Do you still want to pay the permanent government more TAX?

Do you still want to pay the permanent government more TAX?

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On foot of the missing notes of that fateful night that continues to cost you plenty of notes.

Do you want to give over more notes in lieu of those missing notes?

No. Most certainly not.

We need a massive uprising in this country of working people or people who want to work versus those who just want to enjoy the good times by taxing everyone else to pay for it.

Government in this place is wholistically corrupt and failing in anything our than protecting its own interests.

only if people are locked up for a seriously long time over the previous bailouts

If the government started to go after those responsible, it would help to ensure the same mistakes would be avoided. But they seem to have no interest in justice

I honestly don’t see any way out apart from hitting taxpayers (the most vulnerable in society)
Of course I don’t want to pay more, but if they could reform the heck out of the PS and the unions I might live with it.
Given the current language and only one of the 1100 allowances cut, I have virtualoly no hope of reform.
As regards the rest of it… we love corruption. We should make those patricks day style caps with that slogan.
Begorrah! Newsflash just in from SBP, we have second highest paid judges in europe - fvckin A!

I pay my taxes. A part of me would love to just drop a note to the taxman saying “Following the example of the elected representative for Wexford, Mr. Mick Wallace, I’ve decided not to pay my taxes anymore. I trust I will suffer no consequences for my actions, as he has done.”

If this is true then why cuts up till 2020 and not just hard budgets till 2015? Is it possibly that the government
think there would be trouble to pass what they have to over three years as opposed to eight?

Who votes Yes and why?


I get bored of the Pingroupthink

And I don’t object to a small increase in certain tax rates per se. Unfortunately, I am less convinced that the state has the capacity -or the balls, really -to use it wisely.

Nah. Public Sector guilt pangs. :wink:

I did

'Cos it’s a stoopid fvcking question.


I’m only voting yes for more income taxes. 'Cos I already got so fed up with them I stopped working. So you suckers will pay. Thanks.

Europe is the New World Order in the making in front of our very own eyes, where people who have not been voted are allowed to decide the destiny of entire nations.