Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


The facts don’t really matter to the media, Trump is orange Hitler and everyone in a red MAGA hat is evil, anything that doesn’t support that narrative will be ignored, so Trump has lost or gained no support from this little storm in a tea cup, many continue believe the young lad and his friends were 100% in the wrong

Its bad news for Elizabeth Warren, until the longer video came out she was probably thinking of getting [MOD: racial slur removed] to be her VP

The quest for the great white defendant will continue, as will the hate hoaxes


Love him or hate him, Trump is a marketing genius.
I’ve no doubt that the hatred he elicits from the MSM is down to him bypassing them via Twitter.
He’s not playing the age-old game, i.e. President reports to the MSM and the MSM reports to the people.
He has exposed them as irrelevant middlemen.

On the flip-side, he is estimated to be worth up to $2 billion to Twitter.

For a man of his age, he’s astoundingly modern and ground-breaking when it comes to PR.
Obama won PR of the year in 2008 for his successful campaign.
Trump didn’t, yet his accomplishment in being elected was infinitely more impressive.
Practically the entire MSM were against him. Even Fox was lukewarm.
Yet still, he beat a complete shoe-in who not only had the media on her side, but over half a billion more to spend.

Had Obama come close to doing that, he’d have been hailed as the greatest campaigner ever.
Yet Trump successfully overcomes far greater odds and gets vilified.

Policies aside, his election exposed the cosy club and rank hypocrisy of how US politics is conducted.
And I’m quite sure we’re in the same boat.


In otherwords he’s not a CIA/Deepstate operative like all the rest since maybe after Jimmy Carter right? :nin


All I could think looking at the photos was “those burgers will be so cold”. Would have been a really manky meal.
Could he not at least have gone the extra mile and brought in McDonalds Pizza, and supported investigative journalism? Unless he’s part of the conspiracy…


Have to say I watched the longer version of video, and don’t see how the larger context really changes anyone’s interpretation of the short clip.

I’d basically concur with Chapo’s take


Ha I thought that too!

It still wouldn’t stop me tuckin’ in :smiley:


I kind of feel that sideshow was happily latched on to, so as to quickly move along from a rare event, Mueller countering a media article in favour of the Tump admin - relating to what appears to be a totally fabricated story designed around the “russia” meme published by Buzzfeed.


Worth reading in full… … ry/581035/
*How could the elite media—The New York Times, let’s say—have protected themselves from this event, which has served to reinforce millions of Americans’ belief that traditional journalistic outlets are purveyors of “fake news”? They might have hewed to a concept that once went by the quaint term “journalistic ethics.” Among other things, journalistic ethics held that if you didn’t have the reporting to support a story, and if that story had the potential to hurt its subjects, and if those subjects were private citizens, and if they were moreover minors, you didn’t run the story. You kept reporting it; you let yourself get scooped; and you accepted that speed is not the highest value. Otherwise, you were the trash press.

At 8:30 yesterday morning, as I was typing this essay, The New York Times emailed me. The subject line was “Ethics Reminders for Freelance Journalists.” (I have occasionally published essays and reviews in the Times). It informed me, inter alia, that the Times expected all of its journalists, both freelance and staff, “to protect the integrity and credibility of Times journalism.” This meant, in part, safeguarding the Times’ “reputation for fairness and impartiality.”

I am prompted to issue my own ethics reminders for The New York Times. Here they are: You were partly responsible for the election of Trump because you are the most influential newspaper in the country, and you are not fair or impartial. Millions of Americans believe you hate them and that you will casually harm them. Two years ago, they fought back against you, and they won. If Trump wins again, you will once again have played a small but important role in that victory.*

I was able to read the Wall Street Journal full article in work today but it appears to be behind a paywall now… … 1548202058
Of the most culturally deplorable boxes one can check in progressive America in 2019, the boys of Covington Catholic High School have most of them: white, male, Christian, attendees at the annual March for Life in Washington, and wearers of MAGA hats. What’s not to dislike?


This is marketing.

The corporate media destroyed themselves. Trump made it possible. They stumbled with Buzzfeed and collapsed at Covington. This is a damage limitation, evasive manoeuvres 101. Much of that info was out days before they got to it. They had to wait for the alt media and you know people on forums and twitter accounts to do the leg work, aggregate the collective wisdom right. :wink:

I think it’s the 33rd day of the shutdown (emergency may be about to be declared) and the likes of Buzz Feed and Verizon (Huff Post) are laying off staff.

*You know what? *

Maybe the Gov shutdown has hit the flow of sheckels. Oh, I don’t know exactly how but it’s rather interesting timing all the same. Change of tone, reduction in numbers. Hmmm. Still looks like the same vast propaganda apparatus doing it’s masters bidding. So no change just, marketing, think Bill Hicks marketing…

Trump is still the enemy and they want him out, dead or alive. The corporate media have been both the baying mob and the instigators. Make no mistake the corporate media is not the friend of humanity. Never has been, it’s that for the first time a large enough portion of Americans have woken up to the reality, a large enough portion to threaten the long term ability of these corporations hold on the information flow.

