Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US




It’s priceless. Fair dinkum to Jonathan Swann he roasted him.


I think he roasted himself. Hung by his own tongue. Any able politician would have been able to avoid/ prevaricate on the questions without anybody noticing. His inability to do even basic arithmetic and to proudly show that inability is stunning. That interview must be pretty squirmy for his advisers.


Lol. Good luck America.


Well, He got his worms in a right mucking fuddle near the end of that video.


Ah he did ok IMO, but did he lie, is telling the difference between and Lion and an Elephant the type of thing that would be on a cognitive test, seems like a strange thing to say


I believe it is that basic, more a measure of you capacity for independent living than world politics really.


Have you noticed that Biden’s goto rhetorical device whenever confronted is to shout “Come on, man!” And make some irrelevant, non-sequitur point.

Trump made a fool of himself but Biden is also a clown even screwing up his many softball interviews


I dont know much about Biden but from what little Ive seen of him, it seems to me that he generally uses that response when questioned by black people, like hes down with the jive etc. Furthermore, if Trump had suggested that a black reporter get tested for cocaine etc it would be held up as microaggresaive evidence of his nazihood.

Like a lot of nominally/performatively ‘liberal’ people, Biden appears incapable of treating people as individuals and seems to employ lazy group stereoypes by default.


The cartoonish way they think


Trump - "…this may be the last time you see me for a while…"

I think the shit is about to hit the fan. This is from today’s speech

2020 US Presidential Race

I’ve not listened to the whole speech, but here it is, would like to know the context of the snippet.


Trying to find the time mark…




Biden be code switching all night long brother :wink:


Maybe he is going for some medical procedure and will be back in a week or so.


‘Melania’s getting me neutered. It will be most successful neutering in history’


I should have added,
either that or he is going on holiday for a couple of weeks.


I found it in this uncut version of the speech at 30 minutes in.
Strangely there is a bit missing from the previous video I shared, could be processing errors the section of speech is at 20:20 minute mark…

Sounds like he is taking on the middlemen in the trading networks.


Perhaps he’s tested positive for CoVid