Does 'withdrawn' mean 'unsold'?

Tried a search so sorry if it’s a duplicate.

Had my eye on a house and it’s now “Withdrawn
For Sale by Private Treaty”
Does that mean it went unsold?


you can’t really tell

Short answer No, long answer probably Yes.

Thanks provost.

So what are the possibilities?

Seller no longer wants to sell.
Seller is going to rent it out.
Seller is going with another EA.

Maybe they will only sell it for “what its worth”. :angry:

There’s a fair few possibilities. I had a think about them and ended up giving you the short answer because I don’t think I can list them all.

It could even mean that the sellers status hasn’t changed but the ad is just removed from

I’d agree with Provost.

At some point “Withdrawn due to negative equity” will happen.

Noticed a few of these recently on MyHome. They don’t appear on the map unless you view the map directly from that property.