Dollar Deposits

I want to move some money into dollar deposit accounts in ireland …is that possible …it is money
i intend to move to a country whose currency is tied to dollar and i am trying to avoid more of the euro
value drops which seem imminent.

I assume there would be no intrest applicable ?

I rang up AIB a while back and they don’t do these for private individuals. They do them for businesses, meant as trading accounts, not storage accounts.

I opened a Dollar account with my local TSB, it pays a small interest rate. They also do Canadian$, GBP, and Ozy$. Not sure about swiss fr.

We now have several threads discussing: moving to dollar accounts, cashing in shares to move out of the euro, how to move savings out of Ireland. Its clear we are concerned about the future of Ireland / safety of the Euro.

Are we potentially damaging the Pin / causing damage by these discussions?

You can hedge at

Not sure about this idea of a € collapse, its not long ago Sterling was about to crash and now its 0.84

The € has as much chance of hiting $1.40 next as it does $1.20.

Bank of Ireland do it (I have one for business trading)

but i think its a facility only open to business accounts

if you have money coming in and out in dollars then its worth it, but to hedge against currency movements i dunno now

oh paypal also allow to have multiple currency balances, tho be careful of their exchange rate fees

People have every right to be worried

fatal flaws have been exposed in the euro project

i used to be adamantly pro euro, but now starting to have doubts seeing that only Germany is preventing whole thing from sinking at the moment

Looks like another health warning for the banks!