Does this house really exist?


And if so, is it actually a house or some kind of bordello? I just don’t know what’s going on.Holyrood, Sandymount, allegedly


Bloody hell, you’re not wrong! Unbelievable decor. Did Ireland’s answer to Hugh Heffner live here or was this some sort of upmarket knocking shop? I’d love to know the history of this gaff or its owner.


I’d say the cops might as well! Funny how the estate agent didn’t even say, ‘eh, you might want to take down the red curtains.’ :smile:


That is mental !


The section marked “VOID” on the 3d floor of plans? :thinking:


So if you won the Euromillions, would you buy it ?


It’s a gateway to another dimension …

the normal one that everyone else lives in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If it’s tomorrows euromillions, then I’ll buy it just to see who’s buried in the void. If it’s normal euromillions, I’ll hold out for The Grove in Killiney. That nursing home vibe suits my personality.