Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Are the Nation of Islam recruiting white devils and convincing them to kill Jews now? I’m not completely up on the rationale of Racists and Nazi’s hating Jews. I believe it’s Christian in origin because they blame the Jews for killing Jesus, but I’m pretty sure the Romans did that by Crucifying him and sticking a spear through him, so I could be wrong on that.


There is a long and illustrious history of blatant antisemitic remarks, rhetoric and actions from the Nation of Islam mob and other black political hucksters in the US. Not just the more recent stuff from Farrakhan, Al Sharpton etc. Going back many decades. For jews on the East Coast what happened in Crown Heights in the early 90’s was just a higher media profile version of pretty much the norm in their experience. Black muslim antisemitism is a given of living in certain parts of certain US cities, experienced by pretty much all my jewish friends who lived in that environment. White antisemtism is pretty rare as a day to day experience. Black antisemtism, less so. So they always tend to be on guard.

Over the years about one quarter / one third of my good friends have been jewish, quiet a few with immediate family in Israel, my s.o is jewish, so I am talking from direct experience. It has the same sort of all pervading nasty undertow as sectarianism in Ireland. Which is why most jews live where they do. If they can. In the least black neighborhood they can find. So they can lead a quiet undisturbed life. Its just one of those awkward facts of life.


The NOI hate the Jews alright. I only know about the NOI beliefs from reading Malcolm X’s biography, they seem proper mad and hateful. A lot of belief systems are like that. It was a white anti-semite that killed the 11 in Pittsburgh though.


You take a break and… well two videos for these surreal times.

NSFW: Nudy boobs belonging to performer Stormy Daniel’s are demonstrated as fully operational as part of this video but may I categorically state that it is primarily for educational purposes. Sorry to disappoint non-gender-specific-ladies but not a Trump penis in sight despite the name of the video. Trust me it will all make sense. :nin

On an equally surreal pt deux note but serious note - A Warning as to the character and profile of the Caravan participants.

According to this piece it’s a small world after all.


This bombing suspect arrest story didn’t seem to get too much attention from what I can tell - **Feds: NY Man Planned To Blow Himself Up On National Mall On Election Day October 10, 2018 **

The last time I remember what seemed like an orchestrated attack against Jewish interests being reported, turned out to be some Jewish teenager.

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It seems these people have learned nothing since Trump won his first primary, or maybe Jeff isn’t paying them to think for themselves

The clever people at the NYT don’t get it either


Nope. Completely wrong. All “sanctuary” cites are overwhelming Democratic cities. No Republican run city is a “sanctuary” city.

What a “sanctuary” city actually means is that not only does the city government order the local police / DA not to cooperate with Federal police or immigration but they refuse point blank to even cooperate with foreign police jurisdictions, which must go through the Feds, such as Mexico, to return fugitives and felons who have skipped the country. The situation has reached such a ludicrous extreme that it is very well know in Central America that if you are someone with a long criminal record you can skip the country and live openly in a “sanctuary” city like SF or LA and there is nothing the Federales can do. Although lots of stories about MS-13 etc has been mentioned its the various Narco gangs were the real interesting stuff happens. You will read nothing about this in the anglo press because those guys havent a clue. And you wont read much about it in the Spanish language press because those journalists know what happens to people who write stories about the subject. They end up dead. Just like in Mexico.

Ultimately the whole “sanctuary” hypocrisy is really just all about a lot of white gentry Democrats having a limitless source of cheap guilt free and supine nanny’s, house cleaners, gardeners etc. For some reason there is a remarkable correlational between “sanctuary” cities and a class of affluent people who employee large numbers of household servants. And who mostly vote Democrat. The fact that the narcos gangs who live openly in “sanctuary” cities mostly prey on the Mexicans and Central Americans who also live in those cities does not seem to matter one iota to the white people who support “sanctuary” status. If they even went back to the pre “sanctuary” status quo, where the felons and criminals were rounded up and kicked out, and the other illegals left pretty much unmolested the main beneficiaries would be the Mexicans and Central Americans in the “sanctuary” cities who are currently being preyed up by these thugs.

But this will never happen. So sooner or later the whole “sanctuary” city charade will be shut down by the Federal government actually enforcing federal law. Which is paramount in this situation.


As for tomorrow. It has a real feel of the General Election of 1992 in the UK about it.

Looks like a Republicans hold the Senate and a sporting chance of holding the House. If it was not for the balls up in the redistricting of Pennsylvanian by the state Republican party I’d be a bit more confidant about the Republicans holding the House.

