Does Ireland have a coherent Energy strategy?

Ireland’s Energy strategy seems to be all over the place

Ireland is Pro

Wind energy
But most Wind farming (onshore and offshore) applications are blocked.

But zero chance of another dam like Inniscarra or Ardnacrusha every gettting planning.

-Solar panels take 10+ years to break-even, though new ability to sell to the grid will slightly reduce this.

Ireland is Anti

Nuclear energy
But we still buy from the grid nuclear generated energy from UK and France.

Banning smoky coal.

-Shut down ESB turf burning plants inc. Shannonbridge and Lanesboro.
-Banning use in homes.

-Banning use of peat briquettes in homes.

-But a new electric car wil cost c.30K+ less grants 5-10K.

Despite current massive energy price increases
-Banning Russian coal imports.
-Banning Russian oil imports.
-Banning smoky coal.
-Carbon Tax increased.

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Does Ireland have a globalist pimp problem?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Are we fucked?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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Data centres accounted for 14% of all metered electricity consumed last year. In 2015, the corresponding figure was 5%.

At least the cockles of Klaus cybernetic pig heart will be mildly warmed by Chief Vegetables BBQ of the sanities.

Good to see

So we’ll be getting more data centres then.

So we’ll buy in nuclear power from France but won’t produce it ourselves…

It’s a very Irish solution, you must admit…

We were already getting Nuclear power from the UK