Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


I can’t think of many politicians in the west who would be willing to tell the Saudis where to go, in the US Ron Paul maybe, in the UK Corbyn probably would

Our own leaders are just as bad, its not that long ago that McAleese make a fool of herself in Jeddah by making moronic comments about the Danish cartoon controversy

We now have the technology to bankrupt the Saudis, the sooner it happens the better


Trump launches process to quit 144-year-old postal treaty


Who knew?

Apart from the previous presidents.

While this might seem like a small deal to some but I think it’s going to have hugely positive effects and appears to be have welcome by all. Majorly negative repercussions in China. I think it explains a lot of online selling trends the last 6+ years and it’s detrimental effects on native retail. Too late for the likes of a Sears.

Also it begs the question what other countries or zones might have same or similar treaties putting local players at a huge disadvantage to Chinese traders online.



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Nope. You have just described Bernie supporters to a tee. Hillary supporters are now up to three therapy sessions per week. They are the ultimate low attention span, low information people despite their class marker credentialization. You should talk to some. On a regular basis. Quite amusing in a black humor sort of way.

You see them around town with very glum faces nowadays prone to sudden outburst of irrational fury. The poor dears. The worldview so carefully cultivated by the NYT, New Yorker, NPR, PBS et al over the decades left in ruins. Complete and utter ruins.

Trump supporters on the other hand are enjoying the greatest economic boom since the 1980’s, their president delivering on his promises, and on somethings Reagan never achieved (yeay, Supreme Court), and enjoying the non stop political street theater of the greatest windup merchant in US politics since VP John Garner trolling his political enemies to spluttering incoherence on a weekly basis.

Whats not to like.

If it takes an orange haired bullshit merchant to Make America Great Again then I’m all for it. Better than the alternative. At least for ordinary folks, I have not seen them this upbeat about the future, well, since the late 1980’s. Around here all the day to day political insanity is pure local. And a good earthquake, of the seismic sort, will take care of that.


Ebullient is an understatement. Joyous and grateful and that’s before he was elected. It’s electric, hard to fathom for those outside the US especially in the EUSSR.

Meanwhile Trump has his own Travellers to deal with but seems to be taking it in his stride, namely the Caravan.

My quick read is those behind the mobilisation of the marching civil mercenaries (from all over the world) is a incredbily brazen attempt to increase the chance of a live humanitarian massacre, a horror of innocent slaughter spectacular for all the world to see LIVE! One child or more massacred by US authorities would be the prize, horrified and disgusting as that might seem. It should be no surprise in a War time situation. It has always been the most effective modus operandi (real or fake) to push or change public mood. Think Bloody Sunday. Think Iraqi Incubator babies. Think Dead Boy on Beech. Think Syria. etc. etc.

Since it appears the Democrats are not going to do anything much in the mid-terms it looks plain as day that outright violent action, action tantamount to War tactics by proxy are being directed at and on US soil in a last ditch effort of some Chaos raising before mid-terms (What else is going on in the background eh?). I doesn’t appear any of this is a surprise to the Trump Admin based on posturing and comms nor do Americans online appear seem to buy the media narrative, viewing bombs & Caravans being various prongs of a “Deep State attack” on the USA, which only makes Trump admin even more popular in the eye of the people.

There are also anecdotal concerns of a lesser frequency about the Northern US border with Canada. That’s a lot more out there and hard to fathom. It’s a big vast wild place and I’ll just note it here for now.

Also lots of talk of Dem voters switching to Republican in the mid-terms. Which might explain some pre-emptive narrative damage control already being output by the Democrats or allied sources. Along the lines of, “If the Republicans loose we expect Trump Admin to mount legal action to stall election results”, preemptive-mirror-projection? Time will tell.

Good old Bill Still, still going.



They seem to have forgot about the deficit pretty quickly, and there may or may not be a tax cut on the way.


There may be something else that comes along that makes it moot. :nin



The Donald can’t stop winning… XD


The bomber was a loon who believes in kooky interweb conspiracies. Who could have known


Trump is a master campaigner, big crowds are showing up at his rallies.

the polling trend for the house, note the date when the gop start gaining. hopefully its because people are disgraced by the conduct of the crazies.


