Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US



Only problem…

  1. The Insurrection Act does not mention term extension.

  1. If its not in the Federal Register it has no legal standing. If anything was signed but not published somewhere like the Federal Register it never happen, legally speaking. I see no sign of any recent Insurrection Act references. The last one was in 1992 during the LA Riots so the Marines could be sent from Camp Pendleton to LA. Just up the road.


Steve Bannon seems to think he’s coming back :woman_shrugging:

Listen at 11:15

“When Trump’s back in August…”


Happy Birthday :birthday:

75 years ago today Donald Trump was born.
15 years ago today was born.



Been a while since I have had 15 but I will give it a go.


75 would be doable, only take a working week at your daily rate!


The total number of absentee ballots whose chain of custody was purportedly documented in these 385 missing Fulton County absentee ballot transfer forms was 18,901, more than 6,000 votes greater than the less than 12,000 vote margin of Biden’s certified victory in the state.

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Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Have you noticed that they are now admitting I was right about everything they lied about before the election?

  • Hydroxychloroquine works
  • The Virus came from a Chinese lab
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop was real
  • Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op
  • The “Russian Bounties” story was fake
  • We did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time
  • Blue state lockdowns didn’t work
  • Schools should be opened
  • Critical Race Theory is a disaster for our schools and our Country
  • Our Southern Border security program was unprecedentedly successful



Not if it is something like a plausible mis-direction. Keep the enemy guessing yada yada…