Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Where do you see anyone “losing it” on this thread? To me it’s the other way round. Rational people can see through the liars on Fox, CNN, and the Chief Liar in the White House. But the dedicated Trumpophiles have swapped rationality for partisanship.


Well put. But is it too much to expect that the leader who would Make America Great Again might also act just a teensy weensy bit “presidential”? I like to hope that the majority of Trump’s base are holding their noses and acting in their rational self interest, and that it’s only the fringe who are blind devotees and conspiracy nuts.


That’s interesting. A very binary analysis.

What exactly is a “Trumpophile”? Please explain. Did you invent that term yourself?


Did you ever think the corporate media selectively reading Trumps tweets at bed time might be a fairytale of mass distraction?

The real news is Turmp trolls the media once more and Trump has persistently trolled the media in a for all to see manner, that their spell has broken. The media hamstrung, revert to attacking the Turmptoon strawman, on and on it goes. The Trump admin sure do know how to trigger that corporate media reflex.

What is to stop anyone from simply clicking on a hypertext link such as in this day and age and reading source directly cutting out all the middle ware. Maybe pre-existing bias that rely on the Trumptoon attacks for continual reaffirmation?

Here is what Trump tweeted.

Apr 10

Because the T.V. Ratings for the White House News Conference’s are the highest, the Opposition Party (Lamestream Media), the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats &, of course, the few remaining RINO’S, are doing everything in their power to disparage & end them. The People’s Voice!

The next tweet is really more interesting in the scheme of things:

Apr 10

The Invisible Enemy will soon be in full retreat!

It appears media outlets like Businessinsider consistently wish to distracted Trump’s audience potential by invoking the demonic Trumptoon so individuals refrain from wandering over there unaccompanied.

If you did that on Apr 10th, you might have also watched a posted video of Trump’s Good Friday message, accompanied by Bishop Harry Jackson, bringing GOD and Christ back into the White House via the Oval Office video, with Jackson standing aside and reading a passage from the Bible, while also finishing off with a uniting message and prayer seeking divine intervention and proteciton.

“Lord Let the Death Angle passover… in Jesus Name”

Further tweets you might then discover are things like the recent A.G. Barr news re-tweets, and also an Easter Sunday message and many more tweets besides.


You see narcissism, per my previous post I see strategic and consistent trolling of compromised media.

I read the playboy article (linked in this thread I think) that goes back 25 years and it demonstrates a very consistent position on many of the issues. Maybe it is more advanced planning and maybe you forget what Trump learned from his minister Peale on the power of positive thinking?

It seems to only have come out because of Trump election.

It would have remained buried otherwise, some of it is not new information at all and it was not just a Bill issue. Epstein might simply be a honeypot operation tip of the iceberg type affair, big and all, pulling in so many, but do not forget NXIVM, pointing to a global prediction for very very bad, awful, heinous and diabolical things, which the majority are broadly in the dark about, it may serve as a touchstone for the issue but it is by no means all of the story, nor do we know all of the Epstein x 2 Islands + 1 Ranch + 1 Gaff in NY story either!

Search for “Ray Chandler” on the big G now the algo is off. (not the dude with the glasses pipe!)

The US voters and electoral College installed him. A patriotic Military faction probably gave him their blessing in advance (and maybe some froward intel, at least when president elect, i.e. Add Rogers wen to Trump without informing Obama to tell him Trump Tower was bugged/compromised and he was out of there the next day).


Well yes by installed, I should have said assisted greatly. In ways that we don’t know yet.

His political positions are substantially unchanged for 40 years per the Playboy article and the 1980 tv interview.

I see 100% narcissisism. There have been narcissist presidents before, I’m not labelling him a psychopath. He trolls very well (‘Sleepy Joe!’) but his grandiosity predates his media savvy by 40 years. Comparing his press conference TV ratings to the Bachelor ? Being catty with Arnold about celebrity apprentice ratings ? Come on, that’s grandiose narcissism.


Nothing interesting or informative in the rest of his tweets. If anyone is looking for lies and spin iits all there on the realdonaldtrump. Its a bit SAD trump spends much of the covid briefings about himself.


Regan coined the phrase, Clinton stole it and now Trump has turned it back around big-league.

I honestly do not know what this “presidential” thing is, some idea of a perfectly scientifically created Uber-polite consensus collecting leader?

Is there a past president who inhabits the ideal attributes that comes to mind? (can be form anywhere too)

Leaders are often not cut from the finest or lightest cloth, usually rather the roughest and toughest and you know leaders as a specifies in politics, real leaders, had almost become extinct in Western politics, so I think people have forgotten what they look like.

Now we have someone who has more life in them than people half his age and one other world leaders seem to understand and actually respect.

Leaders do not look to follow the herd. The herd looks to a leader for direction and protection.

Leaders often appear to suit the environmental conditions of the day, rising to the challenge. Perhaps you are referring to those who thought they could work against nature and create presidential models.

Nature decided to differ and restore balance, don’t ya think?

