Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


A new generation of Trump supporters in the making?

The Kids Are Waking Up

“…a week ago I was a registered democrat…”

Alt Src:

The response to that video, overwhelms her.

“…the messages keep pouring in…”


Looking at the tiktok, it appears she has gone from aliens, witchcraft and genital herpes to #wwg1wga, and supporting Trump and the crack down on human trafficking and all the horror and evil that goes with that (but still with some Aliens & stuff…).


… to QAnon conspiracy theories? Talk about “out of the frying pan, into the fire”!


The net result is…


Trump’s remarks on Epstein came at the conservative gathering CPAC in February 2015, before he had entered the presidential race.

In a Q&A session with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump was asked for his view on Bill Clinton and said: ‘Nice guy, got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein’.

Later, Trump was asked to expand on that in an interview with Bloomberg and brought up Prince Andrew apparently unprompted.

‘That island was really a cesspool, there’s no question about it. Just ask Prince Andrew, he’ll tell you about it. The island was an absolute cesspool,’ Trump said.


There’s lots of right-wing zoomers on places like 4chan, we’re waking up.


Donald Trump is Rh-Negative Blood Type. :ninja:


Some heavy stuff, relevant to numerous threads - shoutout to @ps200306 this one is for you :sun_with_face:

Most of the info and claims are really not new but might be new to a lot of peoples, it is representative of one school of thought on the issue of Trump and Everything and a direct counter to him being allied and supported by a patriotic military faction across the US armed forces.

Semi-NSFW contains nudy images are pixeled out.


I will say this only once. Don’t “shout out” this sort of stuff to me. Morphonios has claimed 9/11 was perpetrated by Israel. He says QAnon is a Mossad psyop. He’s had bans on social media for vile anti-semitic content.

This is not “info”. I don’t give a rat’s ass what school of thought it represents. It’s not one I’m interested in. I’ve been mostly ignoring the prurient crap that has been littering this site for a long time. Shouting out this horseshit to me makes me realise that posting here associates me with it.

Some time ago, I removed the links to that you asked me to add to the Pretty Charts graphs. I think the time has come to consider whether it is wise to post here at all. It’s a pity, because The Pin was previously a useful resource for property-interested folks. Now it’s a cess pit.


Cognitive dissonance much or confirmation bias… either way, by your own deductive reasoning ad nauseam across multiple topics, it looks like you’re done.


Posted in the PM’s thread, but relevant to here.



How convenient. Lots of fake new Corona cases coming out of Florida. Debates and election will most likely be cancelled too. Should be an eventful next six months eh. :thinking:


Yeah, very convenient for the 173 people whose death certificates were written yesterday. I’m not surprised to see a Trump fanatic being this stupid, but it must take practice to be so callous.


Why are you still here? I thought you quit in a fit of rage yesterday. :roll_eyes: Holding on to all that anger, rage and seethe can’t be good for any man . :unamused:

Some of the Covid 19 victims in Florida died as a result of motorcycle and car crashes, cancer, drownings etc but their deaths are being registered as being caused by the virus. The numbers are massively inflated.Papayas, engine oil, goats and chickens have all tested positive for Covid 19 Switch off your TV as almost everything you’re being told about this virus is a lie and disinformation.
And I’m definitely no Trump fanatic or “right-wing”. The left as a whole have become completely unhinged in recent years so that would be the only reason I find myself occasionally agreeing with Trump.


Oh don’t worry. I’m sure I’m cruising for a ban very soon. I see the moderator edited my last comment to you which was, shall we say, a lot less complimentary than it looks now.

So why not give us the percentage discrepancies in the Florida numbers, from your secret store of accurate stats accessible only to you. Hey, why not post some actual links to, like, evidence. Seems to me it would need an awful lof of goats and chickens to increase the Florida daily numbers by a factor of ten between the start of June and mid July. Also, wouldn’t someone have noticed if they were keeping goat and chickens in those ICU beds that they’re running out of?

Nevertheless, far from having a fit of pique, I’m more than happy to stop calling you an idiot and a liar on the basis of the verifiable evidence that you are about to post forthwith.


Hmm… not sure about fake new cases - but there seems to have been an ongoing issue with accuracy in Florida. There is a lot of verifiable information here - - that seems to run counter to your statement - I would be interested in your analysis of this document.


Yes there is a problem with accuracy


Priceless ending! :icon_biggrin:




Support for BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) and the far-left extremists plummeting as we speak. The Donald playing the long game and letting these degenerates destroy themselves.