Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


I strongly suggest you quit consuming mainstream media. There is a miniscule chance of Trump being indicted or impeached. The Democrats will come out of this looking far worse than Trump.


The election of Trump has actually brought the deep state right out from the shadows and they have waged a war against him since 2016 supported by the puppet media. Do you think their impeachment push and their attacks on Trump for the last 3 years are because they have the American people’s best interest at heart? To them, the 63 million deplorables who voted for trump deserve no voice. They will stop at nothing to ensure the gravy train that made Hilary and these snobby ivy leaguers in Washington multi millionaires continues.

The Democrats care absolutely nothing about the American people and have one goal and one goal only and that is the goal of all socialists and that is total control of every single aspect of your life. This is why they and their supporters in Silicon Valley cozy up to China so much and don’t support Trumps sensible trade war to try and stop the clear threat to the west which is not Russia but China. China has 5 times Russia population which had an economy twenty times the size of Russias and is clearly the greater threat. Look at Hong Kong or how they treat their own people. Also they execute by far the most people in the year more than every other country together but the liberal media barely mention it. As Kissinger said you can be enemy of Russia or China but not both at the same time. Trump is sensibly reorienting foreign policy toward Russia and taking a stand against China which is the obvious move after 40 years of financing chinas ever growing economic machine. Of course the Democrats want China and social engineering on an unimaginable scale to win. Because they are the very same mindset of ever increasing state power.

If they do succeed in stopping Trump and I hope to god they don’t then the road to serfdom awaits the greatest Republic the world has ever seen.

But my bet is the people can see right through the Democrats and their hoaxes. Much like the Strock testimony last year pretty much admitting the FBI wished to wage war against Trump, these fools don’t realize how terribly them come across to the average voter. We can all thank creepy Schiff for showing us how corrupt and anti American all these civil servants are.


Quite ironic the screeching from those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, (now comstituting what syberspud has referred to as the ongoing road to serfdom), including a nunber of posters on this site, when it comes to the suggestion that Russian foreign policy may seek to influence events beyond Russia…given their own complicity and devotional subservience toward the process of neo-liberal corporate globalism, a process which is itself, in essence, a form of cultural colonialism enabled via the spread of the Tech/pharma/NGO nexus.

Basically a form of anti democratic corporatism that seeks to mould culture and Government policy in its own image wherever it washes up.

Opposition to this ongoing process, which consists of the homogenisation of culture along with corporate interference in absolutely everything, is what the supporters of Trump, Salvini, the Yellow Vests and some on the traditional left such as Brexit-supporting Labour supporters in the UK, are opposing more on instinct than anything else. In many respects its a pity that it found focus in Trump given the guys numerous personality defects, but ultimately, in this moment, hes on the side of the good guys.


I didn’t accuse you of anything like that. I assume you do sincerely believe what you wrote. But what you wrote is largely demonstratively false or misleading, and has been debunked over and over. This is not my defense of Obama or Clinton, they did plenty wrong in terms of foreign policy, but your comments are so patently false and so wildly repeated over the years, they actually draw attention away from their real defects.

The point I was making is that the same seems to be true on the other side - rumors, scintillating but tenuous evidence of this or that connection with Trump, none of it seems to go anywhere.

Everything that has been said on both sides - Q, Pizzagate, Russiagate, Steele, Deep State, etc - is largely total bullshit. But its orchestrated bullshit.

Its not the first time either.

But nothing has been quite this effective before.

I’m coming to think we are projecting too much of ourselves into the personalities and politics of the US.
A poster just said above that Trump is one of the “good guys” leading the way against “cultural homogenisation and corporate interference”. This about a man who famously doesn’t like to read. I don’t think Trump himself knows what he wants outside of what he wants for himself. To be frank this is pretty much true of any politician. But Trumps virtue, or vice, indeed his political genius, is that he is open and totally frank about advancing his own personal agenda. Its kinda refreshing. What you see is what you get, a capricious, immoral, mendacious individual, who excels in a “Us versus Them” narrative. He knows nothing and believes nothing of any value. But yes, he’s still actually more honest than any other politician. So we project our best hopes and worst fears onto him.

Trump is the X-Files of politics: we want to believe.

