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Right now, Barr DOJ protecting Hillary Clinton directly and trying to shutdown all @JudicialWatchClinton email discovery and suits, holding up release of Obamagate emails/texts of Page/Strzok/McCabe. Outrageous. @RealDonaldTrump should issue an emergency transparency order.

10:19 PM · Dec 1, 2020



Anyone care to summarise?
Is Trump still winning big?


China must not win the 2020 US Presidential election.


Beijing has promised Chinese Joe his very own ready made city if he manages to pull off the election.

Welcome to ForBiden City - we’ve been expecting you, Joe!


It’s Over

Flynn News -

Judge Sullivan has granted the DOJ Motion to Dismiss as Moot (due to pardon).

Sullivan: “ORDERED that this case is DISMISSED AS MOOT.”

It’s over.

Accompanying Judge Sullivan’s order is a spiteful opinion supportive of the broader Crossfire Hurricane and Flynn investigations.

He labels the DOJ dismissal as “pretextual” and “dubious”

Full doc:…ImageImage




In case you missed it.



And yet Trump won’t call Putin out on it. Just what does he have on him?!



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Trump is about to make the biggest decision of his presidency.

Let me explain. Image

December, 50BC:
Julius Caesar was enormously popular and commanding an army of fiercely loyal soldiers. The Roman swamp wanted nothing to do with him and in January 49BC the Roman Senate ordered Julius Caesar to disband his army and return home or become an “Enemy of the State”.

Julius Caesar, with the popular support of the Roman populace, and the loyalty of the military, marched his army over the Rubicon river in the North of Italy and became a LEGEND in history.

December 2020:
Donald Trump is enormously popular and commanding an army of fiercely loyal soldiers. The US swamp wants nothing to do with him.

Election infrastructure was allegedly attacked and he now has his back to the wall.
The courts have failed him.
His own political party has failed him.

Trump still has immensely popular support within the US populace, and the fierce loyalty of the military.
Trump has EO13848 which allows him to take drastic measures and could potentially be used to restore the Republic.

Does Trump utilize EO13848 and become a LEGEND in history?


Does Trump submit his family to the mercy of the incoming administration who will be hellbent on making an example of them?

Does Donald Trump want to restore the Republic to greatness and become a LEGEND?

Does Donald Trump want to be known forever as one of the greatest leaders of all time?

EO13848 is Trump’s Rubicon. Image

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Is the SolarWinds hack a digital Pearl Harbor?



The SolarWinds hack, if proven to be done by a nation-state, will likely be considered an act of war. It behooves the intelligence community to spend a bit more time investigating before essentially forcing POTUS to declare war on whichever nation-state may be responsible.




  1. The SolarWinds hack is a huge deal. 2. FBI/CISA/ODNI formed a new “Cyber Unified Coordination Group (UCG)” to unify the govt and address the hack 3. Entire intelligence community is working on this. Is this why EO13848 is delayed? The smoking gun?…



Just going off intuition here, but im guessing that

@DNI_Ratcliffe is late because he is adding the SolarWinds hack to the report. The hack was just disclosed a few days ago and they are probably trying to get a grasp of the scope and what was compromised.


Patrick Byrne, Hillary Bribe for Obama Control


Klaus… is that you? :whistle:



Lots going on on twitter account.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to battle and alert US citizens to the exotic kleptocracy of their elected representatives masquerading as help and international aid - again using the same delivery style as the previous 45 minute presentation.

Only a few minutes long, worth a watch.

Video @ src


He is the president you do understand that. Don’t you?
His treasury secetary was deeply involved in all levels of this financial package.
This would be like the Taoisach announcing on Budget Day that he didn’t agree with the budget announced by his minister for Finance.
Truly off the wall stuff!


Latest Video of POTUS outlining more details of the “assault and siege” for the benefit of US citizens.

Video @ Src (running time approx. 14 mins):

Full Video link here:


Veto’d NDAA bill.


AG Barr departs.


And Trump has inevitably signed this ridiculous bill. He probably cut a deal for himself so that he can escape investigation and prosecution after he’s out of office in a few weeks. What a disappointment he turned out to be. Even more disappointing than the “hope and change” guy before him. :roll_eyes:


I think they now have to vouch or vote again on a per line item basis. Might be wrong as haven’t read the whole thing yet but see commentary suggesting that is the significance here.

Meanwhile maybe nothing, but a mirror sync portent to imminent events?


The only imminent events I see are B1den/Harr1s finally being confirmed on 6th January and Trump leaving the White House with barely a whimper. The heavily armed “patriots” are still waiting for Q to do something. They actually still believe that Trump will get a second term and that there’ll be trips to Gitmo and hangings for treason and sedition for 0bama, B1den, Cl1nt0ns etc. :gargled:
Oh dear, these folk are in for an unpleasant surprise.