Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US



Check it out.

Mantissa, croquette, The Curious One you may want to look away its the Russians again.

“The Biden Crime Family” :rofl::rofl:

“For my guy”

Who is “The big guy” in the vieled speech of ‘H’?

If true: Someone has Major Kompromat on the Bidens. A bona fides Pee Dossier.

Somehow reminds me of Weston Airport, City West, the late Jim Mansfield ‘self-made billionaire’ and in a memorable turn of vieled speech, ‘the auld fella’!

Remember that?


For Trump, the issue here isn’t so much if it’s true or not, it’s that the electorate doesn’t seem to care enough for it to aid his cause.


Warning this may be ‘Unsafe’ for the Biden campaign

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How about applying the same standard to this unverifiable shit


I’m no admirer of Mr Trump, but calling him an unverifiable shit is just plain rude. :wink:






Russian Rent-A-Mob? :whistle:

Happening Now—President Trump arrives in Newport Beach, California! #MAGA

More video and another angle.

Kayleigh McEnany @kayleighmcenany


Thousands upon thousands lined for miles along our motorcade route in CALIFORNIA to cheer on President @realDonaldTrump!!!


Looks like Trump was attending this event in California.




Wonder why the you never hear about@realDonaldTrump administration’s work to combat human trafficking? Today Trump Admin announced the first Govt. Center For Countering Human Trafficking in the US. They asked if the press had any questions. This is what happened… crickets

Video at Src:


Permanent Government in the crosshair?

Tracy Beanz@tracybeanz
Oct 24

The SES has been fundamentally changed - as in - @realDonaldTrump removed the permanent bureaucracy. I still have to read more into this but, it appears this is what happened.

Laurie Garrett @Laurie_Garrett

· Oct 23

ATTN! While you were sleeping #Trump issued an edict that eliminates job protections for tens of thousands (maybe millions) of federal employees, all involved in policy-making. It paves the way for a mass firing of govt employees. MORE…`








Fairly meaningless but Obama increased the national debt by more than 100% 9 to 20 trillion whereas Trump increased it by only 25% 20 trillion to 25 trillion and Trump had to deal with Covid. Of course to socialists like Obama the national debt doesn’t actually mean anything.


Seriously though it’s important to recognise what an achievement this is. Losing the popular vote twice has never been done before.


Welcome back mantissa. Good to see you’ve made a full recovery from your chronic TDS. :yum:


That’s why the United States is a republic not a democracy. It’s a republic designed specifically to avoid the amalgamation of power in a single faction. Something which the demon rats have been trying to do since FDR. Because they’re socialists who believe the individual should be subservient to the state and the elites who administer it. The average “liberal” voter living in the west doesn’t get this because they don’t understand history.


Remarkable that you know this before any election has been certified.

Many a slip etc…