And outside actors are having a fine old time stringing us all along.

People on the left, and I’d be one of them (just left of centre, actually), have railed against Trump. But our so-called leaders are hardly any better. We’re all just so totally invested in attacking the other side. And most of we are using, on both sides, has been totally fabricated.


I’m not defending it. The Dems seem to think there is mileage in this. And the Dem leadership probably felt trapped by their own members in the House to (finally) do something. As you say, so be it.


I meant many of those supporting Trump and have amended accordingly.

There is strong discontentment with modernity generally amongst large sections of western populations, related to both the erosion of living standards generally and the apparent ongoing attempts to impose significant cultural change from above.

Trump and others have come to represent a form of pushback. Incoherent in many respects but Id suggest thats less relevant than the broader discontent that they represent.

In other words, the idea of Trump is of more relevance than the reality. Just as the idea of Obama meant a lot more in symbolic terms than the reality of a corrupt war-mongerer who was tough on immigration.


Yes I’d agree with this.

And yes, sometimes the push for cultural change goes too far, too quickly. Take the marriage equality debate in the US: I’d have no problem with gay marriage - and this idea of marriage can only be between a man and a woman is angels standing on a point of a needle stuff to me.

But what I came to realize, is that when you are from a community in the Mid-west, or rust belt, devastated by job losses, riven by opiate addiction, voting for political representatives over and over again who bring no respite, then the attention and energy given to marriage equality is going to seem patronizing, even bizarre.

Some problems need to be solved first.


The question is: of more relevance to what? Is he of more relevance in some fantasy reality show where he squares up to the bad guys and takes on the Deep State, the pedophile rings and the Socialists? It may be great entertainment but none of that stuff is real. The right wing – and I say this as a right winger – has lost its mind. The mass delusion would be bad enough on its own, but with the spillover into American foreign policy it has become a horror show.

It is merely disappointing that the presidential office is occupied by a bullying, foul-mouthed, self-interested, ignorant lying sleazebag. It is downright scary that he cosies up to corrupt, murderous dictators, deserts traditional American allies and disregards longstanding foreign policy. The first just coarsens American public discourse, the second risks destabilising the globe.


Yeah you’re right. There is no deep state, no socialists and no pedo rings in NYC/DC and Hollywood. And Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.


Why do you keep making posts only to later delete them, what’s the point ?


With respect, this creation of the idea of Trump is as relevant to the left/liberals/Dems as it is to his own supporters. He has basically been assigned the role of Emmanuel Goldstein by the establishment and the mob seeks to outdo itself in its own outrage every time his face appears on a screen…even when he is simply implementing the same policies as his predecessor (for example in the sphere of border control), a man who was afforded a Nobel Peace Price and retains saint-like status with the same mob.

Re his supposed fostering of chaos on the world stage, unlike his predecessor he has yet to start a war. He is also clearly pursuing a policy in which a form of detente with Russia is likely to lead to an absence of necessity for America to secure eastern Europe, as it has done at great cost since WW2. This is in direct opposition to Dem policy of ramping up tension with the Russians via encroachment in contravention of post WW2 arrangements. In this regard its worth considering what the outcome may have been had Clinton been elected. Consider in particular that Clinton, had stated that she intended to impose and police a no fly zone over Syria , a policy which would have increased further tensions with Russia (sha had also been poking the bear in Ukraine through her policy of supporting actual, real neo-Nazis on the Maidan) .

Trumps policy seems reasonable enough at a time when China is clearly the greatest threat to the existing world order (assuming we view that as a negative). Beyond that requiring allies in Europe to fund their own security simply seems like good business.

Further, the destruction/destabilisation of the middle east has been an onoing project of the liberal establishment over the past 25 years. It was the supposed voices of reason such as Blair and Obama (with Hillary calling the shots) who have been responsible for nunerous illegal wars in that region as well as the subsequent ongoing migration into Europe of millions of refugees to include large numbers of salafists intent on changing the face of European society. Trump has not yet started a war. Yet the war mongers have succeeded in convincing the mob that Trump is the biggest threat to peace that has emanated from within the west since WW2. It simply doesnt stand up to any degree of impartial scrutiny.

