Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


Imagine being invited to the White House, the centre of World power and being treated to a big mac buffet! I hope there was champagne at least.


Imagine Obama’s $65,000 for Hotdogs and pizza at the White House.


Did he give that to the National Champs who will probably never meet the President again? If he did, then that’s equally as crass.
Imagine if you’d been invited up to the Áras and you were offered a buffet of cold fast food. You’d be well pissed.

I’ve been invited up to the Áras twice. Once under Mary and the other under Mickey D and food was beautiful without being extravagent. There was free drink also, no champagne though, wine and some diageo beers I think.


It was a PR stunt.


€65,000 buys a lot of hotdogs and pizza don’t ya think… you know the US federal government is still in shutdown right now?


More rubbish. The whole $65k on piazza and hot dogs is built on one email from Straitfor with zero proof. … er-problem

The hubbub over the Stratfor email illustrates a much more pervasive problem on the internet; if people want to believe something, they’ll believe it, no matter how ridiculous, unproven, or impossible to verify it is. And once a fact-free allegation is out there, it’s virtually impossible to get rid of it, even if it’s debunked or unsupported by evidence"


Ah the “people are the problem” conclusion. Sure how can anyone expect more from a Rothschild, whose bio claims they are an “authority on conspiracy theories… has been interviewed by the New York Times, cited by Snopes”, from a publication that’s slogan is “entertainment that informs” (attn) with Bill “red shoes” Maher as an investor :laughing:

It was two emails by the way.


I know but I don’t see how he benefits from it. He could’ve said he paid for a deadly buffet out of his own money, spelt buffet wrong or something and got much the same publicity. Buying a load Maccers makes him look cheap. Even an Okie would expect better nosh on a visit to the Whitehouse. It’s plain mad!


The email say’s it was flown in from Chicago for some mad reason, sure they’d be cold by the time it got to the Whitehouse even if it went by Harrier Jumpjet. I’m not sure how much a private jet cost, Nigel Farage would, but I imagine it’s the guts of the $65K. Anyway I’m not defending Obama that’s a stupid amount of money to splash out most likely at the taxpayers expense.

Are you telling me that the Whitehouse is completely shutdown and that the Kitchen staff are not working and that their not getting supplies on tick until it’s sorted?

Like Snaps said it was a publicity stunt and it only took treating the National Champs to substandard food on their big day to the Whitehouse to achieve it, because it’s all about the Donald. The man has no class.


It’s a lot of money for Hot Dogs even if they flew first class.


It is


Interesting online chatter has emerged over the last couple of days suggesting that if the Federal shutdown goes on for 30 days (possibly only 4 more days left). Then the Executive either automatically gains the power or possibly is obliged by law, to start cutting the numbers of the Federal government known as (RIF) Reduction In Force.

A quick search throws this up:

Maybe it’s tangentially introduced scaremongering by one party or the other. I have no idea.


never been invited, though I’d hope to be treated to some Supermacs tho’.

What a stroke, to order in fast food. The fries being served in the paper US presidential cups, is a stoke of genius.

Donald understands Americans.


Let’s see how his base like the shutdown. But yeah, Burgers.


It’s gone all handbags at present or should I say hand-luggage… They’re lovin’ it like a Happy Meal. :-GC


Most polls show a slide in support in particular among his base on the shutdown … polls.html

As an aside the back and forth on Trumps address /Pelosi’s travel is at best childish


Amazed that this story hasn’t seen any responses here - given that the mainstream media and the Twitter mob have made complete fools of themselves, playing right into Trumps hands. A text-book example of Fake News. (Radio silence in the Irish media on this,it seems.) … ton-videos
Twitter, meanwhile, has suspended an account that helped the video go viral. Twitter prohibits the creation of “fake and misleading accounts,” and the encounter once again demonstrated the power of social media to not just amplify but manipulate narratives, aided by bots and malicious actors out to shape public discourse.
A Twitter representative wrote in an email that “Deliberate attempts to manipulate the public conversation on Twitter by using misleading account information is a violation of the Twitter Rules.” It didn’t elaborate. … as-1299930
A freelance reporter has lost his job at digital company INE Entertainment after tweeting he wanted Covington Catholic High School students and their parents “to die” in the wake of a video involving Native American protesters in Washington DC.
Erik Abriss lost his job as a post-production supervisor at INE in the wake of the comments aimed towards teenage students who attend the school in Kentucky. … st/580897/
If the Covington Catholic incident was a test, it’s one I failed—along with most others. Will we learn from it, or will we continue to roam social media, looking for the next outrage fix? Next time a story like this surfaces, I’ll try to sit it out until more facts have emerged. I’ll remind myself that the truth is sometimes unknowable, and I’ll stick to discussing the news with people I know in real life, instead of with strangers whom I’ve never met. I’ll get my news from legitimate journalists instead of from an online mob for whom Saturday-morning indignation is just another form of entertainment. And above all, I’ll try to take the advice I give my kids daily: Put the phone down and go do something productive. … index.html
Statement of Nick Sandmann, Covington Catholic High School junior, regarding incident at the Lincoln Memorial
I am being called every name in the book, including a racist, and I will not stand for this mob-like character assassination of my family’s name. My parents were not on the trip, and I strive to represent my family in a respectful way in all public settings.
I have received physical and death threats via social media, as well as hateful insults. One person threatened to harm me at school, and one person claims to live in my neighborhood. My parents are receiving death and professional threats because of the social media mob that has formed over this issue.


