Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


He is now sworn in on Friday January 20th, 2017.

Donald J. Trump
45th President of the United States


“When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”



Most indebted?


Yes, I have my doubts too but it’s been included in Wikipedia and also spouted by RTE this evening. I should probably have indicated that it was not me but other sources that made it up.
I’ll go and edit it now…


I’m surprised to see you boys posting so soon after the inauguration; I expected you to have a longer refractory period.


Who knows, I suspect an ego maniac like Trump will love the job, so its hard to see him letting go too easy


He won’t be impeached. He picked an even more extreme and universally hated man to be his VP, so he’s pretty safe.


“We will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get the job done.”
“There should be no fear – we are protected, and we will always be protected.”

We’re always ready. We don’t need no refractory period.
(in the back of my mind is the tune…you know it…“We don’t need no edu…”)

I’m more hopeful. There’s a time now, a chance, to blow away the falsehoods and lack of facing of issues.
I’m somewhat believing that he will try to follow a genuine course.
But I am also unsure.

Here’s to giving the man a chance.


But of a difference in turnout between Trump and Obama … nd-2017-43


He’s known for firing people. I wonder which of his own appointees he will fire for not being aggressively effective


He also seems very thin skinned, I wonder how he will behave when things don’t go his way.


Trump is an appalling individual. Monumentally ignorant and possessed of dangerous instincts on almost every issue. He is a significant threat to international peace and stability. Normally he would be held in check by advisors, peers and the checks and balances of any democratic country. But he will be operating with a hand picked upper echelon of administrators and a compliant or supportive Congress (at least for a while). The Republicans in Congress will support him as long as he supports their narrow agenda of tax cuts for the wealthy and roll back of any progressive cultural legislations. That said, he is likely to become an electoral liability very soon as his failure to deliver on a range of nonsensical promises becomes evident. So in due course they will try to distance themselves from him (or even ditch him).

I think a lot of people were prepared to give him some kind of chance, but his behaviour since the election, and even today, has confirmed he is beyond providing even a smidgeon of magnaminity, leadership, vision or compassion.


Apparently the limo the protesters burnt out belongs to George Soros.


Its a Friday, most of Trumps voters were at work


But I thought Dear Leader said everyone was unemployed, because of Obama?

Though, actually, ol’ small-hands’ best demographic was the over 65s, so they probably aren’t all that busy. Amongst working age people, he also did best with non-college grads (>50%), and his best states were largely those with high unemployment, so…

(Actually, some of the exit polling data is astonishing. 81% of white evangelicals/born-again voted for him. 81%!)


He’ll have a lot of choice. I’ve never seen a more sorry collection of idiots. Rick Perry, who formerly ran for president on a campaign based partially on abolishing the Dept of Energy, apparently thought the DoE was mostly about oil and gas, and was unaware that it spends most of its budget on maintaining the US’s nuclear weapons; he now says based on what he’s learned he doesn’t want to abolish it after all.

I mean, if anyone else was running for president on a platform of abolishing things, they’d probably at least read the Wikipedia page for those things or something. Or ask someone who read the newspaper regularly; what the DoE does is not some big secret.


Especially since we’re told he’s so non-interventionist. Maybe he’ll use the power of his mind.


Like Clinton, Bush and Obama - by destroying nations and mudering countless innocent people. All good for shareholders of arms companies though, business as usual for America inc.


I see the babbling chimps are out in force already…

This thread (and its previous incarnation) reminds me in so many ways of listening to some n’th generation Irish American (whose great great grannie was from Ballygobackwards) give their opinions of Irish politics and history. Mostly garbled snipped of fictions from their uncle who was something or other in the Ancient Order of Hibernia. So ignorant of realities of modern Ireland that they dont even know enough to know what they dont know.

Unless you have lived in the US for at least a decade or two, and not in some expat bubble either, foreigners, especially anglophones, have not a clue how the place works. About as divorced from reality of the country they live in as the average German hippy who has been living in a cottage outside Clonakilty for the last few decades. The European media has been both anti-American and especially anti-Republican for as long as I can remember. The last Republican president who got a vaguely evenly balanced coverage was Gerald Ford. And that was iffy. Especially during the '76 campaign. European media has been little more than parroting Democratic Party talking points for the last few decades. Its a bit like a foreigner claiming to know what goes on in Ireland because they read An Phoblacht…

The US MSM, or rather what is left of the tottering rubble, ceased to bear any relationship to real life, day to day living in the US, sometime in the late '90’s / early 2000’s. It was gradual at first, it first started slipping in the early 80’s, the first Reagan term, but by the mid 90’s the disjoint was getting very noticeable as the J School generation took over from the previous generation who actual did come from a very diverse background. For the last 20 years the average newsroom in the MSM has become about as monochrome politically and socioeconomically as Izvestia circa 1975. So what is reported is now little more than agitprop and class marker stories. It would be a fun experiment to go into the editorial office of the NYT, LAT or NBC Evening News and ask, hands up everyone here who knows anyone who voted for Trump. Would any hands go up? I suspect very few if any. If the same question had been asked in 1960? For Nixon? Quite a few.

So the US MSM is by this stage gives no real idea of what the US is actually like. Just what the affluent urban elites thinks it is. Or should be. Maybe 5%/7% of the total US population. Living in that thin blue smear along the east and west edges of the continent.

Hands up all those who remember exactly the same type of media attacks on Reagan in the late 70’s and all through the '80’s? Just like with Trump. Thought so. Just me it seems. Except there actually were still a few Republican newspapers (mostly evenings papers) back then and network newsrooms still had enough old time journalists for real journalism to be done. You had a David Gergen and a Jack Anderson on PBS news duking it out. Both real old school journalists. With real insight. Not the pathetic ivy league / J school non-entities you have today.

Anyway. We had all this carping shit back when Reagan was president so in the bigger scheme of things you are all wrong. Because you have not a fucking clue about what you are talking about. Just like your ilk during the Reagan / Thatcher years. Screaming bloody murder no matter what is done. So best ignored as little more than naked partisan noise. Because they are always wrong. Except when they have the occasional stopped clock moment.

I do miss the Bedtime for Bonzo jokes though. Some of them were very very good. And we will never have the likes of Maggie v the Bolsover Beast in PMQ. It was just like watching a gladiator fight. Whereas Corbyn in PMQ brings to mind the quote - “it was like been savaged by a dead sheep…” By Denis Healey on Geoffrey Howe, if I remember correctly.


Wrong side of bed this morning JMC?