Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


“It’s in over 120 countries it’s called the invisible enemy… and that’s what it is it’s an invisible enemy… it’s going to have no place to go”


2 years ago Donald Trump “former reality show host turned president”, at a White House dinner, during a gathering surrounded by the heads of military and their wives likened the scene before the press to a "calm before the storm".

Fresh from his lighting visit to see Trump & Pence, did Leo seize the light?

“…this is the calm before the storm, before the surge…”

It’s been some time since the word “surge” was used in connection with a storm, during the 2017 surge in the usage of surge, Category 5 hurricane Irma was a very real and serious storm indeed.

Unemployment rises to 14.9%




The drugs that already exist to treat coronavirus are not ‘approved’ but doctors can prescribed off-label.

many of them are listed here

and a more readable version here

The vaccine trials are underway in Europe US and China but china for obvious reasons are ahead of the curve.


I have to say the nature of the COVID bailouts is giving a lie to the drain the swap narative and fighting the deep state. All the usual suspects are lining up at the trough to be paid with the ordinary Joe being thrown to the wolves again. #BOWSA - Bail Out Wall Street Again

It's Happening+++

American Woman Rescued in Secretive Military Op, Trump Says

President Donald Trump said Sunday that an unspecified military operation had been conducted in a “certain area” overseas to rescue a female U.S. citizen who was being “horribly treated.”

Details on the operation and where it was conducted were initially being kept “somewhat private,” Trump said, but he added that “we got her out and she’s OK, and she’s back with her parents.”

At the beginning of a White House news conference on the coronavirus, the president spoke to efforts to bring U.S. citizens home from overseas during the pandemic, and cited cooperation from the governments of Peru and Honduras.

“We were able to get a young woman released from a certain area who was being horribly accosted, horribly treated,” he then added.

Trump said he consulted with Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, who “took care of it. We went in and we got her out, but that was rough stuff.”

He thanked Milley “and all the people involved and people who went in to get her.”


Pandemic? Recession? Hey look over there – an American damsel in distress, BOOYEAH!


Do you really think it’s the same old playbook in action under the Trump Admin?

To be fair, I don’t think that got very wide coverage i.e. was not exactly made a song and dance of in comparison to the other hits like Al Bagdahdi, which was milked for days, if anything, it points to something else. Also I believe the Op involved Gen. Miley directly whom I think is the head of Chiefs of Staff.

My initial thought was, "there is someone back safe, who could possibly name names…"


You gotta be kidding me. Trump’s utterances since the COVID-19 outbreak have been frighteningly moronic and self-serving. And you know I am a huge anti-fan of the Dems. I still wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off if someone decided to “take him out”. He’s a danger to the US and to the planet. Only thing is, we’d be subjected to a never-ending stream of “Q” conspiracies.


Ok, but is it the same old playbook or not?



Imagine Hillary was POTUS. Consider she said everything that Trump has actually said. I mean everything.

How do you feel?

Forget Hillary.

Just imagine another woman saying what Trump has said.


Imagine Obama behaving like this.

A black president uttering the same thing Trump is. Acting the same way.


Scared enough?

But Why?

BTW, I’m not attacking you. I’m making a larger point.


Anyone uttering the same things would be an idiot.

In a twist of fate, Bojo – the man who POTUS called “Britain Trump” – has been diagnosed with Covid-19 according to breaking news. Judging by TV footage a week or so ago, he never did manage to learn to wash his hands properly.


I see I see, I see it now. I get it. I do. I really do. Trumps utterances make him an idiot. Being an idiot justifies and thus qualifies him for assassination. Makes perfect sense. Reasonable. Very reasoned. A pragmatic proposition but there is one problem I see, it might not be televised if the networks cut at the wrong moment, surely that can’t be allowed happen or good for ratings, people will not get to see it, so I think someone should tell Trump, he would want his end to be the best with the most tremendous ratings, the best ever, right?


Says you.
The rest of us seem to be just settling on him being an idiot.

As for ratings:

Whatever record he breaks, is an incredibly low bar.


I appreciate that its a bit premature but lets assume the content of this article is shown to be correct. The likelihood would be that Trump would therefore be about to get lucky once again.

How many times can you be lucky?

What would this outcome say about those who promoted an global lockdown/recession based on Fergusons initial projections?


Barr gives first ever Virtual Press briefing from the DOJ. Interesting.

Youtube version.


As the self appointed shop steward and spokesperson for most users and threads these days, perhaps you should have a word with your comrade @ps200306 and ask him want he meant exactly, and I selectively quote:

“I still wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off if someone decided to “take him out”. He’s a danger to the US and to the planet… Anyone uttering the same things would be an idiot.”




Lest we forget.