Do you regret moving out of Dublin?

Have you lived in Dublin for a time and decided it wasn’t for you?


Where are you now?

Perhaps regret is a strong word. Anything you miss?

I’ll get the ball rolling on my side. Lived in Dublin for 6 years in my 20s.

Loved life there: Dublin is a vibrant city with loads to do.

But I came to realise I’d never be able to afford to buy in the nice areas I rented in and didn’t want to commute from further afield.

I’m nearly 5 years living in Cork now and love the quieter lifestyle.

Recently bought a house in the city suburbs for at least 200K less than the same would have cost in Dublin. I walk to work so no stress.

I’m definitely glad I made the move.

What I miss: day trips on the dart; mid week gigs; variety of late bars.

Lived in Dublin from 1997 to 2008 and 2010 to 2013.

Loved it there but like the Jackal, despite saving like as maniac and living a relatively frugal lifestyle I realised I’d never be able to buy a house with a garden in a relatively OK area.

Moved to lovely Leitrim - Carrick on Shannon. With the money I had saved all those years in Dublin I managed to buy a relatively modest Semi D about 10 mins walk from the middle of town and be mortgage free before I was 40.

From a financial point (and work) point of view it was definitely the right move and I do love life here being an outdoor person (cycling, hiking, walking, soccer, tag rugby etc…)

I do miss Dublin tho, wandering aimlessly into town on a Saturday for no particular reason, going to the museums and exhibitions, the ease at which you can go to gigs and sports events and I always loved being in the pubs around Baggot Street the six nations weekends when there was a great buzz around town and the pre-Christmas season.

Who knows I may move back at some stage as there are endless opportunities work wise there but the cost of accommodation would be a serious disincentive so not going to do it any time soon.

I moved to Dublin for university and was there most of the 90s, left in 97/98, so property prices or rents were not part of my considerations for leaving. It was all about quality of life. I’d been finding that I was getting bored of Dublin. I’d seen what a life in my career would be like if I stayed but I needed more.

I got a work opportunity to move to Cork for about six months and during that it settled with me. It was really good fun and a lot easier than Dublin. Just pulling people together on the spur of the moment in the days before everyone had mobile phones was easy. In Dublin it was all about ringing people a few days in advance, leaving a message if they weren’t there and luckily if everyone was free we’d arrange to meet up etc… In Cork in a much more concentrated centre my social life vastly improved. When I went back to Dublin I knew I’d got the good out of it and needed to move on.

Got a job in Kilkenny and left Dublin for good. Kilkenny was a party town, it was always busy, always out and about, sports, societies, voluntary groups, festivals, arts, music etc and only needed a car if I wanted to go off hillwalking on the Comeraghs, mount Brandon or Slievenamon. Work was walkable. Tramore beach was only an hour away if you were into surfing. How many lose that time daily commuting in Dublin? Great choice of golf courses too you could play on on a whim without a booking. It felt like enormous freedom in comparison to Dublin.

The only time I’d see Dublin was from the M50 on the way to the airport.

We moved abroad with a work opportunity during the bust but hoping to return next year. Like Negativeequity we’ve looked to the north west, great scenery, lovely lifestyle, another part of Ireland to discover. Limerick, Cork, Sligo are all good although I’m sworn off Galway with its chronic traffic congestion. Waterford has a really bad recession but it’s coming back, Dungarvan is great too for the outdoor life. If partition ended I’d even consider options there. The basic point is when you identify what the key qualities you need for a busy enjoyable life then you can identify opportunities in most places in Ireland.

I’m still in touch with Dublin friends from when I lived there and what cracks me up is when I hear some say that the cost of living there means they’ll have to emigrate, as if there weren’t any opportunities beyond the M50! I know lots of Dubs who would never trade what they have now for a move back to the big smoke.

I grew up in one of the further out suburbs of dublin in meath (rural at the time but one of these really fast growing towns) … went to school in the city centre, went to university in the city centre and then rented in the city centre. Got married and moved to the suburbs.

When she was pregnant with number 2 we realised that we didn’t want to raise our children in a non-descript housing estate - so in 2011 we rented in a small village in the north east about 10 mins from Drogheda and after 6 months decided to buy.

We have a house that we couldn’t even dream of in dublin … 3500sq, .75 acre garden and very short walking distance to beaches, pubs, golf club, gaa, soccer, school etc.

The rural life suits me … privacy when you want it and a real community feel when you need it - something I never experienced in dublin. I would have always been actively involved in sports clubs since I was a kid so when I moved here I got involved even though my kids were too young to be involved and this has made a massive difference. As someone who has been ‘giving back’ to the community I found myself accepted by the locals quickly and managed to integrate quickly.

The biggest drawback was the commute … I was based in dublin for work and back in the slump of 2011 / 2012 commuting wasn’t a problem but the last two / three years have made it impossible with the M50 being what it is. Fortunately I now work from home at least 4 days a week as does my wife so this isn’t a problem anymore.

Its not for everyone . but i’ll hopefully be mortgage free in the next couple of years and can then concentrate on retiring as early as possible.

Lived in Dublin briefly in my 20s and spent quite a bit of time there on and off over the years. Now living where I grew up in Galway and very happy to be doing so. In common with some posters above the affordability of housing was a big draw. Ended up in a nice detached house, on probably too much land, mortgage free by 41. Traffic can be bad but, when I started working back here after a few years doing a long distance commute, I decided I was going to cycle to work instead of drive. I have the luxury of knowing my journey will always take 25 minutes and I figure I’m saving at least €5k per year in total car ownership costs, and that’s before you take the health benefits into account. Yes, you can get drenched, but the days that happens are surprisingly few and far between, and I’ve got the right gear together now that it’s not so much of a concern. The one thing I miss about Dublin (and even more so about London when I lived there) is access to a wide range of gigs. Galway is decent enough on that front but there are still some acts I’d like to see who only do a Dublin/Belfast stop in Ireland. But, with the motorway, it’s not a problem to shoot up straight from work to go to see a band we really want to see and still be back in bed in Galway before 1AM. The benefits make it all very worthwhile. The sense of community where we live, access to excellent non-fee paying schools (and no fee paying schools in the vicinity in any case) and just bringing up kids in a more human scale environment.

Moved back to Ireland in 2000 after some years in the UK and elsewhere.
Again, moved to be mortgage free before 40. Built a house and gardens to some class of eco (ego?) spec.
I think what I miss doesn’t really exist anymore. Dublin used to be quiet on a Sunday morning, so you could go for a wander in the debris and enjoy the silence.
Like JohnnytheFox, I find the local schools down the country to be excellent, academic if you’re inclined, varied if you’re not academic and interested in turning out people. It’s a long way from some of the schools I went to.
I kind of regret working from home, though there really aren’t other options (without commuting) as it can be quite isolating, particularly if you work for the borg, but on the other hand, my liver has never been better!

Great thread.

People who moved out, did you return to your home county/region?

I returned to my home county alright. Was tempted to live in Canada for a while but didn’t happen in the end