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You are probably not familiar with the backstory. The cutting of the budget two years ago was precisely because the CDC now spent the majority of its budget on nothing to do with infectious disease control. It was now spending it money on such important subject as children’s playgrounds “safety”, salt in poor peoples food and second hand smoke in public housing. Whatever the current Nanny State Fad of the Day is. Not actually dealing with infectious diseases.

The CDC is just another big bloated Federal bureaucracy whose only goal like all mature bureaucracies is to protect the organization. The original 1946 or even 1967 purpose of the CDC was lost in paperwork decades ago.

At the moment there are more that 100 plus testing labs that could easily test the tens of thousands by this stage who need to be tested in any kind of rigorous tracking program, like in South Korea. But as of yesterday the CDC and thence the FDA is still withholding regulatory permission for these 100 plus labs to start testing potentially COVID infected people. No one can give any plausible reason. So its either a turf war, someone not wanting to take responsibility, or outright corruption. Given the recent history of Beltway agencies, probably all three.

The CDC’s institutional corruption is personal for me. Back in the 1980’s doctors in California noticed a large upswing in TB cases for the first time in decades. The anti-TB programme had been the single biggest CDC campaign in the previous 30 years. A really big deal. But once the CDC discovered the source of almost all the new TB cases they were not interested. It was illegal immigrants from Central America. So they did nothing and by the mid 90’s TB was epidemic again in places like California. When one of my kids was 5 years old they tested positive for exposure to TB and had to undergo a very painful 6 months of preventive treatment. Talking to the doctors turned out there was nothing that unusual with my kids case, they dealt on a regular basis with kids and adults (who were nt illegals) who had been exposed to TB and needed treatment. Something which had not been common for a few decades by that stage. But nothing was ever done to deal with the problem because illegals were the primary source of the infections and so was politically toxic. It seemed affluent voters needed their cheap (illegal immigrant) house cleaners, gardeners and nannies and a guaranteed never ending source of cheap and very submissive casual labor.

So no I am not a fan of the current CDC. Which is little more than a totally politicized Fed agency which only occasionally dabbles in actual effect infectious diseases control. The stuff it is suppose to do. That extra $6B the Dems want for the CDC, its to feed the bloat and their pet projects not deal with the actual epidemic.

So business as usual.


jmc, I want to say I’ve very sorry to hear about your kid - no parent needs to go through that.

And to be honest I don’t think we are in disagreement here either, though I may be wrong.

Is it CDCs fault its politicized? From what I know, it has to go with the political wind as its directly impacted by any new law in Congress. Taking your example, I’m reminded of the recent Netflix series, Pandemic, where we see new illegals into the USA vaccinated for flu: on the one hand, this is politically toxic as its seen to be encouraging more immigration, on the other, its tactically necessary. The answer in the past and now would be to stem that flow of people. Is the answer a wall? Or is it a better political and financial engagement to stop the problem at source? The US does need to address its role in some of those countries in the past.
To be frank, the Reagan administration wasn’t going to condone vaccination of people displaced by its own policies. It was also their responsibility to secure the borders of the US.
Should the CDC be more independent? Well, it would very well still be involved in children’s playgrounds “safety”, salt in poor peoples food and second hand smoke in public housing. I don’t think these are fads. You appear to, and thats your right. But the answer can’t be a polarising lurch between one and the other viewpoint, based on whatever political philosophy is in power. There has to be an unhappy, but good enough, compromise. Whatever the original purpose of the CDC, it, or another agency, has to change to meet new demands.
But with the Trump rollbacks, its same as it ever was.

I hope your family is well.


The coronavirus of all this is the one thing that could derail his 2nd ternm, rather than the opposition.

Trump is a known germophobe. If it takes hold, there will be no rallys for one. Ths real strength of his rerun is the decent if not brilliant economy.

There is going too be a lot of moving parts but it would be niave too suggest that it will not have an impact on the US economy and election.

There might be some upside or at least spin from the white House but if you take it that it is a slam dunk for trump at the moment it is hard to see it. Sure he can point to China open borders etc.




As I said there is a lot of back story. Like the defacto coverage of all illegals by MediCal since the 1986 Amnesty. Walk into any public clinic in the state since the 1980’s and most of the people waiting for treatment will be speaking Spanish. Native born hispanics tend to speak English. By Gov Wilsons time in the '90’s the state had pretty much given up trying to enforce the relevant laws in state run / financed medical faculties. So vaccination / treatment for illegals in state (for free) has not been an issue since the early 1980s.

But the fact is that if any medical staff in the state fails to notify the relevant disease control authorities, state and federal, that a citizen / legal resident has a communicable disease then its a really big deal, could even lose their license / permit / certifications. If its an illegal, and no notification, nothing seem to happen. I have not heard of a single case in the last 30 years. Given local politics, it would have been a big deal if it had happened. So a fairly typical story.

But as regards the institutional incompetence of the CDC it turns out there is a real doozy of a story today. Or rather one has played out over the last almost two weeks. The new COVID case in Davis. The woman from Solano County. Turns out the doctors in UC Davis Med were trying for more than a week to get a CDC conformation test and the CDC refused, well, because its an typical sclerotic paper pushing bureaucracy. They have their rules.

