Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Show me a single one of my points that isn’t trivially fact checkable. I live in Ireland. I don’t take my talking points from US Democrats or whatever news channel you are referring to.

Russia is a belligerent power with a mafia in government that has all but abandoned democracy, and attacked its neighbours. We definitely don’t need to be friends with Russia.

You’re contradicting yourself. If the west shouldn’t intervene why is Trump illegally bribing them with military aid?

LOL. They mustn’t have shown them on Fox & Friends or wherever you get your news. Under Trump, NK tested its largest ever thermonuclear weapon, developed a submarine ballistic missile launch capability, and fired missiles not only into the Sea of Japan but right across Japan into the Pacific.

LOL. Little Rocket Man played Trump like a violin. He gets his ugly face in the international news, and tells the starving serfs back home that their Dear Leader has forced the American Bastards to the negotiating table.

But he was wrong to do it without international solidarity and a plan for what would replace it.

As most sane people know, the Obama borrowing was a continuation of the financial crisis that happened under Bush. Speaking of which, Obama’s borrowing as a percent of GDP was less than half of what was run up by Reagan and Bush I and II:


Yep, the way Trump sees it he is the greatest human to have ever lived, and boy does he call it.

I completely agree with him about NATO contributions. That’s called thinking for yourself and not being always driven by partisan considerations. His point about Russian gas is idiotic. Where does he think Europe is going to get its energy from? The nice folk in Qatar and Algeria? We already trade with them too, just like Trump cosies up to the Saudis and their killer prince MbS.

A quarter of a million of them driven from their homes and ethnically cleansed by the Turks is “fine”? You obviously share your orange friend’s morals.


You seem to have missed my point about China being the greatest threat we have ever faced. They also have a mafia in power and are a belligerent power having stolen and spies on the west for years and actually have the Democrats and their supporters doing their bidding. I’m speaking about big tech collusion here. Russia is weak compared to them except when it comes to ICBMs. We have a lot more in common with the Russians than the Chinese. The US cannot he enemies with both.

Also there is no illegal bribe or whatever you’re brainwashed into thinking. Schiffs enquiry is a witch hunt just like muellers.

You can say whatever excuse you want about Obama. The fact is he spent more than all previous American presidents combined. He literally bankrupted America. He’s a fake and a fraud.


No I didn’t miss your point. I just pointed out your non sequitur that we therefore have to cosy up to Russia.

It currently is (sanctions in one case, trade war with the other). So your statement is patently false.

Donald Trump, live on Fox TV, referring to the Zelensky phone call: “I mean, I asked it very point-blank, because we’re looking for corruption. There’s tremendous corruption. Why should we be giving hundreds of millions of dollars to countries when there’s this kind of corruption?”. Was I brainwashed into hearing that, or was it a paid impersonator on the phone?

Sure, if you ignore the context of the biggest recession since the Wall Street Crash, which started under his predecessor as a result of fiscal ineptitude … yeah he wrecked the place. It’s only your rightwing paranoia that leads you to believe I’m holding any candle for Obama.


The crash was due to fiscal ineptitude?? Hahahaha sure mate. Bush might have spent big but he fought 3 wars. Obama spent his on what exactly… the ever expanding welfare state of democrat voters.

You need to study your history. It was Slick Willie that oversaw the destruction of the US manufacturing base with off shoring to Mexico and China and the massive build up of China thanks in part to their non stop theft of IPR. But most importantly he repealed Glass Steagel which was designed to prevent a recurrence of 1929. This was the single greatest cause of the crash in 2008.

Still doesn’t change the fact that Obama spent 10 trillion more than all presidents combined since 1776. Of course this fact is never mentioned by the media or the Democrats. Most people can’t believe it but its true. He was by the numbers alone the worst president in history who gravely weakened the US. Obama is a fake and a traitor and it’s Trump that is cleaning up his mess. Also Obama is worth well over 50 million now. Not bad for a community organiser. To me he is corruption personified just like Hillary and Bill with their billions.

You continue to miss my point about China and Russia. Russia needs to be brought back into the fold if the pressure on China is to be stepped up. Read up on triangular diplomacy and Kissinger.


There are reasons why Russia is where it is today.


Of course there are. Everyone’s got a history. What’s that got to do with anything? Bad people turned Putin into a dictator? Doesn’t make him any less a dictator.


This is getting boring. In nominal GDP terms the US has probably earned more after 1970 than every living human in the history of the world. That’s exponential growth for you. Some of us are actually able to do our own sums. Obama increased the US debt-to-GDP ratio by less than his predecessor, George W Bush (23% vs. 28%). That was in spite of a major recession. The first budget under Obama had an extra trillion dollars of spending just because of the ARPA stimulus program, the TARP program, and hundreds of billions less in tax take because of the recession. Governments around the world did more or less the same things. In any case, who gives a rats ass? I know you’d like to turn this thread into a rightwing shithole where you just shout OBAMA! every time the Orange Embarrassment makes a complete arsehole of himself … but I ain’t bitin’. Change the record.


