Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US



Imagine Hillary was POTUS. Consider she said everything that Trump has actually said. I mean everything.

How do you feel?

Forget Hillary.

Just imagine another woman saying what Trump has said.


Imagine Obama behaving like this.

A black president uttering the same thing Trump is. Acting the same way.


Scared enough?

But Why?

BTW, I’m not attacking you. I’m making a larger point.


Anyone uttering the same things would be an idiot.

In a twist of fate, Bojo – the man who POTUS called “Britain Trump” – has been diagnosed with Covid-19 according to breaking news. Judging by TV footage a week or so ago, he never did manage to learn to wash his hands properly.


I see I see, I see it now. I get it. I do. I really do. Trumps utterances make him an idiot. Being an idiot justifies and thus qualifies him for assassination. Makes perfect sense. Reasonable. Very reasoned. A pragmatic proposition but there is one problem I see, it might not be televised if the networks cut at the wrong moment, surely that can’t be allowed happen or good for ratings, people will not get to see it, so I think someone should tell Trump, he would want his end to be the best with the most tremendous ratings, the best ever, right?


Says you.
The rest of us seem to be just settling on him being an idiot.

As for ratings:

Whatever record he breaks, is an incredibly low bar.


I appreciate that its a bit premature but lets assume the content of this article is shown to be correct. The likelihood would be that Trump would therefore be about to get lucky once again.

How many times can you be lucky?

What would this outcome say about those who promoted an global lockdown/recession based on Fergusons initial projections?


Barr gives first ever Virtual Press briefing from the DOJ. Interesting.

Youtube version.


As the self appointed shop steward and spokesperson for most users and threads these days, perhaps you should have a word with your comrade @ps200306 and ask him want he meant exactly, and I selectively quote:

“I still wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off if someone decided to “take him out”. He’s a danger to the US and to the planet… Anyone uttering the same things would be an idiot.”




Lest we forget.


White House Easter Egg Roll cancelled for 2020.

Photo: 2019 White Egg Roll

During the 2018 White House event, it was noted by Trump that the White House was in “Tip Top” or “Tippy Top” shape.


You’re buying the spin

The simple facts are that the Chinese Government is to blame for the scale of this thing.

No amount of spin or wishful thinking can change the facts of what occurred.


Trump would need a good coronavirus result to break 50% or a 9/11 to break 55%



I’m merely pointing out that Trump repeatedly praised China’s response to coronavirus in February. Theres no spin. Trump repeatedly praised China’s response to coronavirus in February.


Which is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things given what we now know of the timeframe of events.

For example, the WHO also accepted the word of the Chinese. Is it a similarly clownish organisation populated by idiots?

Are the Italians, Spaniards all idiots? The EU which has, even now, yet to agree a coordinated cohesive response?

The obsession with anti Trump political point scoring in the midst of a global pandemic is unseemly.

For what its worth I think his adminstrations response was incoherent to begin with. They appear to be doing as well as could be expected now though.


Dylan dropped a new toon today. Why did he release an epic track about a president’s assassination this week?


Track Posted here. 17



Does it really need breaking down? This bit: I still wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off if someone decided to “take him out”… was meant in the same spirit as this:

i.e. a joke. This bit: He’s a danger to the US and to the planet… Anyone uttering the same things would be an idiot … was serious, and based on utterances like these:

I used to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Anyone who has watched his performance in public for the last few weeks cannot really doubt that he is narcissistic to the point of having a screw loose. The truth simply takes second place to stroking his own ego.


Trump is and always was a narcissistic and nasty piece of shiiit. He still thinks he can bluff and bluster his way through the crisis.

The virus was running wild 3 weeks ago in NY and there wasn’t as much as a alcohol wipe to be seen. The US is going to be by far the worst hit 1st world nation by the virus. The delays in acting will cost many lives. In such a divided nation, rich- poor, liberal - conservative i would excect some social unrest.