Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Ricin sent and detected to Pentagon. General Mattis was one of the intended recipients.

Two hospitalized after Ted cruzs campaign office recie ved powder sent via mail as well.

Also think another senators office was stormed by protestors.

Don’t have exact details. All breaking stories.
Feel Free to update and correct In the interim.

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nice backdrop for el presidente

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Long piece detailing how Donald set up financially by his father. Some shady tax manoeuvres


After all that, Diane & Co. don’t want the FBI report made public. :unamused: :laughing:

The phrase “a bit rich” comes to mind… which I believe she is! :open_mouth:

The show must go on!


Just like David Cameron then

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Well those people should just go back to jail. Trauma memories are “locked in the Hippocampus” per Dr Ford. They’re never wrong.


A good psychologist would you that all you have to do is muddy the water for a portion of the population. I find flimsy allegations with transparent holes that can ruins someones life and career as a nasty twist. The democrats clearly wants to put this nomination into disrepute so someone else would be nominated.

I`m really not sure which is worse, Trump or the really sly, clever, evil in both the democrats and republicans political machines. Trump seems too unhinged to be part of that. Too much of a wildcard.


Oh no Russian Hackers!… have been indicted but they’re still in Russia it seems. - The Department of Justice’s National Security Division (NSD) will hold a press conference (Live)


Below link is close up head shot of Diane Feinstein looking less than happy allegedly after coming out of Schumer’s office with some other senators having read the FBI report on Kavanaugh.

Judge for yourself (I would suggest muting sound track for less comedic effect.)

  • additional note, genuinely concerned there isn’t a Spectacular SPECTACULAR to put it mildly, any day now. :neutral_face:


Trumps repetition of “China” leading up to and post election.

Interesting Chinese chip spy story in todays’ news.

China China China.

China hacking servers? Clinton server/s?

Who else? What else?



A most amusing throught crossed my mind last weekend while swapping Feinstein corruption stories with friends not a mile from Feinsteins house, at the end of Jackson St…

I now remember where I’ve seen that same truculent leaden argumentativeness before. That tone that has characterized so many of ps’s posts over the years - Chris J*******. Chris fucking J*******. I have had many disagreements with the likes of people like coles and ditchdigger here but there was always a sense that there was a considered opinion and real world experiences behind their postings. No matter how wrongheaded I might think they were and how much I might disagree with what they posted. But ps has always been in a category of his own. Someone who could be guaranteed to disagree on certain subjects basically, because, it seems he felt the need to air a contrary opinion. Not that he knew anything about the subject at hand or added any insight. Just, well, because.

Chris J. Now there is a blast from the past. Now the thing about Chris J is, that whenever old timers from a certain once very successful high tech company from the early days get together they are sure to swap at least two category of stories. One - which hugely successful product (for other companies) did the founder / ceo turn down while you were there. Quite a few. Which you have all heard of. And, two - yet more Chris J stories. Of which there are many. Chris had an unerring ability to be wrong about pretty much everything. Especially technical. But because he was employee number 6’ish he had amassed a huge pool of stock in the company over the years before it went public so his position in the company was unassailable.

He was a maximum entropy employee. Add Chris J to any project and it would either ship very very late, if at all. He is still he only person I ever tried to kick off a team because he was not only useless, he was dangerous. This is when I first discovered he was employee number 6ish and had to be kept on the team. No matter what. So I gave him something to do which I planned never to put in the final product. The person who took over the team made the mistake of letting Chris J work on actual final product code. Thereby adding at least two years to the project. Originally an easy 18 month project.

My favorite Chris J story is how when the company went public he became literally the only run of the mill software guy I’ve ever known who ever made very serious money from ordinary stock options (ISO’s). Well north of $20M. We are talking pre DotCom 1.0. So serious money. I laughed long and hard when I first heard about that. One of Gods better practical jokes. Which Chris J then promptly lost most of due to really stupid tax planning and trying to play the covered put market with his stock. The stock goes up 300%, he has to physically deliver on the put contracts (with no counter party risk hedging - would have cost money) at original (very low) contract price and ends up losing most of the original net proceeds to tax , almost 50%, on both side of the transaction. That was Chris J to a tee.

So in future when ps decides to post on subjects he obviously knows nothing about I will just bring to mind Chris J , and the several fruitless months I spent trying to get some semblance of sense out of what was an essentially a person totally devoid of sense. Like trying to teach the banjo to a donkey. intensely frustrating for the teacher and in the end just irritates the donkey.

Now the funny thing was Chris J was actually not a bad guy. Fairly pleasant and affable in person, basically a nice guy, as long as he did not get his horns stuck on some idee fixe. On which subject he would always prove to be stubborn, tenacious and totally and utterly wrong headed. If there was a wrong end of the stick to grab in any situation he would unerringly grasp it. So in the end everyone learned not to get into arguments with Chris about anything, no matter how innocent the subject might seem at first. And to have team meetings when he was not around.

So thank you ps for jolting the memory of so many funny and amusing stories from a very different era in the business. But just like Chris J, there are just so many subjects you know shit about. And this is one of them. You should keep to sermonizing about science. Where you at least seem to reproduce what you’ve read in the textbooks fairly accurately.

Because, to get back to the subject in hand, if you had any actual experience of dealing with the Christine Fords of the world you would have known from the get go her story was totally and completely untrue. A fabrication. A straight up very carefully orchestrated political hit job.

Which is what it turned out to be in the end.


The use of the term “Witch Hunt” about Kavanaugh is interesting, some comparing him to Proctor in the crucible. The Republican Senators’ view must be ‘no other credible claimants will come up against Kavanaugh , we can stake our reputations on this. The woman is either mad or a malicious liar’. We know what they called those sort of women in colonial times. Ford is getting away lightly really.


Signature start to a jmc post … :unamused:

… until we finally get to something resembling a point:

But that point was already made, and I already pointed out that I never opined on her truthfulness, so I’ll just recycle my actual responses:

You’re certainly doing your damnedest to prove my point about you being a one-trick pony.


Steve Bannon interviewed by Sargon


Just when you think the Left can’t stoop any lower… :angry:


Is the economic kraken about to be unleashed on the USA to attempt to undermine the Trump admin? :nin

**Previously on Dallas

Interestingly the below story seems to have only surfaced across all channels the same day.


that’s a nonsense and self indulgent post…

and this is just low-information speculation.
Anyone can just as easily refute your point by saying

“if you had any actual experience of dealing with the jmcs of the world, you would have know that his posts and anecdotes are untrue, blah blah”

On the main point: whatever the veracity of the accusations (and on balance I believe them) Kavanaugh’s response to questioning genuinely calls into doubt his fitness for the court. He’s certainly a flake and seems to have an odd relationship with alcohol.

Best plan for Dems of course is to pack the court at next opportunity: … reme-court


I can’t remember but was Donald meant to get tough on the Saudis, recently he seems to be saying they need to sell them weapons.


Always remember Donald doesn’t address his country, he’s always addressing his core vote bass who are mostly angry, frustrated and not prone to long term attention.