Here is the story that has slowly emerged. Woman very ill presents herself at a Vacaville hospital almost two weeks ago. Doctors there recognize almost immediacy that its a possible a COVID case. Reading between the line in the SacBee story…

…she was probably given the RT-PCR test even before she was transferred to Davis. The hospital in UC Davis is one of the best on the West Coast for these kind of cases and had already treated several COVID cases already. The doctors in Davis need the CDC conformation test because there is a whole lot of legal and regulatory issues involved. Give a very sick patient a non approved drug without the FDA waiver that CDC confirmation confers and you are potential looking at a world of potential legal hurt down the line. Dealing with a simple FDA regulatory infraction usually costs hundreds of thousand of dollars to fight. Often millions. My guess is there must be a bunch more cases like Davis due to the very odd way the City of San Francisco declared a state of emergency a few days ago and then the Governor gave a very undiplomatic press conference yesterday. Undiplomatic for him at least. He is usually a toadying non- entity. It looks like it was only when the Gov and the State started screaming at the CDC that it finally relented and actually gave the poor woman in Davis her confirmation test. So the doctors could now use aggressive non-approved treatments legally. Again, knowing how local doctors are, they would have started treatments days ago and admin would have run interference in case the Feds tried to cause trouble later on.

The CDC has such small testing capacity because they only will allow their own facilities to do official confirmation testing. With low capacity machines that only seem to run for one shift per day. Civil service hours , dont you know. There are so few test kits available because the CDC screwed up either the formulation or manufacture of one of the reagents. No quality control anywhere it seems as they had sent the dud tests out to the field. And then when it was discovered that the kits were duds its sounds like just put in another PO through their normal bureaucracy, this is the way we always have done it, with a four week plus turnaround. From what I understand its a 24/48 hour turn around in the private sector.

Another reason why the CDC screw up is such a big deal is that CDC confirmation of a case sets a whole bunch of legal stuff in motion. Such as gives local / national agencies lots of legal powers to trace, track and notify people and if necessary quarantine them. Very important when breaking the transmission chain. Which is why SF declared an emergency. As the highest risk city it could not afford to wait around. The City now has very wide powers as to what it can do, if it needs to do it. The Gov is still futzing with a state of emergency for the state but he has signed off on giving much more leeway to state agencies if they need it.

As I said, this had not been the CDC’s finest hour. Unfit for purpose by the look of everything so far. To give you an idea just how utterly incompetent late phase collapsed Federal agencies are let me give you one example. Whenever I have had to deal with any Irish government agency in the last decade or so I have always been very surprised by just how competent , efficient and pleasant the whole process is. In comparison with decades of dealing with the State and Federal equivalents. Yes, that’s really how bad these Federal and State agencies are.

Now the HSE… that’s another story.

Coronavirus 2020


I guess he’s just realised a lot of ventilators and PPE is made in China…


Approx 1/2 weeks ago trump specifically name checked Ireland in relation to all the drugs being made abroad in a number of countries during some televised question (can’t find the link right now), no other country was mention by name but this is consistent line nor is it new because of the latest panic, as illustrated from one 2017 Rte report,, but more recently in the indo:

As I wrote, he name checked Ireland 1/2 weeks ago. Today Indo reporting is essentially old news in more than ways that one. Very old news. The oldest.


Further to that and as far as I understand, during a “National Emergency” the Trump admin has the power to call companies back (among many other powers including funding things). This recent Indo story does not cover this angle, context to broaden out the developing equation.

If he can call back from China, he can call back from Ireland I guess. :man_shrugging:


“It’s in over 120 countries it’s called the invisible enemy… and that’s what it is it’s an invisible enemy… it’s going to have no place to go”


2 years ago Donald Trump “former reality show host turned president”, at a White House dinner, during a gathering surrounded by the heads of military and their wives likened the scene before the press to a "calm before the storm".

Fresh from his lighting visit to see Trump & Pence, did Leo seize the light?

“…this is the calm before the storm, before the surge…”

It’s been some time since the word “surge” was used in connection with a storm, during the 2017 surge in the usage of surge, Category 5 hurricane Irma was a very real and serious storm indeed.

Unemployment rises to 14.9%




The drugs that already exist to treat coronavirus are not ‘approved’ but doctors can prescribed off-label.

many of them are listed here

and a more readable version here

The vaccine trials are underway in Europe US and China but china for obvious reasons are ahead of the curve.


I have to say the nature of the COVID bailouts is giving a lie to the drain the swap narative and fighting the deep state. All the usual suspects are lining up at the trough to be paid with the ordinary Joe being thrown to the wolves again. #BOWSA - Bail Out Wall Street Again

It's Happening+++

American Woman Rescued in Secretive Military Op, Trump Says

President Donald Trump said Sunday that an unspecified military operation had been conducted in a “certain area” overseas to rescue a female U.S. citizen who was being “horribly treated.”

Details on the operation and where it was conducted were initially being kept “somewhat private,” Trump said, but he added that “we got her out and she’s OK, and she’s back with her parents.”

At the beginning of a White House news conference on the coronavirus, the president spoke to efforts to bring U.S. citizens home from overseas during the pandemic, and cited cooperation from the governments of Peru and Honduras.

“We were able to get a young woman released from a certain area who was being horribly accosted, horribly treated,” he then added.

Trump said he consulted with Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, who “took care of it. We went in and we got her out, but that was rough stuff.”

He thanked Milley “and all the people involved and people who went in to get her.”


Pandemic? Recession? Hey look over there – an American damsel in distress, BOOYEAH!


Do you really think it’s the same old playbook in action under the Trump Admin?

To be fair, I don’t think that got very wide coverage i.e. was not exactly made a song and dance of in comparison to the other hits like Al Bagdahdi, which was milked for days, if anything, it points to something else. Also I believe the Op involved Gen. Miley directly whom I think is the head of Chiefs of Staff.

My initial thought was, "there is someone back safe, who could possibly name names…"


You gotta be kidding me. Trump’s utterances since the COVID-19 outbreak have been frighteningly moronic and self-serving. And you know I am a huge anti-fan of the Dems. I still wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off if someone decided to “take him out”. He’s a danger to the US and to the planet. Only thing is, we’d be subjected to a never-ending stream of “Q” conspiracies.


Ok, but is it the same old playbook or not?