I’m not amazed, surprised even shocked. :smiley: If the last 3 + 10 years is anything to go by, most corporate and state media have chosen a side and done a deal and/or have been sucessfuly infiltrated at key points, by forces not aligned with humanities interests at heart.

There is so much activity and intrigue covering this US Admin it’s incredible, but never do you see it covered in any meaningful way by the corporate or state media outside the US.

It was business as usual until a full video appeared to contradict the early hysteria and calls to violence against the teens and that eclipsed the usual schtick.

Like Madonna who offered a blowjob to anyone who didn’t vote for Trump, a *Saturday Night Live writer via her twitter account went as far to offer a blowjob to someone punched a covington catholic student in the face. In a way that was one of the least violent outbursts and calls to do harm.

*Update: SNL dispute her bio claim to be a SNL writer.

*Remember all the fuss about Trump and Trump supporters being unstable, unhinged etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ??? *

I digress… so recent speculation claims this was an attempted media driven ramp up of anti-Catholic sentiment, but why you might ask?

If ginsburg is gone or soon to be out of the picture. This gives Trump a second supreme court nomination opportunity of which it is alleged he might be considering a female appointment who so happens to be, Catholic.


I noticed it too. Given that the completely untrue initial story is still uncorrected on the IT site and elsewhere. Although they have started backtracking. But with the usual weasel words. Pure fake news at its finest.

It, as usual, just gets better. The “vet” turns out to a Marine Reservist who spent his 4 years reserve duty as a refrigerator mechanic and electrician in Nebraska and California. Nowhere near Vietnam. Given that he left with the lowest rank, E1, went AWOL a couple of times, he probable did not even make the minimum time limit to qualify legally as a veteran. 180 days. I knew immediately the guy was a fake when he used the term “recon ranger”. Not a USMC term. I only know this because I know someone who actually was in 3’rd Recon USMC in Vietnam in '69 / '70. And the only reason I know this is because one of his friends mentioned it in passing. He never talked about it. Like all the combat veterans I have known over the years. If the conversation turns to this area and you ask knowledgeable respectful questions you will get some very humbling stories told. But you must always know when to ask no more.

Now the next question is this guys “tribe”. The guy does look very High Plains Indian. Maybe Shoshone or Ute. But unless he’s part of a registered tribe the whole “elder” business is self proclaimed. That is a term that is given not taken. I know in the Pacific Northwest tribes and the Nakota Sioux I knew a term like this is a big deal. And hard earned. So maybe the guy is a fake “elder” too.

The best dissection of the whole debacle was Scott Adams one. He fell for the fake story too, initially.


Can’t believe RTE still has this story up - uncorrected and clearly biased. In fact, it’s astonishing - or perhaps not. (And the Native American is *not * “elderly” - he’s five years younger than Bruce Springsteen and wouldn’t qualify for the old age pension or bus pass here.) … -american/
US diocese apology after students mock elderly Native American
In footage captured on multiple phone camera videos that swept social media yesterday, a student from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky wearing a Make America Great Again hat is seen smirking as he stands extremely close to Nathan Phillips, a Native American Vietnam war veteran, who beats a traditional drum while chanting.
Deb Haaland, one of the first two Native American women elected to Congress in November, linked the students’ behaviour to rising levels of racial intolerance under the Trump administration.
“This Veteran put his life on the line for our country,” she wrote on Twitter.
"The students’ display of blatant hate, disrespect, and intolerance is a signal of how common decency has decayed under this administration. Heartbreaking.