Do You Trust This Computer? (Video)


Elon saved his best into the camera for this film methinks and I’m not be factitious - Full video here:


Watched the first 30 minutes. Mildly interesting but seemed like an awful lot of hype to me.


Musk: Immortal AI dictator…

Life Inside China’s Social Credit Laboratory: The party’s massive experiment in ranking and monitoring Chinese citizens has already started. … aboratory/


That is that Black Mirror episode Nosedive but in real life.


‘Big Brother’ in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances … dhaar.html


Chinese surveillance systems can now track you anywhere. … ang-report


Having finally got to seeing the video in its entirety, I am still of the opinion that fully autonomous vehicles are still quite some way off, even if they all pool their “road knowledge” in one central location to draw upon if an individual vehicle drives along an unfamiliar road. Most of the AI appears to be focused on single elements of living, but this has been used to exploit and influence people, in this sense it will be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

That power already is in some very dubious hands as we speak.


The real danger with ‘AI’ is that it isnt actually intelligent; its better described as Very Fast Information Processing VFIP.

With any information processing system the results are only as good as the information entered, the questions asked or the procedures run.
In extremis; Having info on every Pinster wont tell you whether or not cabbage tastes good.
Unfortunately you may be able to extract something that resembles an answer so now you have an answer backed up ‘with data’; A Computer-Says-No scenario.

As I said the real danger with AI is that its actually VFIP and as with real life you cannot account for some complete arsehole and being promoted above their abilities.

To my mind the best position to take is to interact with these systems as little as possible and to obfuscate as much as possible any necessary interactions.


China’s ‘Big Brother’ surveillance technology isn’t nearly as all-seeing as the government wants you to think


sick stuff this. Bury me good and deep. But not before 2060 now.

Even Kissinger has to be seen to be showing concern at this stage:


BBC News’s HardTalk interviewed Jaron Lanier last night. He reckons all this stuff about AI taking over is nonsense. In fact, it’s worse than nonsense – it’s a ploy to make us serve the tech industry, which he likens to the way religion has been used to serve elites. Lanier studied with Marvin Minsky who he asked about the use of the word intelligence since we have practically no idea how human intelligence works. Allegedly Minsky told him it was to wow investors to raise startup funds. Big long article below wherein Lanier expounds on these ideas, with inputs from various other luminaries including my favourite exposer of bullshit, Lee Smolin. Smolin’s the guy who accused proponents of multiverse theories of doing mysticism instead of physics, and he likens the AI scam to the same thing. … myth-of-ai