Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Maybe listeners admire Bills super duper straight face.


Yeah, that must be it. A quick bit of googling tells me that these stem cell release/renewal/support scams have been around for a few years. Often sold through pyramid schemes, and always as food supplements in order to get around rules for advertising medicines. However, there have been several cases of individuals and companies hauled over the coals for making unwarranted therapeutic claims. I guess it’s not too surprising to see a dodgy quack medicine seller and US political conspiracist wrapped up into one lyin’ sack o’ shit. :icon_confused:

Be Still My Beating Wallet

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Where were the Trump protestors the past ten years when Ireland got screwed for the banks?


I’m sure some maybe serial protesters but I’m sure some of them are either protesting about the military use of shannon, lgbt+++, climate change and xyz.

Either way, I don’t see how it would be effective given the low turnout


I never tuned into the whole Trump presidency as I remember his inanity in New York in the 80s, Homer Simpson got his president. But listening to the forelock tugging of the Doonbeg locals does wreck my head.


Donald Trumps latest string of tweets in relation to the downed US drone by Iran.

Donald J. Trump
President Obama made a desperate and terrible deal with Iran - Gave them 150 Billion Dollars plus I.8 Billion Dollars in CASH! Iran was in big trouble and he bailed them out. Gave them a free path to Nuclear Weapons, and SOON. Instead of saying thank you, Iran yelled…
8:03 AM · Jun 21, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

…Death to America. I terminated deal, which was not even ratified by Congress, and imposed strong sanctions. They are a much weakened nation today than at the beginning of my Presidency, when they were causing major problems throughout the Middle East. Now they are Bust!..

…On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not…

…proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!




Can he just stay there?



Why? I’m no Trump supporter but he has already achieved far more in two and a half years than the completely useless Obama managed in his eight year regime.


What has he achieved? He’s messed up Iran, weakened the US will trade wars, failed to build a wall, caused/worsened a cruel humanitarian disaster on the border, failed to repeal Obamacare and given good PR to Kim Jong Un for free. I’m curious to hear the achievements.


Children. Trafficking Children.

(Mental health warning: stem enhance ads at end of video, careful now…)

NXIVM > EPSTEIN > CHANDLER? > ? > ? > ? > ? > ? > ? > ? > ? > …


All that was known during the election, didn’t seem to stop anyone voting for Trump or Clinton.


I’m not really following your point entirely - Did you expect Epstein to be arrested again?


The bit that I thought might have affected people’s voting decisions were that one of the candidates and the husband of the other candidate seemed to have close connections to a guy with criminal sexual habits. I’m surprised that Epstein was arrested again given that Acosta seemed to be promoted for closing off the case with not much more than a slap on the wrist and without dragging anyone else into it.
But Bill Clinton being on the plane and Trump’s connections/character reference seemed to be widely known, although knowledge of both by the same person wasn’t common.
The Ghislane Maxwell connection is bizarre.


On the weight of noise/connections, I would wager the scales appear to tip heavily toward the Clintons & Co. versus Trump, who is pictured with a lot of people, a lot of great people right… Trump has been in power circles most of his life, he’s even pictured with the Clintons “great people” or something like that right?

I think you are close to being right. I don’t believe there was critical awareness enough across the US voting population for this to affect anyones voting pattern enough to nudge it own way or the other, perhaps excepting the electoral college (a guess on my part) and more so it would have probably been Trump supporters who paid more attention to this intrigue.

This is the quote you often see framed as a seal of approval connecting Trump with Epstein:

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life” - Donald Trump (date?)

It is not at all that different to Turmp’s 2015 Clinton comment to Hannity *video and "nice guy… but he’s got a lot of problems coming up with that famous island… a lot of problems"

Keep in mind, this comment was made before he became President. Interesting.


The story goes, that Trump, long before Epstein came to the attention of law enforcement, banned Epstein from his Mar-A-Largo (resort) after an alleged assault or propositioning an underage girl of a customer, when it came to his attention (or manager). Which, may precede his “terrific guy” comment and might have instigated the original investigation when this person eventually came forward to report Epstein.