Come on, a van plastered with Trump and MAGA stickers. Seems very fishy to me. Pretty sure he’s a patsy. :slight_smile:


Actually this fails the smell test on so many levels. Bombs with no detonators. Explosive devices less powerful than Indian fireworks. All made by a guy who lives in a van. A “white supremacist” who is a Filipino. WFT. This is the same level of utter implausibility backstory as Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan or James Earl Ray. Its a toss up between Ray or Ruby as to who has the most implausible motivation for assassination. But this latest attack is very much into this territory based on initial information.

I first saw the news break on TV monitors in an airport and my initial reaction was to burst out laughing. My guess is less a false flag and more yet another fucked up undercover / entrapment operation. A less deadly version of the Oklahoma Bombings. Which was a BND (dont ask…) fuck up. This is not the first time the TLA’s have had a vendetta against a president and my guess is we are dealing with Mark Felt levels of loathing by this stage.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more crap like this to come. We have not seen this level of craziness from the entrenched establishment trying to defend its turf since the 1960’s.

#1802 … e-shooting

you cant be a nationalist these days


I have always found this type of Jewish Democrats a bit of a head scratcher. Although the East Coast Republican party has been very much the party of low grade antisemitism in the professions, Ivy League, and business since the 1880’s, a big deal as jewish immigrants traditionally mainly integrated through these routes, its the Democratic Party that has always been the party of rabid bare knuckle antisemitism. First with the Dixiecrats and the KKK. More recently with Louis Farrakhan / Nation of Islam type of black antisemitism and with the 68’er far left “Anti Zionist” form of antisemitism. With one exception all the open antisemitism I have seen and heard over the decades has come from Democrats of that ilk.

Republicans are now very much the pro Israel party with the most favorable attitude towards jews whereas the Democratic party has veered off into serious antisemitic territory with I suspect the DNC’s disproportionate reliance on rich older jewish donors for donations the only thing that keeps them in check. The Democratic Party is very much like the Labour Party in the UK, remarkably tolerant of open antisemitism by certain factions of the party.

Anyway. As I said, a real head scratcher. But I suppose yet another example of certain groups / classes ability to delude themselves politically based on perceived / actual historical slights by the other side. But honestly , I cannot see how any self aware jew could support the Democratic party after the way Joe Lieberman was drummed out of the party. For basically being a moderate and completely reasonable jew. He was the last senior Democrat who seemed halfway sane. And the last real link with the old New Deal Party. The party that actually made the country a much better place and one that was worth supporting.

I wonder how the fact that the majority of antisemitic attacks in the US in the last two decades were committed by muslims fits into the Pittsburgh Jewish leaders narrative of “white ultra-right nationalism”? Pretty much all the eliminationist rhetoric comes from the Nation of Islam and that lot, a rather large group, not from the small scatterings of white nazi scumbags of which there are not very many left. The back was broken of those groups in the 1970’s and 1980’s. A process started, oddly enough, by the Nixon / Ford Dept of Justice and finished in the Reagan years. But you dont hear too much about that either. Just the same old David Dukes stories from 30 years ago rehashed over and over again. Even though he was a Democrat originally. For his first 20 years of politics…

You gotta work the narrative…


Are the Nation of Islam recruiting white devils and convincing them to kill Jews now? I’m not completely up on the rationale of Racists and Nazi’s hating Jews. I believe it’s Christian in origin because they blame the Jews for killing Jesus, but I’m pretty sure the Romans did that by Crucifying him and sticking a spear through him, so I could be wrong on that.


There is a long and illustrious history of blatant antisemitic remarks, rhetoric and actions from the Nation of Islam mob and other black political hucksters in the US. Not just the more recent stuff from Farrakhan, Al Sharpton etc. Going back many decades. For jews on the East Coast what happened in Crown Heights in the early 90’s was just a higher media profile version of pretty much the norm in their experience. Black muslim antisemitism is a given of living in certain parts of certain US cities, experienced by pretty much all my jewish friends who lived in that environment. White antisemtism is pretty rare as a day to day experience. Black antisemtism, less so. So they always tend to be on guard.

Over the years about one quarter / one third of my good friends have been jewish, quiet a few with immediate family in Israel, my s.o is jewish, so I am talking from direct experience. It has the same sort of all pervading nasty undertow as sectarianism in Ireland. Which is why most jews live where they do. If they can. In the least black neighborhood they can find. So they can lead a quiet undisturbed life. Its just one of those awkward facts of life.