Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


I think this is a good result for the Democrats. It’s a dose of reality for those that thought it would be easy but
the results in the Midwest show that there is a path to defeating Trump in 2020.
Depending how they handle things in the meantime and who they nominate , Texas and Georgia may be in play as well as the more obvious states such as Pe, Mi, Wi, Oh and Fl.


Given the shitstorm that is brewing with Sessions gone and Graham becoming acting AG, the orange face shit gibbon will either keel over or roll over.

His presser was all.kver the place. He’s a dead man walking.


This must be the end of Trump


Its more likely to be a rerun of 1984. Who are the Dems going to run. One of the drooling geriatrics? Unless they can produce another no history West Wing character candidate from out of a magicians hat, like Barry, their billionaire backers can only buy so many votes. As was shown in the Texas senate race.

Just as the 2018 cycle was utterly different from the 2014 cycle you can be sure that the 2020 cycle will be utterly different from the 2016 cycle. And not in the Dems favor. Given that the Dem party has turned itself into the every crank with a grudge party, blame whitey for everything, bank rolled by billionaires and fawned over by a supine partisan media that leaves the swing voters, moderates white voters with only one place to go. And its the moderate white voters who decide contentious general elections.

When some of the bigger blue state Rep parties start emulating the Texas Rep Party strategy then you will see some changes in the bigger blue states. But luckily for the Dem party almost all the blue state Rep parties still seem obsessed with fighting old battled of decades ago. Like Prop 13 locally. Thats one thing you cannot blame the Dem party for, the complete stupidity of the opposition state party.

Here is one data point for you all. Something that took much longer with Reagan. You can now openly discuss and praise Trump in the most white affluent Democratic precinct of the most gentry Democrat city in the US and no one will attempt to harangue you in a mortally superior tone. A big change from even a year ago. In fact even in the run up to the mid terms there was an utterly apathetic air about the whole thing. Complete disinterest. The media may still be in the Anger and Denial phase but a lots of the most loyal voters (and doners) seem to be very much in the Depression phase. Lots of long faces around Pacific Heights recently.


Why? He owns the Senate. They are the only people who could remove him. In theory. Both Johnson (the first one) and Clinton squeaked through and Nixon removed the opportunity to find out, constitutionally, what happened if the purely political process of impeachment was passed. It gets rather murky when it comes to the actual removal from office if the person in question refuses to cooperate. This was a large part of the quid pro quo of the Ford amnesty for Nixon. Clintons crimes were a lot more clear cut and concrete than Nixons but Clinton decided to brazen it out because he knew that even if they got the 2/3’s in the Senate he could fall back on the Supreme Court. And probably win.

Thump will be around for the duration. And I strongly suspect just as long as Reagan.


Yea but I’m sure the dude forget to use a smiley, but seriously, more like the walls closing in right, am I right!? :neutral_face:

Meanwhile, that Sessions resignation move on foot of Trumps request was swift and has taken the wind out of the Dem’s sails. This new acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, is purported to take over the Mueller probe and Eric Holder is nay happy mind rumours Rod Rosenstein Assistant Attorney General is resign also within the next 24/48hours despite denials.

Then there is the much touted FISA declassification potential event hanging over heads.


I think the dude was being sarcastic. It’s a thing we occasionally do over here. What are the odds Rosenstein lasts the week. Then it might get interesting.


I had a look through the poll predictions state by state
Each state poll prediction by 538 and Sabato are out by a huge margin. Overall it looks OK (as in 2016) but the state by state basis (as in 2016) its really really poor. Look at all areas of america, mid west states, deep south and east coast. Dressed up dog dung thanks to robo calling polls, lack of landlines and voter disengagement from pollsters.


Ignore his appearance. He usually speaks quite a bit of sense. :slight_smile:


^^ usually check a few of his vids everyday. keeps to the 10 min mark


Muller has no case and Impeachment is a purely political process. Nothing to do with the criminal justice system. That might come later. But with lower office cases criminal cases have always been part of local state political vendettas. Nothing to do with any actually wrong doing. The mechanics of impeachment is very simple. Both House and Senate have to pass the articles. House by 50%+1, Senate by 2/3’rd. So not going to happen.

