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“The Storm Is Upon us” -

Devolution, Attack, Act Of War

Patel Patriot begins the conversation explaining what devolution is and why Trump and the military went in this direction. The elections were stolen and they military caught them all doing it. Once the truth comes out that the [DS] cheated in the election the government will become incapacitated and the military will step in. The military will most likely be deployed around the country to control the rioting. The military will take control until a decision is made of who the president really is by following the constitution.


These “patriots” and their cosplay “storm”. Genuine question, once August passes and their messiah hasn’t been magically reinstated (isn’t this already the 3rd deadline?), what is their next date/month/year for the big storm to arrive?

Trump could very possibly win an election in 2024 if he runs, but this nonsense that they believe about military stepping in to reinstate him now is embarrassing and so detached from reality.


You know all those guys making noises about the mil stepping in?.. mostly working for the Feds. The recent “kidnap plot” against the Gov of Michigan shows how that operates. Almost 90% Feds setting up a few idiots for entrapment. No actual “plot”.

Lots of “glowies” very active online trying to stir things up. The actual folk who can make things happen if it starts getting kinetic have all gone grey. All of them. In the old days in any "white supremacist’ group at least 25% of all members were working for law enforcement. From what I have been hearing recently, its at least 80% plus now. And just like the old days you can be 100% certain that the guy making the most noise for “action” is working for the Feds.

Whats actually going on in the mil is almost everyone above OC-6 is a political. All the non politicals have bailed. And the people below OC-6 who care, about 1/3’rd of them, are having the age old discussion of - When do you start shooting the Colonels - when illegal orders are given. The consensus seems to be ignore and then frag if they office in commander does not get the message.

Thats why the DC Green Zone Regime are trying to build their own para military police force at the moment completely outside Constitutional control. The Capitol Police now has a budget bigger than the city of Detroit and is structuring itself more like a Nation Guard unit. That is why they have been trying to hire so many military contractors. Its also why so many traditional police officers in the Capitol Police have been committing suicide. No civilian police force has ever had a suicide rate that high.

Things got very crazy in DC in the last few months before Nixon resigned in 1974 but nothing like just how crazy the situation currently is in DC. This is early 1861 levels of utter insanity. To give you an idea of just how crazy it is in the DC Green Zone there is chatter about just how much political advantage the Regime would get by offing Biden in the next false flag operation. Its basically a huge win / win for the Dems.

This might sound totally crazy but we live in crazy times. And the Democratic Party have previous when it comes to playing a very weak hand badly. Just like they did after 1856.


Durham appears



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Trust the plan lads. The self-proclaimed “father of the warp-speed jib-jab” is coming back to save the day. Any day now. :clown_face:


Watching Afghanistan, whatever is going on. Do you still think old strawman slow Joe won big league?

Meanwhile. This looks fun. Not read it yet but maybe some fun bedtime reading for all:


No, I certainly don’t believe the dementia patient won but Trumpp was a useless waste of time. Did nothing to secure the election, did nothing about mass censorship of his supporters (and Trumpp himself) on social media. All he succeeded in doing was energising the Left.




And France has just recalled its ambassador from the US…

Dont think that has happened before. At least not since Vichy.

Its great to have the adults in charge again in DC.


Thank you to Steve Scalise and Family. Fake News never ends!