Does Sean Quinn pay his bills?

taken from … 24725.html

3 -2.8bn = 200million paid back by a man who is supposedly a Billionaire with diverse reasonably easily saleable assets and companies.

If he owes Anglo 2.8Bn then why isn’t he being forced to pay it back rather than Government forcing all the Citizens of Ireland to cover his debt with Anglo instead.

2,800,000,000 divided by less than 1,500,000 people in paid employment = €1866.67 per person in paid employment that must be taken in additional tax.

All this debt can be ignored while still being able to channel 200Million in dividend toward his Children in FY2008. … 22563.html

FF may try to spin it that Sean Quinn is “on his own” when in actual fact they are protecting him from his creditors as much as they possibly can.

Is this country being run for the benefit of the Citizens or Fianna Fails principal benefactors?

You have to ask ??? :angry: Once again, we’re all being royally 8- for the benefit of FF