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With US historical enemy

Russia poisons people in the UK. Trump : no way is was us, I mean the Ruskies!! The special relationship is with a dreamboat from St Petersburg now Theresa :rofl:


Michael Flynn Case: Judge Appoints Outsider to Take On Justice Dept.

John Griffin, son of Irish immigrants will be looking at the case. Not as simple as telling the judge the case, to which Flynn pleaded guilty, should now be dropped

WASHINGTON — The federal judge overseeing the case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn appointed a hard-charging former prosecutor and judge on Wednesday to oppose the Justice Department’s effort to drop the case and to explore a perjury charge against Mr. Flynn.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s appointment of the former judge, John Gleeson, was an extraordinary move in a case with acute political overtones. Mr. Flynn pleaded guilty twice to lying to investigators as part of a larger inquiry into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Mr. Flynn later began fighting the charge and sought to withdraw his guilty plea. Then last week, the Justice Department abruptly moved to drop the charge after a long campaign by Mr. Trump and his supporters, prompting accusations that Attorney General William P. Barr had undermined the rule of law and further politicized the department.

Judge Sullivan also asked Judge Gleeson to explore the possibility that by trying to withdraw his pleas, Mr. Flynn opened himself to perjury charges.

The Justice Department declined to comment. Judge Gleeson did not respond to a request for comment. Judge Sullivan had said on Tuesday that he would consider briefs from outsiders known as amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” who opposed the government’s request to dismiss the case against Mr. Flynn.

While judges do sometimes appoint such third parties to represent an interest they feel is not being heard in a case, Judge Sullivan’s move was highly unusual, said Samuel Buell, a former federal prosecutor who now teaches criminal law at Duke University.

Judge Sullivan, he said, is essentially bringing in an outsider to represent the point of view of the original prosecutors, who believed Mr. Flynn had committed a crime before Mr. Barr intervened and essentially replaced them with a prosecutor willing to say he had not.

“This is extraordinary for the judge to appoint somebody to argue against a prosecutors’ motion to dismiss a criminal case,” Mr. Buell said. “But it’s extraordinary for a prosecutor to move to dismiss this sort of criminal case.”

“What the Justice Department did in the first case is, as far as any of us can figure out, unprecedented,” he added. “So the fact that this is pretty unprecedented too is not that surprising.”

He shares that sense with Judge Sullivan, who has displayed little tolerance for the government overstepping its bounds. After prosecutors secured a conviction on corruption charges in the 2008 trial of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, Judge Sullivan dismissed the charges and ordered an independent prosecutor to examine whether the prosecutors had improperly withheld evidence.

“In nearly 25 years on the bench,” he said in an angry lecture, “I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case.” A report later backed his suspicions, but no charges were filed.

Judge Sullivan demanded that Mr. Flynn acknowledge he had entered his plea “knowingly, voluntarily, intelligently, and with fulsome and satisfactory advice of counsel.” He said he could not remember accepting a guilty plea “from someone who maintained that he was not guilty, and I don’t intend to start today.”

He also excoriated Mr. Flynn for his crime, noting that he lied to federal agents on the grounds of the White House. “I can’t make any guarantees, but I’m not hiding my disgust, my disdain for this criminal offense,” the judge said.


Ok, @gwavin. Yes, I heard about this battle.

Trump is the russian asset who ordered the US military to annihilate 300 russian assets in Syria.

I think that is a little stupid, don’t you?

Trump has said from the outset that he is ‘America First’

That is why he demanded his ‘allies’ contribute to Nato, deselect Huawei etc.



Seriously, what’s his angle here? Obama made Flynn lie??

Lying to the FBI is always a no no, ask Martha Stewart, or Marion Jones!


Pleading guilty to a crime is a common move. Sidney Powell wrote a nice rebuttal to Obama’s unfortunately leaked call.


He pled guilty. And affirmed he was doing so because he was in fact guilty.


Under duress is the counter claim.


I thought Mueller recommended no prison time for Flynn. The judge seemed a bit OTT at the time but I don’t know a the ends and outs of it.

Either way Flynn will be just another swamp dweller around Trumps rump.

Maybe trumps focus should be covid and the collapse of the economy but i guess distractions are what he needs.


He talked to the Ruskies. He then denied it to Pence.

He then talked to the FBI. He either admitted it or denied it, which, it turns out is a lie.

He didn’t have to answer the question. He did and lied.

Whether he admitted lying is almost irrelevant!

He then swore that he wasn’t pleading guilty under duress and the judge laboured this point. So did he lie again?

It’s such a simple point, when talking to the FBI either tell the truth is shut the fuck up.

There wasn’t string evidence against Martha bloody Stewart but she lied and went to jail. How can a three star general not know that lying to the FBI is a no no?


What do you have to say about the counter claim of duress?


He was under duress when he admitted lying? Maybe, but he lied. Trump said he lied. He talked to the Russians. Was he under duress when he talked to the Russians? Was he under duress when he traveled to Moscow? Was he under duress when he told Putin not to retaliate?

Was he under duress when he clearly stated he wasn’t under duress?

Are you under duress to keep rehashing Trump talking points?

Ever occur to you that he’s rowing back on a genuine guilty plea as he now realises that if he stays loyal to Trump he’ll get off?



Why do you think unmasking is a scandal? It isn’t.

(In your own words please. I haven’t got to to watch Fox News)

The memo released by the Republican senators this week notes that it was approved through the NSA’s “standard process”.

And secretly talking/doing a deal/exposing oneself to blackmail to the Russians isn’t? It is.

Amazing when Trump is in a corner, making a bags of things he always brings up Obama

This guy is ex CIA, ran for Prez as a 3rd party candidate

The number rose during the Trump administration. The 9,529 requests in 2017 grew to 16,721 in 2018 and 10,012 last year.


There’s no maybe. Either he was or he wasn’t under duress. That’s the key point. :roll_eyes:


Eh. I’m trying to explain (poorly) that you can’t prove a negative

So everyone who admits guilt might be under duress?

Why just Flynn? Why not just free everyone who leads guilty?

The judge explicitly asked him if he was really guilty and not just pleading guilty to get a deal. If he lied to the judge isn’t that perjury too?

His lies are clear. He said he wasn’t in contact with the Russians. He now admits he was. Why do you think he wasn’t lying? Either he lied or told the truth. It’s very simple.

Even the Trumpkins aren’t saying he didn’t lie. They’re just saying it wasn’t material.



Taken from the above DoJ writ. Worth reading.

Get the facts for yourself rather than relying on a woke millenial at RTE/IT/Guardian/WaPo to digest and summarise for you etc.

So in the final analysis, irrespective of Mr. Flynn’s plea, “prosecutors have a duty to do justice.” Federal prosecutors possess “immense power to strike at citizens, not with mere individual strength, but with all the force of government itself.” For that reason, “the citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor who … seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes, and who approaches [the] task with humility.”


Yea, Trump has an instagram too.

May 11th


This is waffle. What facts are you disputing?

The truth is that Flynn was in secret contact with the Russians. Do you dispute this?