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“WE” are preparing.

Mark Zuckerberg

September 1 at 4:05 AM ·

I’m concerned that our country’s election infrastructure faces many new challenges this year because of the Covid pandemic. There will be historic levels of voting by mail, and increased need for poll workers and equipment to support contact-free voting. Election officials across the country are working hard to ensure that everyone can vote and every vote can be counted – and we want to help make sure they have the resources they need to do this.

Priscilla and I are personally supporting two non-partisan organizations that are working to make sure every voter’s voice can be heard this November. We are committing $250 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life to provide funding for local counties to have the staffing, training, and equipment they need. This will go towards recruiting poll workers (including hazard pay and training), renting polling places, buying PPE for poll workers, providing temporary staffing, supporting drive-through voting, and more. We are committing another $50 million to The Center for Election Innovation & Research that will go to Secretary of State offices across the country – in both red and blue states – that are working to ensure states’ electoral systems are secure and voters are informed.

This is in addition to the work that Facebook is doing to run the largest voting registration campaign in American history – with a goal of helping more than 4 million people register to vote and providing authoritative information about topics like how to vote by mail in each state.

Voting is the ultimate way we hold our leaders accountable and make sure our country is heading in the direction we want. It is critical for our democracy that we all have confidence in the integrity and legitimacy of our elections, and that means having confidence that our country has the infrastructure to make sure every voter can make their voice heard. I’m grateful to everyone doing your part to respond to this year’s unprecedented challenges and I’m proud to support you in your work.

If the video is anything to go by Mark does look very, very concerned.

Google Brothers - Google pulls out of talks to lease 2,000 office spaces in Dublin

He’s a reptilian. I didn’t spot any emotion or concern. :thinking:



Norwegian Lawmaker Nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize


The Plank should be Gold tomorrow on this.


Perhaps the following keywords will explain Pat Kenny’s (output) bias when it comes to Trump.

Clintons. Haiti.




I don’t know what you’re on about tbh… back on topic!


Anal Dump was only joshing about the virus after all, according to the NYT:

Trump admits to playing down the virus

In early March, President Trump took to Twitter to describe the coronavirus as less lethal than the flu. But in private, according to the forthcoming book “Rage” by the journalist Bob Woodward, he was well aware of the risks, having been warned in January by his national security adviser that the virus represented the “biggest national security threat” of his presidency.
“You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Woodward on Feb. 7. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu.” More than a month later, Mr. Trump said that he had wanted to play it down publicly. “I still like playing it down,” he said, “because I don’t want to create a panic.”


That’s only the half of it

Some of the passages from Woodward promoted on Wednesday highlight the nature of the Shallow State’s dealings with Trump. It turns out former Defense Secretary James Mattis regards Trump as “dangerous” and “unfit,” with “no moral compass.” Former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats allegedly agrees, and has “deep suspicions” that Russian President Vladimir Putin “had something” damaging on Trump since he saw “no other explanation” for some of Trump’s behavior.


The deep state, ehm, forcing Trump to talk to journalists…





Only You Can Stop This New Normal


Desperate times form some may call for desperate measures, one such tactic may be to:

  1. Launch one or more torPEDOs Trumps way.


Justice Department’s decision to drop the criminal case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn was a “corrupt and politically motivated favor,” a former judge who was appointed to analyze the case said Friday in a new court filing.

John Gleeson’s comments Friday include some of the sharpest rebukes of the Justice Department to date and directly accuse President Donald Trump’s appointees of doing his bidding to protect Flynn merely because he is a political ally.

“In the United States, Presidents do not orchestrate pressure campaigns to get the Justice Department to drop charges against defendants who have pleaded guilty – twice, before two different judges – and whose guilt is obvious,” Gleeson wrote.

“Yet that is exactly what has unfolded here,” he added.

