Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Trumptoon is not an argument.


Yeah but quoting Sun Tzu in relation to Trump is laugheable.
And Bolton is not the first ex cabinet member to come out and critizise Trump. Think Rex Tlllerson, John Kelly James Mattis. A pattern emerges?
And Bolton is not the first puzzling appointment Trump has made. Think of Jerome Powell as chairman of the Fed.
Anybody who knows anything about Trump would know he’s an easy money guy. He’s a developer FFS. And he goes and appoints a doctrinaire monetarist. Within a couple of months they were at loggerheads over interest rates.
No the evidence is overwhelming. He doesn’t read his briefs and he can’t pay attention. He’s guided by the latest thing he sees on Fox


It’s amazing on a forum that was founded on observing Big Beast property developers still has so little understanding of Trump. We’ve encountered loads of Trumps.

  • Highly touchy about status
  • Big picture thinkers
  • Leaves the details of implementations to professional advisors, who are given little direction or oversight, but if they don’t mindread what their boss would do in a decision, risk getting fired
  • boastful
  • confident
  • risk-taking, prepared to risk ‘going legal’ and chancing their arm.

NONE of Trump’s moves ever surprise me.

Imagine appointing Sean Dunne or Johnny Ronan Taoiseach


You could be on to something there. I’m also reminded of that wealthy fella who is know for suing those who talk about him. It would be like he went into politics directly. I can’t recall his name right now.


Yes and not forgetting incepted on Donald Trumps 60th Birthday. :icon_cool:


Brian O’Dennis?


That name sounds familiar.
It’s either something like that or Rumpelstiltskin.
I’m not good with names.
Faces yes. Names no.

Names aren’t so import. The interesting point is that the middle man has been cut out.
Perhaps Trump is an anomaly or perhaps we could see more business people in politics.


Mr Trump is not going to take kindly to pompeo slagging him off. Drum roll… Sean Hannitty for secretary of state.


I was sure I posted a link to analysis of how the leaks work with the Trump admin. I’ll see if I can dig it out but for now here is some output from Pompeo surrounding the media driven Bolton book story:

Mike Pompeo also posted the following image to his personal twitter account:


Official Secretary of State twitter acc:


Hilarious that serial warmonger and ultra-Zionist Bolton is now a hero of the left. Just for speaking out against Trump. Who in the right mind would believe a word that comes out of Bolton’s mouth.
The far-left are truly deranged. :drooling_face:


Trump spent a looooooong time at his rally talking about his apparent poor health…

Hard to know the truth if people were avoiding due to covid concerns or Kpoppers


Looks like Gen Flynn acquitted by appeal court. Plus some more (exculpatory?) evidence has come to light.


Bye bye sleppy joe, hello so other tack. Problem for Trump is he cant focus on one message. Plus Biden is a neoliberal by a any measure. Trying some messaging such as he is controlled by some commie master puppets is a bit too fanciful


It’s hard to despise a senile kid sniffer who doesn’t even know his own name half the time. Be interesting to see how Biden handles the debates (if they actually happen).


Pity Johnson didnt listen to Trump previously on this (particular ) issue
Huawei isnt just a telecommunications company
He has eventually seen the light

Plenty of Labour and Tory Peers in the pocket of the chinese


It looks simple enough. Boris does not look initially hostile to the Chinese. So good political diplomacy and theatre with the desired outcome a product of timing;

But a study set to be presented to Mr Johnson this week will declare that US sanctions on Huawei will force the company to use technology that is “untrusted”, reports say.

Say one thing. Do the other. Isn’t that how politics always works? :ninja:


More votes for Trump. He must be laughing his head off at the fact that the Dems are doing the bulk of his campaigning for him…


I don’t see how the particular stunt wins him votes

Trump isn’t Tricky Dicky and the US is a very long way from 1972


Trump will need a big mask when he’s back in NYC