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The case is a game changer because it moves guilty of rape from guilty of actual rape to guilty of rape because the victim thought she was going to be raped, which sets an entirely new and wrong precedent. I heard Ford’s account, and despite the obvious dramatics, she seems entirely credible. But if someone can now be deemed guilty because someone thinks something is going to happen, then where could that lead us? Gaoling people because you thought they were going to mug you, or burgle your house, or insert crime here - if no crime has been committed, then what guilt can there be?


There is no case though, is there?

This is about suitability for high public office.

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A) its buzzfeed

B) look up the word trolling. Then study Scott Adams blog on Trumps methods of trolling, representational, displacement and distraction. A least 90% plus of Trumps twitter feed is pure trolling and distraction in one form or other. And it works wonderfully on the intended victims.

C) you fell for it.


The difference between assault and battery is well established in common law. And what she described was neither. In fact what she described could only have been a crime if at the time it happened, or within the statute of limitations, it had such an effect on her that she felt fit to make it known to others or law enforcement. She did none of these things. She did not even feel fit to make any kind of note or record of the event at the time. Which is the usual reaction of those who have suffered an actual attack but not made it known to others.

If you think she was “credible” then you obviously have never had a consummate liar tell outright lies to your face. Multiple times. And never had to hear stories of actual rapes from from real victims. Real rapes sound very very different. Even many decades later. The lies may not be a conscious or deliberate fabrication but what Ford said still just as untrue as if she had. Plus she received serious coaching before hand. So it was just a nice performance. Nothing more.

She sounds like just another stupid teenage rich kid who got smashed on a regular basis back in the 1980’s and then got herself into drunken situations with gods knows who that she seems to regret many decades later. Not at the time I might add. When a very big deal was being made about “rape culture”. Its not like back in the 1980’s in the US there was no very active public social pressure to report sexual assault. There most certainly was.

To me she sounds like the typical prep school drunken party slut of that era. A type known well enough at the time to become a media stereotype in films of the era. I dont know how it was back in Maryland but in the Palo Alto of that era you would have seen plenty of examples on a Friday or Saturday night going from bar to bar just of California St or University Ave. With their fake ID. They had a reputation for being nothing but trouble, maybe an easy screw when drunk but total psychobitches when sober. So usually only laid by the drunken jocks. Which everyone else thought was a perfect match. Let the assholes fuck each other over.

So when I try to think back to the early 1980s’ and think what sort of person a Christine Ford would have been that is exactly who comes to mind. A somewhat unpleasant, shallow and rather vacuous rich bitch. Might be wrong, but I dont think so.


Wow. I’ve lost count of jmc’s dozens of self-reported specialties. But now to find that identifying truthful rape testimony is yet another one! It’s mind blowing. I expect that means having heard dozens of such testimonies first hand, and maybe having also done extensive academic research in the area. How one man has fitted so much into a single life is just fantastical and humbling. To be able to diagnose someone as “somewhat unpleasant, shallow and rather vacuous” just from half an hour watching telly … truly awesome. I take my hat off.


Borderline Personality Disorder I could spot it in 5 seconds and didn’t listen to a second more. I gave a little shudder as I realised what that ex would have been like as a middle aged woman. You can’t comprehend it until you’ve encountered it. But then, if you look into it, and reassess your memories you spot it a mile off.

Dangerous as they are I still have a soft spot for them and if you read jmc post you won’t get a sense of what draws men to them. I can tell you exactly what she was like at 20 - sensual, attractive, risk-taking, vivacious, vulnerable, prone to emotional storms which have no apparent cause, childlike, but critically also ruthlessly untruthful, totally lacking in self awareness but yet intuitive about others, crazy in bed… Everything is so believable until you challenge it. But with the distance and the fog of time that’s hardly possible here. So he’s doomed

The comment section this video is full of BPD women saying BPD things as they complain about a BPD video


Even more impressive. We’ve gone from diagnosing a drunken party slut in half and hour to diagnosing BPD in five seconds. Any more takers? I’m sure there must be some armchair psychiatrists on here willing to proffer a diagnosis who didn’t see any of her testimony.


You’re dealing with an actress here. No coaching required. This is a lifetime role.

They almost always have a rape story. They have to find a way to backward rationalise their promiscuity - ‘I think about it every day, I really went off the rails and took a lot of chances’
But you said you were sexually active way before that and were 20 times more experienced than that guy who you had to fight off?
‘Yes, I suppose. I actually dated him a couple of years later for a short while. He was much gentler. I’m glad I didn’t report it. It would have ruined his life. It’s just a pain I have to carry.’
WTF no one dates their rapist later ?
‘I think it’s like Stockholm syndrome’


Appropriate thread for this stuff.


I’m confused. Is that a quote from Christine Blasey Ford or are you projecting?


As I have said before, based on your juvenile opining on subjects you obviously know nothing about, you have nt a fucking clue. Not a fucking clue. You holy joes are all the same. Tiny tiny worlds. Fully of nothing… Pointless people. But never seems to stop them expressing opinions on stuff they know nothing about despite their delusions of competency.

The fact that you keep writing shit like the above indicates that you have never once had to deal with one single serious situation in your life. Not once. Why not keep your opinions to the deeply trivial subjects you actually might know something about. Because you most definitely know absolutely nothing, zero, about anything important or serious in life. Like rape. Or domestic violence. Or child abuse. Or serial predators. Or trying to deal with and shut down utterly callous vicious psychopaths.

But nothing like this every happens in your universe so no one else out there can know anything about it either. Fuckiing eejit.