READ: Former Judge Gleeson’s response to Justice Department efforts to drop Michael Flynn’s prosecution
READ: Former Judge Gleeson’s response to Justice Department efforts to drop Michael Flynn’s prosecution
He reiterated his position that Judge Emmet Sullivan should reject the Justice Department’s request to dismiss the case, and should move forward with Flynn’s sentencing.

As part of the special counsel investigation, Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 and admitted that he lied to the FBI about his Russian contacts. But the Justice Department announced in May that it was abandoning the case, and asked to formally drop the charge. In response, Sullivan appointed Gleeson and directed him to rebut the Justice Department’s position.

In short order, Gleeson urged Sullivan to keep the case alive and sentence Flynn for lying to the FBI and for committing perjury during the court proceedings, when he walked back his previous guilty plea. Flynn asked for an emergency order from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, and won a temporary victory that would’ve ended the case – but that ruling was then reversed last month.

“The Government is trying to give special treatment to a criminal defendant because he is favored by the President,” Gleeson wrote, arguing that the judge “would send an important message about the rule of law by refusing to accord special treatment to (Flynn’s) perjury.”

It’s up to Sullivan to decide how to proceed, though if he decides to keep the case alive, Flynn could appeal that decision, leading to more legal limbo.

Blistering rebuke
In the court filing, Gleeson mounted a stinging and flourish-filled rebuke of the Justice Department, and even claimed its actions in the case were “unworthy of our justice system.”

“To describe the Government’s Motion to Dismiss as irregular would be a study in understatement,” Gleeson wrote.


Uh, the US right now is running at 20 times the death rate per capita of most of Europe, including the UK which is generally acknowledged to have had an initially inept response. The US performance is categorically SHIT, thanks to the complete lack of leadership from the top. The Attack of the Virus has failed only in the tiny minds of morons who witter on about the “plandemic” and are anxious to move on to something else.


95% of the people who died were over 70. If you are not old or suffering from an underlying condition it is no more lethal than an ordinary flu. The US numbers look ok to me probably the same as EU. But as the Swedish doctor in charge says, let’s review the score cards once the pandemic has abated. If you want to see poor leadership look no further than Bill de Blasio. He’s the one that sentenced thousands of care home residents to their death.


The health department’s politically appointed communications aides have demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals.

In some cases, emails from communications aides to CDC Director Robert Redfield and other senior officials openly complained that the agency’s reports would undermine President Donald Trump’s optimistic messages about the outbreak, according to emails reviewed by POLITICO and three people familiar with the situation.


CDC officials have fought back against the most sweeping changes, but have increasingly agreed to allow the political officials to review the reports and, in a few cases, compromised on the wording, according to three people familiar with the exchanges. The communications aides’ efforts to change the language in the CDC’s reports have been constant across the summer and continued as recently as Friday afternoon.

The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports are authored by career scientists and serve as the main vehicle for the agency to inform doctors, researchers and the general public about how Covid-19 is spreading and who is at risk. Such reports have historically been published with little fanfare and no political interference, said several longtime health department officials, and have been viewed as a cornerstone of the nation’s public health work for decades.

But since Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign official with no medical or scientific background, was installed in April as the Health and Human Services department’s new spokesperson, there have been substantial efforts to align the reports with Trump’s statements, including the president’s claims that fears about the outbreak are overstated, or stop the reports altogether.

Caputo and his team have attempted to add caveats to the CDC’s findings, including an effort to retroactively change agency reports that they said wrongly inflated the risks of Covid-19 and should have made clear that Americans sickened by the virus may have been infected because of their own behavior, according to the individuals familiar with the situation and emails reviewed by POLITICO.


Septuagenarians are people too.


Not denying that but I am saying that when you’re over 70 you are increasingly likely to die from something. The scaremongering that we see in the simpleton main stream media, for example that it’s not a trivial infection for younger people or that such people have ended up in intensive care is just that. Scare mongering. How many older people have died from fear and loneliness and depression during the lockdown. Let’s see those numbers.