Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Good start but that will hardly “wipe them off the face of the earth”.


Correction: Beast of Bolsover. Always


He’ll probably leave that to the Russians as part of his isolationist policy.


Inaugural ball guests told not to do any Heil Hitler salutes. It’s political correctness gone mad!! … 36716.html


Trump said it would be the biglyest inauguration ever. Just one more unfulfilled promise


The National Park Service (who manage The Mall) retweeted the pic I linked and were then ordered to cease all use of Twitter. Only Trump may tweet it seems. No dissent allowed.

Even Fox News seems surprised … tment.html


Crappy and all as Trump is, I understand that “bigly” is a misunderstanding of a favoured Trumpism “big league”.


Trump should have brought AAA/PbP over to do the headcount. They’re expert at over egging the numbers at gigs


The Donald didnt win DC, Maryland, Virginia.


I have nothing intelligent to say in this thread, something that I suspect I have in common with most of its contributors and also its namesake. :smiley:


Does anyone else find the women’s marches disturbing ? I think I need a safe space :-GC


I think they’re wonderful, they provide great entertainment IMO

You go girls :smiley:


Let’s play a game - the winner is the one whose 5 descriptive words get used the most in Una Mullally’s next article. We could help her write it.

I’m going for


Why are ye (dude, GB) so frightened all the time?


Loads of irish-american connections in the new White House

Pity that Enda called Trump racist and dangerous last summer.


For my part I really don’t know ? Maybe the blue hair triggers a primordial fear response ? No blue animals or plants naturally occurring associates it with poison ? Maybe I had a nightmare about smurfs as a child ?


I’m not :confused:

You will of course reply by telling me that I am


Rumours circulating that Pred Trump will tomorrow announce US Embassy in Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

What repercussions could this have?


I see Trump has a new way of describing when his campaign makes stuff up; it’s called “alternative facts”: … wd-n710466

Somewhat Rumsfeld-esque.


Will other countries follow suit I wonder?