Don Coxe Commodity Strategy

Don Coxe, among others, has made me a lot of money since I first starting seriously investing in natural resources in 2003. It’s amazing to see his name on the Pin! Anyone interested in what this man says should also listen to Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Jim Dines and Doug Casey. The easy money has probably been made though.

Speaking of Jim Rogers here is a video interview from today.
Bear market on financials.


Straight from the mouth of Bloomberg. Read that article Gecko and know your place.

The real wealth creators of the economy, like the engineers working at multinationals, are getting tired of seeing financial services parasites getting rich off us.

Mother o’Jaysus…

Grow up Stingy, if you want to engage in debate then do it and don’t fucking start with this trifling kiddy shite, engage an argument without resorting to base insults and see how you get on…

My point was legitimate and serious and supported by the Bloomberg article and not “trifling kiddy shite”.
In any economy there are wealth creators and then there are those who make their living by positioning themselves between the wealth creator and the market and take a cut from every transaction.

When a society doesnt understand this, then its more profitable to work as a lawyer, an economist, an actor, etc and unprofitable working to produce any of the goods we actually need to survive.

Of course then you have to import everything and you run a trade deficit. And for every current account deficit in the west theres a matching surplus in asia. Those surpluses will eventually be used to buy and own you.

We call them politicians.


I am happy to discuss. But could you articulate your point a little more clearly.

What I find a bit confusing is the bloke you quote works with a financial intermediary, like a bank. He takes money from people (deposits) and then, as an agent, enters into derivative contracts with other parties (commodity futures). They take a management fee to do this. They do not have any capital at risk.

Someone who works with a bank might just reply in the same way to this fella, but use the word “investment managers” in place of banks.

But make a specific point about what element of banking practice you object to and why and we can discuss.

BTW. I don’t work for an investment bank (or any type of bank). I used to about 20 years ago.

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Transcript of Jim Rogers Interview … T7JtFR5zZk

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