However, during the campaign in 2016 legal proceeding based on rape allegations levelled at Trump and Epstein appeared. According to this link the case was listed and dropped three times.

The original lawsuit claimed Trump raped the then-13-year-old plaintiff in the 1990s. There was also a second anonymous woman, known as “ Tiffany Doe .” She said that Epstein had her pickup teenage girls for his parties. One of these girls was Jane, and Tiffany said she witnessed Trump and Epstein rape the plaintiff several times.

The new complaint adds a third woman. She’s known in court documents as “ Joan Doe .”

“In the 1994-95 school year, I was told by the plaintiff in Jane Doe v. Trump and Epstein (1:16-cv-04642, SDNY) that the plaintiff was subject to sexual contact by the Defendants at parties in New York City during the summer of 1994,” her declaration states.

The complaint also builds on the lawsuit’s original defamation claim.

Trump’s attorney Alan Garten flatly denied the original lawsuit in a June interview with , and he has now denied this amended complaint.

“As I have said before, the allegations are categorically untrue and an obvious publicity stunt aimed at smearing my client,” he told on Saturday. “In the event we are actually served this time, we intend to move for sanctions for this frivolous filing.”

This is actually the third time the plaintiff has filed the lawsuit, and there are some definite legal complications. From our June articleabout the lawsuit:

Read More here:

This appears to have gone nowhere.

Others also seem to be surprised, so much so that the last couple fo days there has been a concerted effort across the internet to rewrite, revision and disappear information pertaining to Epstein that may not be helpful to a certain narrative.

I would also suggest this arrest is not surprising, (some can’t actually believe it’s happening) but that is contingent on your choice of daily news, nor is having Acosta in the Trump admin unusual in the grand scheme of things (yes he was warned about it but wasn’t he appointed by Congress review same way say Judge Kavanagh was?)

Further, this also appears to be heading back to Mueller’s lap but we’ll see:


Remember the dinner Trump gave that spazzed some people out?

I was not really sure if Hillary was going to be here tonight, because, I guess, you did not send her an invitation by email, or maybe you did and she just found out about it through the wonder of WikiLeaks. We have learned so much from WikiLeaks. For example, Hillary Clinton believes it is vital to deceive the people by having one public policy—

And it a different policy in private. That’s okay. I don’t know who they are angry at. Here she is tonight in public, pretending not to hate Catholics.

Now, if some of you have not noticed, Hillary is not laughing as much as the rest of us. That’s because she knows the jokes. All of the jokes were given to her in advance of the dinner by Donna Brazile—

Everyone knows, of course, Hillary has believed that it takes a village, which only makes sense, after all, in places like Haiti, where she has taken a number of them.

Thank you. I won’t go this evening without saying something nice about my opponent. Hillary has been in Washington a long time. She knows a lot about how government works. And according to her sworn testimony, Hillary has forgotten more things than most of us will ever, ever know, that I can tell you.

The Ghislane Maxwell connection is bizarre.

That’s not incredibly new but maybe not that well known. This image is often cropped to exclude Maxwell.

Bill Clinton has issued a statement:

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York,” the statement from Clinton’s press secretary, Angel Ureña, read.

The statement goes on to note that Clinton had taken “a total of four trips” on Epstein’s plane. At least two of those trips in 2002 involved Clinton meeting with Epstein.

“In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: One to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation.

“Staff, supporters of the Foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip. He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002, and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein’s New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail.”

The statement then points out that Clinton has “not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade” and “has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

I would assume this is the beginning of something incredibly significant.


Trippy post. FYI my first redpills were here from pinsters in ?08/09 back when I started thinking housing/finances were spoopy, then oh my the bailout…


Epstein, Maxwell, Dershowitz, there will be foreign spies involved in all this

Mark my words them Russians are up to no good again