I have not seen the economy this happy and buzzing since the Reagan years. Away from the howling loonys in places like SF and NYC the country is at ease with itself to a degree I have not seen since the Reagan years. Remember the media and elites attacks on Reagan were just as foaming at the mouth hysterical as the last few years with Trump. Seen and heard it all before. Except this time around the media has given up any pretense of not being totally partisan. Which is why their approval numbers are far far worse even than Trumps. Even lower than Congress. And even trial lawyers. The traditional scraping the bottom of the barrel hate guys.

Anyway, interesting when the numbers come in. I am sure we will have a few 101% plus turnout Dem precincts. Its a tradition. Locally its a matter of which insane Proposition gets passed. And just who bough the big city machine vote cache and for what. It would be nice if Prop 6 passed but I’m not holding my breath. Just look at who spent all that money to try to defeat it to give you an idea of why it should be passed. Pork barrel politics all the way. As for the governor. Looks like Willie Brown will finally get the top job. If only by proxy. Newsom is such a light weight that he would make even Justin Trudeau look like a political heavyweight in comparison. I expect Willie will keep on a very tight rein on Newsom because if left to his own devices he would be as catastrophically incompetent as Grey Davis. The guy who was kicked out by Arnie.

Well at least that complete and total fraud Jerry Brown will be gone. Finally. Almost forty years after California Uber Alles and the bastard is still causing no end of trouble with his pretentious pseudo-intellectual preaching. A gobshite in the truest sense of the word.

If the Republicans hold both the Senate and House tomorrow then I expect the ultra partisan Democrats will move on to the Bargaining phase for the next few years. Followed by Depression in 2020. Given that it took several decades for them to reach Acceptance phase with Reagan we are still a long long way from that yet.



So. But most attacks are by muslims. Even the NYT has noticed…

The media narrative is anti-semites are all white right wing nuts. The reality on the streets is very very different. So in New York, the largest jewish city in the world half of all hate crimes are anti-semitic attacks. And none seem to be by ultra right whites. In fact you have to go back to the early 1980’s to find any kind of sustained pattern of attacks by ultra whites on jews in NY. But most attacks are by muslims. Black and otherwise. Just like in France, Germany, Sweden etc.

In my experience the only white anti-semitiism I have directly observed is from ultra left wing “Anti Zionists”. The few ultra right loons I’ve engaged with over the years seemed to have the typical very pro Israel attitude of the right. Any beef they might have with jews was purely personal. Someone they had a problem with in the past who happened to be jewish.

As for the guy in Philadelphia. He seems to have had a remarkably obscure history. No real history in hate group circles. Unlike most past white perps. Who all had form. I think in this case it is less political and maybe more of a mental illness thing. A much more banal version of the guy responsible for the Stockton Massacre.


Republicans should easily retain the senate
I dont think they have a prayer of holding the house, even with the economy going well at the moment.
Re the 1992 uk election, the economy was in the toilet for a few years, high inflation and unemployment
Not to mention the non personalities involved…

Edit - by balls up i assume they were able to do there antidemocratic gerrymandering. What the current lean to the republicans in the house, 5%?
The republicans are unlikely to be able to undertake much redistricting with the loss of Governors and AGs


What I was referring to with the 1992 election in the UK was that the media story in the run up was a Labour landslide. Thats what all the opinion polls said. Then on polling day it turned out all the opinion polls were wrong due to the “Shy Tory” syndrome when it came to face to face polling. The only poll that had picked up the real trend was a telephone based poll.

Nowadays, opinion polls in the US are virtually worthless due to sampling error introduced by the decline of landline, caller ID, and cell phones. As for gerrymandering you should see some of the House district borders. Mostly Court ordered, under various “Civil Right” lawsuits. Mostly spurious. Or the utterly bizarre voter reg and turn out numbers for the big Democratic cities in more than a dozen states. MN is the poster child for this but there a bunch of other states where about 2 dozen districts have very unusual voting patterns, unique in the western world in fact. Look no further than CA 43, whose history is just as opaques as Maxine Waters unexplained wealth.

Anyway, control of the House will be decided by about 10 or 15 purely local races. Fought on local issues. Which is usually the way. So no greater message can be inferred from which ever way it goes.