Trump is standing there nearly every night for some weeks (I don’t have the count to hand), daily War time pressers for the people who elected him, every night for Americans. I hate using this term, but the “herd” can see him, in a time of greatest danger, this alone calms and reduces stress across the population.

If it was not this that energy would be at rallies.

Let us take Mr. Varadkar, maybe not a great example but some people think he is playing a blinder. His Health Minister crosses the Rubicon and Leo reverts to what he feels comfortable with during the greatest threat to ever face the Republic 9if you believe Leo), and Leo heads off to play Doctors, no critical analyses of the potential leadership crisis he might land Ireland in by walking into the wuhan firing line, but as I said, many think he is playing a blinder, but right now Ireland is leaderless existing in a state of legislation by committee. Uh oh…

Now what did Leo do that is the polar opposite of leadership in comparison to Trump?

He panicked the absolute shyte out of nation while on foreign soil. Then he tried to do it properly on paddy day. I guess no one read the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” to Leo at night.

If you can not garners he listens to other for his cues for next action, that he is so malleable to the people around him, is utterly lacking any leadership instinct let alone skills, then best of luck, because right now what rhymes with luck is fuck(ed) and that is (whatever is let of) Irelands position.

Does anyone remember the early, perhaps experimental Germaphobe Trumptoon model?

Seems like a good trait, nay instinct, to have right now, but you do not hear too much about it now. Funny that.

I am also surprised no one has raised the Trump is an adderall addict as a further black mark.


100% narcissisism…Perhaps. Certainly, the public persona seems that way.
It’s hard to tell w/ 100% certainty.


I haven’t watched all this. But I will in the next hour in case it disappears :sweat_smile:


Trump a few pressers ago said “two smart” people walked into the Oval Office and told him what would happen if he did not take action. I wonder who those smart people are.

Meanwhile, it could be assumed Fauci and Birx are as good as household names in the US.


AG Barr: “What happened to POTUS was one of the greatest travesties in American history, no basis for this investigation, what’s even more concerning is what happened after the campaign, a whole pattern of events… to sabotage the presidency”

Will anything happen? Do UNICORNS exist?


Donald J. Trump

For the first time in history there is a fully signed Presidential Disaster Declaration for all 50 States. We are winning, and will win, the war on the Invisible Enemy!


Algerian Strategy employed in the US?

A couple of days ago I wrote that the Democrats are implementing the Algerian Strategy in the United States.

@realDonaldTrump knows this, of course.

@SpeakerPelosi tore up the State of the Union address to signal that she’s on board with the Algerian Strategy.

A refresher:

During the Algerian Civil War of 1991-2002, the Algerian government helped the Armed Islamic Group or GIA (Groupe Islamique Armé), the most violent terrorists in human history.

mentions The GIA’s motto was “No agreement, no truce, no dialogue.”

All they did was mass murder civilians in night raids. They cut the throats of entire villages and dumped them into wells.

What the GIA wanted was preemptive nationwide surrender.
mentions The government helped the GIA for almost eleven years, until the Algerian populace agreed to support the government.

Only then did the government take on and destroy the GIA.

The Democrats are doing the same thing here.
mentions All over the country, the most violent criminals are being released.

Violent felonies such as killing a police officer while resisting arrest are being decriminalized.

Cash bail is being abolished.

Incarceration itself is on the verge of being abolished.
mentions I said that the Democrats are even IMPORTING violent criminals.

And now we have the proof.

H. R. 5383. The New Way Forward Act.

Text - H.R.5383 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): New Way Forward Act
Text for H.R.5383 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): New Way Forward Act
mentions Cosponsored by AOC and Ilhan Omar.

It not only abolishes any form of punishment for illegal-alien criminals, it forces the government to REPATRIATE criminals we deported.

The bill is over 4000 pages long.

I’ll just post the titles.

Full unroll here:

This is Chris Wallace sitting with Nancy Pelosi and the other media liars right before the State of the Union Address. What message were they coordinating? What message came out @FoxNews ?


This evenings press briefing live streaming link for those interested.


This should be fun. Even Rand Paul is roasting him. The old NYT ed was right IMO…this administration is imploding. Grab the popcorn!


WHO is imploding?



Latest from Today’s Press briefing:

Trump halts funding of World Health Organization, demands ‘full accountability’ over Covid-19 pandemic

14 Apr, 2020 22:22 / Updated 1 minute ago

US President Donald Trump has paused funding for the World Health Organization (WHO), insisting the agency must be held accountable for its alleged failures in responding to the Covid-19 crisis, making good on a previous threat.

“Today I’m instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the … organization’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus,” Trump said at a White House briefing on Tuesday, adding that the US has a “duty to insist on full accountability” from the public health body.


Last night’s presser was weird, even for Trump. Not only did he spend much of it talking about himself, he then stood back to reveal TV screens showing Sean Hannity talking approvingly about him on Fox News.


Which drove the CNN/MSNBC presenters absolutely insane. Mission accomplished I say.