Of course whether its Trump whos actually crafting these policies is another question and theres an argument to suggest that his twitter feed is getting in the way somewhat. However, the currwnt adninisttration is a serious improvement (in terms of loss of life alone) on anyting that has been there over the past 25 years.

Caveat - i reserve the right to amend my view should circunstances change


I didn’t mean to imply that those things don’t exist (although, as I posted before, the deep state is just “the state”). What I said was that Donald Trump’s supposed titanic battle against those things is not real. It is a concoction of conspiracy fantasists like QAnon. Trump himself is a venal, self-aggrandising, lying sleazebag, supported by other sleazebags, sycophants and wishful thinkers. He is such a lying sleazebag I think it has become a permanent delusion. Consider this, from today’s New York Times:

The weird relationship between President Trump and big tech took an even stranger turn this week when he toured a facility that makes Apple products and then took credit for its existence. He tweeted, “Today I opened a major Apple Manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America.” But the plant has been open since 2013, predating his presidency by three years. Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, didn’t correct the president — perhaps because he needs the White House to exempt Apple from tariffs on Chinese-made components it needs to make its products.

Since you probably think the NYT is an enemy of the state, here’s the actual Tweet:

Oh, and about those fantasies by Trump and his sycophants:


  • Trump said, during a news conference with Vladimir Putin, that he trusted Putin over US intelligence agencies. That ranks somewhere between dangerously idiotic and treasonous. He referred to Putin as “very, very strong”.
  • Trump has promoted ridiculously conspiracy theories about Ukraine, and illegally tried to coerce the new president.
  • Trump antagonised Kim Jong Un by calling him “little rocket man”, then ill-advisedly cosied up to the murderous dictator twice in order to paint himself as a great deal maker.
  • Trump called off the Iran nuke deal with no replacement, again for self-aggrandisement as a strong deal-maker.
  • Trump has interfered in UK politics several times. He belittled Theresa May about her dealings with the EU, mouthing off that he could have advised her. He has endorsed Boris Johnson, if only to claim that Johnson is a Trumpian “mini-me”.
  • Trump betrayed the Kurds in Syria in disgusting fashion after their assistance in combatting ISIS.
  • Trump lied about his influence in Hong Kong, claiming that a million Chinese troops would have obliterated it except for his intervention.
  • Trump has set back any hope (admittedly minimal) of an Israel-Palestine deal with his moving of the US embassy and legitimisation of West Bank settlements.

I could keep going. Trump’s foreign policy is an ongoing train wreck, with no rhyme or reason other than to make Trump look like a ball-breaking strongman to his supporters. The point is not that he is responsible for wars, but that by making himself a complete laughing stock around the world he has squandered American’s reputation and legitimacy as “world policeman”. Even if you think the US didn’t deserve that moniker there is no doubt that various countries have been emboldened in their nefarious aims.


I might add, Poacher’s post doesn’t do justice to the intertwined nature of Democrat and Republican foreign interventions.

GWB invaded Iraq and naively set off a set of disastrous repercussions in the Middle East that is still going. Obama was naive in thinking he could intervene and somehow shape the Arab Spring revolutions that ultimately sprang up.

Even that article is wishful thinking - all that happened was one set of authoritarian systems being replaced with another set of authoritarian systems - with an awful lot of people killed along the way.

You can even go back the Bill Clinton days when he was castigated for his “wag the dog” strikes against Islamic terrorists, seen as a distraction from his scandals - strikes which, in hindsight, were wholly inadequate to contain the problem. Richard Clarke’s “Against All Enemies” is a pretty good read about this particular period.

Its clear neither Republican nor Democrat Presidents in the last 20 years (at least!) knew exactly what the hell they were doing, the current Doofus-in-Chief being the worst example.

Can we remove the Republican/Democrat aspect of this and just say American foreign policy sucks?


They know well what they’re doing, well the likes of Clinton and Obama understand it, George W may not understand it, his advisors are very happy with what they did to Iraq, as Madeleine Albright will tell you, “it was worth it”. of course Trump has let them down in Syria, which is one of the main reasons the media hate him so much


The FBI clearly waged war against the Trump camp even after Trump overcame the war against him from inside the Republican Party. Trump is a disrupter bringing true change to the American establishment for perhaps the first time in 150 years.