IMHO you are being glib and I think you are taking the moral high ground, while at the same time ignoring the complexities of the situation. Perhaps all the moral preening makes you feel good. I find it dull and stultifying for the discussion.


While dictatorship is obviously not the ideal scenario for the governing of any country (everyone knows this, and forcefully pointing it out is redundant), afaik the argument from the perspective of the Putin supporters is that a strong man leader is required to build up the country to the point where it is resilient enough to sustain and defend itself from outside influence/subversion which would aim to undermine the countries natural development.


Bush fought 3 major wars. Take that out of your equation. Also the economy was doomed to fail due to the repeal of legislation by the Democrats designed to stop Wall Street going off the rails. Of course according to old slick willie… “the Glass–Steagall law is no longer appropriate”. Obama brought the debt to gdp ratio up to the what it was during ww2 with no actual peace dividend to show for it. He pissed it away propping up the Wall Street banks. You can guarantee the orange embarrassment (where do you get this rubbish?) would’ve told Wall Street to go jump in 2008. I honestly think he’s the best president ever. No surprise considering he self funded his campaign against the entire political establishment and won! The man will go down as the greatest president ever because he is not a prostitute for the lobbyists. The sheer turnover of his administration in Washington is glorious to see. These boys in the military and political establishment have been playing the taxpayer for fools for 40 years. Now the party is over they are literally running a coup against him 25/7. Long may he reign.


That repeal you speak of was through the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act. These were Republicans. And this was a bipartisan effort.

“Obama brought the debt to gdp ratio up to the what it was during ww2 with no actual peace dividend to show for it.”

Obama didn’t have much choice. Should he have stopped the TARP approach (initiated by JWB) and told the banks to go jump? We’ve seen that tried before, in the 30s.

Besides, US debt has been on a constant upward trajectory since Nixon closed the Gold window.

But if Obama was wrong, then it’s a mistake that goes back to 1999 and that repeal. And republicans and democrats own it in spades.


It was the Clinton White House that PROPOSED the “reforms”. Read up on your history. Off course Wall Street bought off Congress but the main person they paid off was Bill. 100 million in speaking fees to Wall Street at least. And who knows how many lolitas…Cheap bribe when you consider these boys made trillions in the years after it. The media reported it as an act that would ensure consumer privacy which was absolutely ridiculous when its main aim was to repeal the 1933 law. As if the government care about your privacy…Ed Snowden showed us how much they care.


Obama had no choice since he was bought and paid for by Wall Street and the military intelligence establishment in DC. Not to mention a fraud. Trump would have allowed the liquidation and the west would have had a healthy recovery and destroyed the corrupt and criminal banks. Instead the debt is now higher than it was before the crash. Thus making the next crash and liquidation all the more catastrophic.


Keep on spouting your wacky political analysis for all we care in Europe. Here we believe the evidence of our own eyes and ears and see Trump as a spoilt, lying, mentally unbalanced manchild who is making the US a laughing stock internationally and an unreliable, erratic partner.

And in terms of business acumen, Trump is someone who couldn’t run a business such as a casino in Atlantic City without it going broke. And as for Trump closing down banks you must be joking as his businesses that have not already failed are totally dependent on bank loans and other investor funding to keep operating.


It was the Clinton White House that PROPOSED the “reforms”. Read up on your history.

Can you provide any evidence for that?


I’m Irish mate and what passes for political analysis in Europe is so biased in favor of socialism it’s laughable.

I’m not pretending Trump would fit in with all these white shoe boys but his style should not be confused with his substance. Plus the Democrats are so demonstrably corrupt and demented, you’d be better off voting for the devil than whatever whack job they decide to run.


I don’t need to provide evidence since Clinton is widely quoted as supporting the bill. It could not have passed without his support.


It could not have passed without Republican support either, hence bipartisan.


It was still Clinton. So you might accuse Trump of being uncouth and uncivilized but he hasn’t done half the damage that obama done. Then again the Dems have been doing damage ever since the civil war! After all it was the republicans that abolished slavery. The Democrats fought to keep it going. 150 years later and not much has changed. Of course socialism is an even more extreme form of slavery eventually condemning everyone except the apparatchiks to abject poverty.


Dude, yes, it was Clinton. And the Democrats. And the Republicans.
Laying the blame at one person’s door, for that repeal, is totally foolish.