And the results are in…

The “hugest turnout ever” in the end was about average for a mid term. Except in states were there was actually a local issue that was important. To the locals. The Reps had more seats in play. The incumbent reelection rate is 90% plus so having so may House Republican members retiring put a lot more seats than usual up for grabs. Mostly Republican. In the end those seats tagged as Likely Dem or Likely Rep almost all went that way. But the majority of seats in play, the toss ups, seemed to have gone about 50% / 50%. Which is what you would expect when the race was purely local.

As for the Great Referendum on the Orange One. A Mid Term backlash like 1994 or 2010? Did not happen. Despite the media hype the Twitter Godzilla was not really a factor. Unlike the sitting Prez in 1994 or 2010. Those who hate him still hate, those who love him still love and the majority of independents who now tolerate him as the best of a really really bad bunch have pretty much factored him out of the equation.

The media needed a story in the run up. So they created one. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. More insanity is guaranteed.

The one upside is we can look forward to two years of Trump trolling Maxine Waters. I’m trying hard to think of any equivalent Irish politician who is such a combination of very corrupt and utterly stupid. And its not that she is senile. Which she is. She was just as stupid in her younger years when she was in the State Assembly. Think someone as slimy as Tom Healy Rae, as backstabbingly cynical as Mary Lou, but with the intellectual weight of a Sean Haughey. And her corruption has always been the small town equivalent of a Michael Lowery. Willie Brown always thought big when it came to selling influence. But Water always remained what she always was - a kindergarten teacher with a mediocre sociology degree always on the make. Just another “race card hustler”. Which Willie never ever was.

So this is the person who the Democratic Party will be putting in charge of the House Committee that controls the regulation of the US banks and financial system. There will champagne bottles popping all over Wall St and western Connecticut tomorrow. Waters is very much a women they can do business with. Her extended family members and associates are going to get a lot wealthier in the next few years. Not Clinton wealthy. But very very comfortable.

FYI Waters has been the House member for the some of the poorest and most deprived areas of LA for the last 30 years. She has done pretty well over the decades, financially, not many of her constituents have done so well. Unlike the guy she replaced, Hawkins, who was a very good guy, she has done nothing meaningful for her constituency over the years.


The Democrats messing something up, well I never.


Democrats won the popular vote by 7.%. Almost the same margin as Gingrich’s "landslide"victory in 1994.
And in the senate races in play in 2018 they won the popular vote by 55% to 43%


A perennial quote from Will Rogers.

Some things never change. Although the Stupid Party and the Evil Party have flipped in the last few decades.

Will Rogers is sill the best American political satirist ever. And a genuinely all round good guy. Makes the current lot look like a bunch of third rate no talent partisan slimes. Which they are. I cannot imagine the country going into mourning for any of the current lot, which it did when Rogers died in a plane accident up in Alaska in 1935.


So? Thats not how the system works. You dont hear these complaints when the system works to the Dems advantage. Which it often does. In the real world Trumps first Mid Term losses were about the same as that other Republican Great Satan, Ronald Reagan, in 1982. 26 House seats. And the 1982 Mid Term election campaign was just as nasty. Given that the country was in its worst recession since the 1930’s.

The Dems then nominated Mondale in 1984 and lost in an Alf Landon style landslide. It was the Dems response to this landslide loss that gave us the Democratic Leadership Council, which gave us non competitive Democratic Primaries post 1988. Which gave us the Clintons. The only thing that gave us a President Trump was the Clintons. Both of them. No Clintons post 2000 = no Trump. No Sanders either, for that matter. Who knows, the party might still have some viable senior level politicians if it had not been for that disaster. The DLC’s “super delegates”.

The reason why the upper echelons of the Democratic Party is a gerontocracy that looks remarkable like the Politburo of the latter years of the Soviet Union is because the nomination process inside the party for the last few decades bears an uncanny resemblance to internal politics of the CPSU back then. Whereas the Rep party, especially at the state level, resembles a bunch of well meaning but not terribly well organized rotarians. And when it comes to big city politics, which is the swing vote in all blue states, the machine politics cadres defeat the polite and somewhat clueless rotarians every time.


I think this is a good result for the Democrats. It’s a dose of reality for those that thought it would be easy but
the results in the Midwest show that there is a path to defeating Trump in 2020.
Depending how they handle things in the meantime and who they nominate , Texas and Georgia may be in play as well as the more obvious states such as Pe, Mi, Wi, Oh and Fl.


Given the shitstorm that is brewing with Sessions gone and Graham becoming acting AG, the orange face shit gibbon will either keel over or roll over.

His presser was all.kver the place. He’s a dead man walking.