And as I said, the reason why Bill Clinton brazened it out is because he knew he could throw it into the Supreme Court and have it stay there. He was Impeached but was not removed from office due to the failure to get the two thirds majority in the Senate. No other reason. Trump owns both the Senate and now the Supreme Court and to those of us with very long memories the threat of impeachment is a perennial in the Beltway. I think the last president who was not threatened with impeachment by senior members of the other party was Eisenhower. So all this talk of impeachment is just the usual partisan waffle.

The House majority whips and committee chairmen may waste the next two years with the political street theater, it plays well to the peanut gallery, but its just a way of them avoiding having to do anything substantial elsewhere. Because they are totally out of ideas. Same old reheated stuff from 20 / 20 years ago. And the DNC pollsters know that impeachment plays very badly with the independents. The swing voters.

To those of use who remember both the 1994 and 1982 Mid Term, as do all the senior Dems, they were all politically active at the time, this Mid Term pickup has been pretty disastrous. A sitting president with these kind of negatives and this is the best they can do. Basically the next two years will just accelerate the process were the vast majority of people just tune out DC politics and elections will turn up to be purely local battle of the incumbents. Just like it was before the rise of the mass media.


Will Acosta and CNN succeed in suing the White House and Trump? :angry:


Why is there a wall in this cartoon, is it to keep people out or keep people in :confused:



Crooked Ivanka… … ry-clinton


Guess she skipped the leasons learned excercise. It all goes back to arrogance of the 0.1% ers, rules are for little people, nothing will come of it


All together - “lock her up” :smiley:


Lets see. A WH advisor with security clearance used personal mail a/c for non-classified government related business in contravention of a civil record keeping statute. A statute which the previous incumbent outright refused to abide to for upwards of 60% of his government related communications (the interesting stuff) despite the 2014 act. There were lots and lots of lawsuits on this subject. Quite separate from the hearings. Then there is the question of what exactly what did Sandy Berger shove down the front of his pants. And why…

And then we have the Secretary Of State, the most senior cabinet member when it comes to state secrets, who never even bothered to set up 3 of the 5 official SecOfState emails a/c of the State Dept system. The 3 most secure levels. Instead uses a completely naked IMAP email server, with far far less security than the computer you are reading this positing with, for all her most sensitive government business emails. Bet not every one of your i.p ports is open, unblocked. All the IANA system-ports. Her servers ones were for the first few months. Thereby immediately not only totally compromised all SecOfState secure coms, but the whole State dept secure networks, large parts of the WH secure network, plus some civil DOD secure networks. We know that at least five state players had compromised her email server. The Russians, the Chinese definitely. The Israelis and Cubans probably. With either Iran or the ROK as the possible fifth state player.

And why did she do it? Because of her utter paranoia over leaving a trail of incriminating evidence of any sort going back to the Whitewater scandals. Thats straight up direct criminal intent under US law. She is a repeated felon who committed treason by this single act. Betraying her country and its security. Lock the bitch up and throw away the keys.

Yeah, sure, its exactly equivalent. Just the same.

So maybe before you post rehashed Democratic Party press release talking points, this story is originally from March from one of the Dem committee members, maybe think twice about whether mindless repeating of what is little more than political propaganda, low information dross for low information whataboutary, is a good idea.

When it comes to US politics it best to think of the Democratic Party as just a bigger version of FF. And the Republicans as a bigger version of FG. Not a great fit, but close enough to be generally accurate. So in the same way that everything FF says is a self serving lie only said to facilitate the lining of their own, and their supports, pockets. One way or another. And pretty much everything FG says is pretty clueless, covering for their general incompetent. So in the same way FF = corrupt and incompetent and FG = incompetent, the Dems are corrupt and incompetent the Reps are incompetent. A good rule of thumb in current US politics. Both at the state and federal level.

So when given that choice I will take the straight up incompetent over the corrupt and incompetent. Every time. Because that is the only choice on offer.


No Clinton fan but just occurred to me that the phrase ‘mansplain’ is totally sexist


Speaking of someone getting locked up. … plea-deal/

Not only was Roger Stone (Alex Jones in a nicer suit) involved in his campaign, but also Corsi was knocking around.
He was one of the main players in the John Kerry swift boat campaign, I seem to remember they went after Kerry for being anti Iraq war.