New York, they bought their €5000 handbags, they bought their SUVs and leveraged their asses to high heaven.

Pay up! Shitheads.

The people weren’t conned. The situation can’t be rectified.

You’re selling the same snake oil that politicians peddle - there’s a Deus Ex Machina solution.

Well - there isn’t. There is no solution that collective responsibility will magically fix.

We’ve already bequeathed our descendants their inheritance - our debts.

The die is cast.

Why cant we all just get along? :slight_smile:

Why is this black and white anyway? I buy into the idea of collective responsibility… but it doesn’t mean a conform to it if I don’t agree with it. There will always be collectives… you could even call the pin one… but they are not cults. People need to inform themselves… and not take the views of those the think they trust. I’m tired of people asking me about gold for instance. They tell me that since “you were right” about the property thing… tell me about this gold thing. It’s better to tell them to inform themselves… make their own call on it, point them towards some resources and let them off.
If this manifests in a collective mindset then so be it…
But there is always the risk that our more primitive human instincts for rewards and gratification will win out in this collective mindset. Afterall… I suspect we have more people in the world who would like to win the lotto over saving someones life (especially if the life is of someone in a distant impoverished country…)

But hey… I’m just trying to convince you all to agree with me… look into my eyes… you are under my control :slight_smile:

:neutral_face: don’t be so negative :laughing: 8DD

There’s an interview in Uncut magazine every month where they ask the musician if they would take a case containing one million in cash if they knew it would cause a Chinaman to die… It’s a bit unpc but no one ever takes the case, at least not yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I get to pick the chinaman?

No, it’s a random impoverished dude on a bicycle as far as I can recall…


as A utilitarian I could probably save 20 African children with some of the money and still have at least 900k and a clear consience…