All successive American presidents have done in the last 40 years is sell out their own workers to big business and communist China. Trump is beginning to change that and to make America competitive again.

The evidence of constant coup attempts against him is clear as day. A president who speaks his mind is anathema to the neo liberal orthodoxy (although to me they are just socialists) of do as I say not as I do.

Just admit you think the deplorables are stupid and believe in conspiracy theories and they should submit to their Ivy League rulers in DC.


You’re peddling democratic BS mate. Stop watching the clown news network.

  1. Trump needs to re orientate the US as the ivy leaguers have literally allowed Xhina to grow into the greatest adversary the west has ever faced with an economy on par with the west and perhaps exceeding us in industrial capacity. This is a communist regime even more hell bent on total control of its citizens than the USSR was. We need to be friends with Russia. It’s realpolitik.

  2. the Ukraine is horrifically corrupt and the west should NOT be intervening there no matter what. Absolutely protect the Baltic states. But to risk a single US soldier for Ukraine is nuts. This is just more common sense by Trump especially when dealing with a weakened but still proud opponent like Russia with the capability (lacked by China) to destroy every major western city in 12 hours.

  3. Kim kicked off under Obama and openly fired off nuclear tests and missiles under his watch. There have been no such incidents under Trump. Again Trump the pragmatist has reduced tension on the Korean Peninsula considerately. So another massive win for him by my count. Take the blinkers off mate.

  4. Trump was right to cancel the deal after Iran was brought back from the brink of collapse by Obama deciding to give them billions of dollars in gold and cash which revitalized their foreign intervention in the Middle East and demoralised the pro democracy and anti mullah opposition within Iran. But what would you expect from a communist like Obama who bankrupted America and increased the national debt by more than than every president combined since 1776. But hey he makes a good speech eh.

  5. Trump calls it like he sees it with respect to UK politics and what a breath of fresh air that is. I particularly loved when he called NATO to task in this meeting. Straight up common sense. I can see why you socialists have a hard time processing it.

  1. Trump has not betrayed the Kurds they are fine. But Turkey needs to be kept on side for many reasons unless you wish to weaken western civilization quite significantly. Which the Democrats clearly do as they are traitors.

  2. Trump is taking on China in the only way the west can. By loosening their stranglehold on the industrial capacity of the world. But he knows that China is the greatest threat the west has faced since Nazi germany. And the Democrats and their sycophants in the media, Hollywood and Silicon Valley are either too blinkered to see it. Or just plain traitors.

  3. there was never any hope of peace in the Middle East but at least he has tried something. Unlike do nothing except cross my red lines Obama.


Please keep all this neo-liberal “reds under the bed” nonsense over your side of the Atlantic as to be honest European politics is just a tad too sophisticated for you lot who seem to be living more and more in the Dark Ages, politics wise.

Over here in Western Europe we don’t consider “socialism” to be a bad word as we like that our governments incorporate policies to help the old, weak and poor in our society and to promote good state-funded education for all, not just a rich elite. Some day you may be old, weak or poor yourself.


Thats fair.

The administrations of Bush, Obama, the male Clinton (to a lesser degree) are all culpable. The establishment, as we have understood it over the past few decades, has inhabited opposing sides of a very narrow spectrum which effectively seeks to deplatform anything that emanates from beyond itself ie anything that is not in the material interest of the insiders that inhabit this narrow spectrum-defined bubble. Bloomberg is a perfect example of a man who exists within this spectrum, both a democrat and a republican when it suits hiim (and who will now (apparently) seek to out-Trump Trump).

I would have initially assumed that Trump was cut from the same cloth. However, the hysteria that has attached to the opposition to him from both sides of the spectrum would suggest that this is not the case.


America’s legitimacy as ‘world policeman’ has been in tatters due to the actions of his predesessors of the past few decades. The fact that western media claims that Trump is the sole reason for devaluation of the brand doesnt necessarily make it so. It was damaged beyond repair by the time Libya was turned into a latter day slave market.

In practical terms I would suggest that it is highly likely that there are a lot of people walking around today who wouldnt be alive had Mrs Clinton won the last Presidential election… again regardless of what the Irish Times or the Guardian may claim.