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Comey was already spying on Flynn according to this declassified paragraph in a email Rice sent to herself.


Explain the significance of the email to me. Do you think that the Russian ambassador movements are not tracked? The US government from what i see spies on everyone and most of it is not by the book. What we’re all the meetings about.


You have to keep in mind that Grenell, despised and chartiorised in the media s a “conspiracy theorists” and not fit for the job becasue “Trump”, pretty much un-redacted that portion of the email.

There are tons of reply comments in that tweet, it might give some insight how “folks” are reading the significance, for e.g.


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Key take away from this email is that Obama was indeed overseeing the Counterintelligence investigation, and Obama was looking for an excuse to hide the investigation from the incoming administration, to keep it going. That’s what the 1/4 meeting was about.

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BINGO NORMAL protocols would’ve been Comey (and CIA, since Flynn was communicating with a member of a foreign government — Kislyak — while both were OUTSIDE of United States) giving Trump a warning/briefing on Flynn’s activities; but that would’ve exposed the Take-Down-Trump op.

In a funny and probably unrelated turn of events, CBS had such technical difficulties yesterday, they could not broadcast their 6:30pm news as normal.



CNN.-The most trusted name in fake news.


Ever Heard of The Hammer?

If not, maybe that is about to change. In 2013, Maxine Waters talked about a “database” that Obama had recourse to, is she talking about The Hammer?

Some people are missing something here… the President (Obama) an organisation that contains a kind of database that no-one has ever seen before in life… very very powerful… and the database will have information about everything on every individual… it’s very powerful what he is leaving in place…

Michael Flynns attorney Sidney Powel just mentioned Brennans “fusion centre” or “the hammer” whatever you want to call it in a Fox telephone interview - was it used for extensive spying?

None of this is new information, The Hammer is not a new topic, it has been around since 2017 but if it is “news” to you, then this short 2017 podcast from Dave Janda is as good a crash course into the backstory, involving the espionage act and the use of “Russia” as a “tactical deception” (starts circa 1:00):

Direct link to podcast :

After listening to that it will become clear why this had to be kept out of the MSM, but most crucially the DOJ at all costs.




If you were to rely on the contemporary press you should include Nixon, Ford, Reagan (‘the most dangeous man in America’) and George W.


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Coronavirus 2020

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Maybe you can explain how shutting down social media helps with free speech.


IDK, maybe send a tweet to Trump.

I would assume shutdown would mean shutdown in it’s current form and reopen under increased regulation.

But I’ll guess we will have to wait and see.


I can: Shut down of censorship masquerading as disingeneous fact checking is great for free speech. Supermarket of ideas and you can choose freely.


What’s he gonna do then - write a strongly worded letter to the NYT? :laughing: