Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Mansplaining has been around a while. I see mansplain is in the Oxford dictionary (online anyway), I think it quite cleverly captures the phenomenan it’s describing. It’s probably slightly sexist but not so much as being a woman who gets everything explained to her constantly.




It’s a word that people use. You could use always too.


I think you might be femzaggerating.


How do I not mansplain when I’m talking to a woman?


You want her to be doing the talking and you to be doing the listening and admiring.
Same as in any conversation with a superior you will be cajoling, counselling, confusing or comforting to attain your needs. :angry:


Lads, if you’re spending all your time explaining stuff to women, you’re either going out with really thick birds or you don’t understand the art of conversation.

If people are doing something wrong it’s sometimes best to leave them at it, they’ll ask for your explanation when they need it :smiley:



I’ve always thought that the Mueller investigation was a lot of hot air but the Flynn plee is worth nothing. No jail time due to his substantial cooperation. He must have coughed up something substantial given his dodgy dealings with foreign governments.


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Doesnt it all depend on your view on whether the US should be the worlds policeman or not?


No, because the US has never been the world’s policeman. Its foreign policy is directed by self interest.


Of course it is, it was vital for the American people that Iraq be destroyed, it was vital for the American people that Libya be destroyed, it was vital for the American people that Syria be destroyed, and its vital for the American people that Iran be destroyed, they demand nothing less, right across the US its all they talk about

If Trump starts bringing troops home he’s finished, and his peace with Russia plan needs to be stopped now


I didn’t say it was in the interests of the American people. :smiley:


and i should have said a very corrupt policeman, i cant see the reason for anyone complaining that they are withdrawing. If the Kurds need protecting then maybe someone other than the US should do it? Anyone else think he`d like to pull them out of Korea too? Maybe it wouldnt be a bad thing?


Just as well he has some sane voices like Pompeo, Bolton , Fox and Fiends advising him.


The US also has a history of stoking up local conflict/revolution and then abandoning its allies.

Just ask the Hungarians.



And if you disagreed you didn’t support the troops, you shouldn’t disagree with the president in a time of war, you may have even been French. All that nonsense peddled by people who then turned to support Trump.


I agree, but its great to see a growing number of Republican voters no longer want idiot wars, better late than never, Jeb! getting 3% still makes me laugh

I suspect the neo cons might want a Democratic president in 2020, war with Iran would be easier to push for with Kamala Harris as president, Saint Barry never got any flak for what he did to Libya or Syria, Harris would be the same, they could sell it as a feminist war to free the oppressed women of Iran and some other BS about WMDs