Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


99% likelihood it was written by who it sounds like – a spotty teenager in their momma’s basement.


Is it just me or does the preznit’s signature look like Anal Dump? :icon_biggrin:


You should email that to John Oliver, his audience seem to love those kinds of witty observations.


President Trump discusses the recent violent riots in Kenosha, BLM and Joe Biden’s attack on his presidency in part 1 of his interview.


Chris Stigall @ChrisStigall

You’d sure hate to see this video watched and shared. A lot.



What happened to Trump being entertaining? When I highlight a bit of entertainment you sound all butt hurt.


Trump is still entertaining.
John Oliver, meh…His show is a bit formulaic for my taste. It’s entertaining for some folks undoubtedly.
He might use your observation, but it could be a little too crass perhaps.


I always thought John Oliver was a humorless prat, even when he was working for the very funny John Stewart. Last I saw (which is a long time ago as he’s unbearable) he was just part of the “entertainment” cog in the left wing political machine, like that other Daily Show spin-off, the ultra-humorless Samantha Bee.



During the pandemic, she has always worn masks in public and has chastised Republicans for not listening to US health agency guidance.

Mr Trump weighed in on Twitter, saying Mrs Pelosi was “being decimated for having a beauty parlour opened when all others are closed and for not wearing a mask - despite constantly lecturing everyone else”.


Presumably that hotel in Clifden owes Phil Hogan an apology on the same basis


Lame attempt at humour P… Must try harder. :wink:



Notable data points in this video of short commentary, afair, have been highlighted along the way in this thread, so this short video commentary might be convincing verification of such an outlook to some and maybe utter horseshyte to others, such are these times of luminous polarisation in this transient collective immersed reality, or intermind.

Coronavirus 2020

Fits a pattern but im sure the truth will come out


Fox News confirming suckers story

Doubting the Navalny poisoning by Russia story


Incorrect according to none other than your favorite arch-nemises of Trump, John Bolton

John Bolton told the New York Times:

He got support from an unlikely source on Friday when John R. Bolton, his former national security adviser who has broken with him and called him unfit for office, said he was on the trip in question and never heard Mr. Trump make those remarks. “I didn’t hear that,” Mr. Bolton said in an interview. “I’m not saying he didn’t say them later in the day or another time but I was there for that discussion.”

Please read excerpts on this link from Bolton’s tell-all book ‘in the room’ for the entire trip. Kelly, marine pilots and security cancelled trip against Trump’s wishes but press blamed Trump because bad man.

The pattern this fits is the confirmation bias pattern. The bigger the lie.

The Atlantic article is an exercise in confirmation bias. Cf Russiagate and various self-important US Diplomats wheeled out with hearsay regarding the Ukraine hearings.

How about some hearsay about Joe Biden’s dinners with Xi during Hunter Biden’s state visit to China.


It didn’t happen because Bolton didn’t hear it? Is that what you’re saying?

Do you deny he repeatedly denigrated McCain and his captivity?

Do you deny he had a feud with the parents of a dead soldier?

Whatever else it shows how his narcissism and thin skin overwhelm any political considerations/normal human response.

Do you think Trump is out of line with the rest of the West re Russian poisoning?


Allegations made anonomously off the record vs. Facts

Bolton (the neocon militarist) if he had this take-down grenade he would have thrown it.

Here is an on-the-record fact:

Biden understands China’s one child policy:

Guy is a China apologist and China enriched his family.

Here are some patterns to ponder:

Do you think 35-years on a Senate salary made working class Joe and his family multi-millionaires?

Just as Hilary’s only ever commodity trades turned out to be 100 x multi-baggers for the human rights lawyer.


So you’re saying it didn’t happen because Bolton didn’t hear it. Thanks for that contribution.


I am leaning towards it didnt happen.

You see, fair-minded people can see that the media is on Biden’s team. Note the soft-ball questions to Biden asking him to condemn alleged remarks.

Bolton was on the trip as NSA, witnessed the decision to omit the cemetary trip, did not allege the remarks were made in his ‘tell all’ book and who this week denied the remarks were made.

If they were made (out of hearing) you can be assured that something so crass would have be repeated to the NSA as a leading member of the presidental party (he is a prominent Trump adversary) and leaked during the contemporary press firestorm over his non-attendance. That’s guaranteed.

But here is where your confirmation bias comes in and the above doesnt fit your pattern.