Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Trump end press being abruptly for unknown reason.

(if video does not start it occurs approx. at the 24:40 mark)

He has since resumed the press briefing.



After almost 30 years after the regulations changed to preserver water, Trump has decided that the flow rate is too low.
Maybe he should install a water canon in his bathroom! :rofl:


Jaysus you’d swear he was being pissed on by Russian Prozzies with all that showering!


Yeah, the typo conjures an even funnier image!


Interesting poll Trump vs Biden poll data relevant to this thread but posted here NYT - loads of docs viewable via google - What is going on?



Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith expected to plead guilty to altering Carter Page evidence to support FISA warrant.

Story broke by @adamgoldmanNYT

This tidbit -

“Mr. Clinesmith had provided the unchanged C.I.A. email to Crossfire Hurricane agents and the Justice Department lawyer drafting the original wiretap application.”

Who else knew about the lies? :thinking:




Paul Sperry @paulsperry_

Sources: Former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe in legal jeopardy in wake of Clinesmith plea deal


Back in 2019

…Clinesmith, identified as “FBI Attorney 2,” also appeared in a 2018 Inspector General’s report as the author of a string of texts lamenting Trump’s election, according to the Daily Caller.

“I am so stressed about what I could have done differently,” he wrote Nov. 9, hours after Trump’s victory. “Viva la Resistance!” he texted on Nov. 22.

Techno Fog @Techno_Fog


Important excerpt from the Kevin Clinesmith Criminal Information: On 8/17/16, the CIA informed the Crossfire Hurricane team that Carter Page had been a CIA source. They hid this fact from the FISA Court. I bet the DOJ will invalidate the first 2 FISAs.



Paul Sperry @paulsperry_

BREAKING: President Trump from White House: “Kevin Clinesmith … A corrupt FBI attorney who falsified evidence… He is pleading guilty. That’s just the beginning… They spied on my campaign and got caught.”


The new left: so tolerant, so brave, so progressive. :suicide:


I hope he didn’t die from a hoax. Seemed to be a better guy than his brother. People shouldn’t stoop to donalds level of vindictiveness.


Thats is though isnt it?

I cant remember Trump ever stooping that low. I do recall him celebrating the death of Zarqawi at the hands of US military but he was a man who had literally tortured and murdered other people in a reljgious crusade.

For all his many faults, Trump is a step or two above these woke lunatics. Theyre simply pond life masquerading as political activists.


It finally happened.

Something millions of Trump supporters have been eagerly waiting occurred on the 14th of August. A reporter at a WH briefing asked the question albeit in a rather bait-like/underhanded manner.

"…Green has been a proponent of a Qanon conspiracy theory…"

Trump refuses to comment on the QAnon conspiracy theory and congratulates QAnon believer Marjorie Taylor Greene on her recent primary victory in Georgia.

Did he answer the question or did he dodge it? :whistle:




I was going through pictures I took today and I just realized this cloud looks like


I did NOT alter this picture at all… it’s actually a Live iPhoto



More like Elvis!


Let me check my toast! :wink:


…Confirmed 5 days later? :whistle:


The bits about Manafort are incredible. Nuts how it’s come to this


It’s behind a paywall - the gist?


Good piece on the Ukraine hoax Manafort pushed