Why not leave this to the grown ups who actually know about this stuff first hand through having had to deal with exactly this kind of shit for decades. There are several others here who based on their postings in the past actual do know what the fuck they are taking about. Because they have seen it first hand too. And had to deal with the resulting harrowing results and aftermath. Funny how those people, the people who have also had to deal with these horrors, rarely seem to disagree with my opinions. It seems its only people like you. Your postings have always been those of the utterly clueless.

So get back to us when you have written up your first witness statement for a long term rape / abuse case. One that will stand up in a court of law. For a successful prosecution. Then your opinion would be worth slightly more than the utterly worthless verbiage it currently is. But if you actually had any personal experience or real knowledge of these awful subjects you would never have written in the first place the utter shite you normally do on these particular subjects.

Or come to that, during the last forty odd years how many Christine Ford type women have you met and known? Get to know many of the prep school types? Move in those social circles? Over the space of decades? Again, another universe you seem to know nothing about. Zero. But at least one of us posting here has seen it up close over the decades. Not by choice I might add. Just by proximity and association.

Nope? Crickets? Thought so.


North Korea now says it wants sanctions lifted before any disarmament


LOL. Whatever did I do? Methinks the serial bluffer doth protest too much. I merely wondered out loud how someone can be diagnosed as a “typical prep school drunken party slut”, 36 years after the event, from a few minutes of TV. Sounds like a very reasonable question to me. I don’t see what it’s got to do with my knowledge of anything. Nor do I see how your anecdotal experience of “rape, domestic violence, child abuse, serial predators, or psychopaths” – which, by the way, I don’t believe for one second, but it’s irrelevant anyway – makes you an academic expert on the matter. Nobody with a mature academic interest in the subject would lower themselves to talking about their subjects as “sluts” and “psychobitches”.

I’ve noticed you’re something of a one-trick pony when it comes down to putting your antagonists down. Anyone who questions your superior knowledge is invariably subjected to the “if you haven’t done X then you’ve no business talking about Y” routine. But you keep upping the ante every time, to the point of complete hilarity. “If you haven’t shipped a million best-selling shrink-wrapped widgets you’ve no business talking about software”. “If you haven’t held six passports but still know all the local gossip from yer granny in Phibsboro you’ve no business talking about Irish politics (and must be a knuckle-draggin’ bogtrotter)”. “If you haven’t smoked pot at a boardroom meeting with a complete flake of a CEO you’ve no business talking about Elon Musk”. “If you’ve never sipped a Rémy Martin with énarques in the Elysée Palace you know nothing about the Gallic national character”. I may be paraphrasing a little, as one couldn’t really write it out word for word and keep a straight face, but you’ve actually said something along all those lines. :smiley:

And that qualifies you to make spur-of-the-moment televisual diagnoses of people you’ve never met? I don’t think so. That’s another one of your standard tricks. Spew out a few hundred words of a diatribe to try to obfuscate your actual original claim.

You wish. I know some other people are embarrassed into silence by your little rants (or maybe don’t really care enough to be bothered with a rebuttal). But I kinda get a kick out of yankin’ yer chain a bit. 'Cos if there is one type of borderline personality type I have come across over the years, it’s yours. Not too hard to spot. The tactics are so predictably transparent. God help the people who have to put up with you on a daily basis.


@ps I think you’re just white knighting and virtue signalling. It’s such a relief to talk about rape allegations that in no way relate to the Catholic Church.

Take a second to contrast your own credulity to this mad woman’s claims (are there any huge gaps in your recollection of the details of the most traumatic day of your life ? No, me neither) versus your sniffiness about how automatically credulous to claims the Residential Institutions Redress Board is.


You’re making the same mistake as jmc. I haven’t said a thing about myself. Just questioning your, and jmc’s, leaps to conclusions. And note, neither did I say a thing about Blasey-Ford’s credibility. I don’t rate it very highly myself. It’s just that the “drunken slut” instant diagnosis doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a balanced individual. Which, of course, it isn’t – jmc is both a knee-jerk rightwing reactionary and a reflexive braggart. The former guarantees that he will be on the opposite side to all the leftwing loons who support Blasey-Ford “just because”, but the latter is what makes him blind to the limits of his qualifications.

Like I said, I am not as credulous as you seem to think. (Although in this case I’ve less skin in the game as nobody’s giving away my cash). Btw, as it happens, there are gaps in my memories of certain traumatic events. I would have thought that was quite common. Trauma is often misremembered, or reinterpreted. Not that I’d be claiming to be any kind of expert or anything. :smiley:


What’s the source on that?


here is the link … n/10322710


Perhaps it’s time to sweeten Lil’ Kim up with some Toblerone Diplomacy


It’s political Kabuki of the ages @ warp-factor 9 and it hasn’t been one allegation either, another two I believe.

Michael Avenatti being anywhere near this should be a major red-flag.

Some of the lines of questioning in that transcript have really pissed Americans but Kavanaugh was in agreement to have it released. I’d be surprised if Feinstein comes out of this clean. Yea Chinese spies and the rest. I think they may have lured her & co into a trap of their own design for bonus points. We shall see.

Another red flag is normally the Chan’s and Anon’s find a ton of historical and social media content fast but it’s been slower this time so they where a bit more prepared and seem to have scrubbed a lot of Ford’ related content online but slowly things are surfacing. They may have even have scrubbed her yearbook (how you do that I don’t know surely someone has a copy?).

In recent days some info was found on ratemyprofessor or some such site and I don’t think it lasted more than 24 hours when it was found. Students were not positive in the main.

Other speculation suggests Kavanaugh is a weakest horse strategy and thus will tire out the other side. Interestingly Kavanaugh was involved with the creation of the Patriot Act in the Bush Admin and GW Bush has openly reaffirmed his support of Kavanaugh.

Blasey’s gofundme got over half a million ($528,475), but has since been stopped.