Peoples consumption habits have changed and the corporate media are once again behind the curve because they are not serving their market, only their master.

People ain’t dumb and they ain’t buying.


He really is an enemy. That doesn’t make his enemies my friends, but he is an enemy.

They haven’t woken up. Maybe rolled over in their sleep


A lot more interesting info about the “Vietnam vet” “Recon ranger” at the center of this particular “Fake News” episode has surfaced. Including his DD-214. His official military record. So he joins USMC in 1972. The last draft year. After boot camp he serves exactly two days as a rifleman before he’s kicked out of the combat unit and sent to a reserve unit in Nebraska to serve out the remainder of his 4 years reserve duty as basically the lowest form of camp gopher

So it looks like apart from those two days after bootcamp never actually served as an active service marine. In any capacity. It seems his discharge status is just one step above a dishonorable discharge and the fact that he left with exactly the same grade (E1) as when he finished bootcamp meant that he was basically considered a complete waste of space by the marines. It seem you have be a real fuck up not to finish your four years without least making it to E2. The fact that he went AWOL and ended up in the brig a few times would seem to indicated that.

In fact the perfect poster boy for the sort of people the MSM tries to lionize in these situations. In real life complete and total frauds.

So what we have is a fake Vietnam Vet at the center of a very very nasty “Fake News” story. Where a bunch of innocent kids are attacked by a MSM lynch mob just because they are the wrong race, wrong class, wrong religion and have the wrong political beliefs. I’m not taking about the about 25% who had MAGA hats. I’m talking about them being in DC for an anti abortion march. That was actually their biggest sin in the eyes of the MSM. I may disagree with the kids on those politics but I absolute respect their right to have it and have demos. And not to be abused by ranting black racists bigots while waiting for their bus home. What was done to them by CNN and other outlets was utterly contemptible. In the case of CNN given its track record it was straight libel. They wont be protected by Sullivan V NYT in this case given their reckless disregard for even the most basic level of journalistic due diligence.


Not really relevant. Equally, if he was a decorated combat veteran, it wouldn’t really change the rights/wrongs of what happened.

I don’t believe the MSM seeks to lionize frauds. However, commentary (MSM and non) tends to deal in broad-brush strokes, leading to caricatures as much as characters, so people are presented in non-representative ways.

Exaggerating in this way will generally mean that those lionized will be protrayed as nobler/more accomplished/better than they really are. So they can then be made out to be “frauds”. Similarly those being scorned will generally turn out to be in total better than they are portrayed. They can then be portrayed later as “wronged”.
Which of course sets the scene for heel-face-heel-face turns beloved in kayfabe.

What was happening on the ground was symptomatic of disease in society.
So we create narratives that explain that, and find villains and heroes.

If my son was in the group, I 'd know better where he stood with regard to the whole motivation piece. However I’d certainly consider that he’d been unwise by contributing to an unhealthy situation.


Why can’t the black racists speak their minds if the anti-abortionists can?
What kind of bigots would you want them to be abused by?


The media are just an extension of twitter era mobs
The latest story is just some click bait outrage filled echo chamber
Who really cares.


Which is a fair point.

Media (MSM or other) gets harder to ignore when it starts to drive opinion and actual actions, be that Sandy Hook deniers harassing “crisis actors”, Comet Pizza getting stormed at gunpoint, or actual progressive/socialist groundswell being directed towards a candidate like Beto O’Rourke 2020.


You are obviously not familiar with the black bigot guys. They have been a feature of certain places and certain cities for decades in the US. Basically they spout unrelenting vile shit that would have whites or asians arrested and behind bars very very quickly for incitement and hate crimes. Which it is. This is not a 1’st Amendment issue. These exceptional nasty people scream racism, racism the moment any one, of any color, tries to stand up to them. They very cunningly use liberal white guilt as a defense to engage in evil invective. Think Westboro Baptist church (a very small psycho-loonie cult) type nastiness raised to a whole new level.

The Westboro shits got the treatment they rightly deserved. The black guys like the Black Hebrew Israelites never do. And never will. Because its “racist”, you know, to challenge the most horrific verbal abuse by black people. No matter how little if anything it has to politics or personal religious beliefs.

I’ve seen in person haranguing by slightly unhinged “bloody fetus” placard guys. Sunday school stuff in comparison. And completely within the bound of 1’st Amendment rights.


I’m surprised why you think “obviously”. No, I am familiar.
I was however curious why you specifically didn’t want them to be abused by “ranting black racists [sic] bigots”, and then who you did want them to be abused by? Personally, I’d prefer a story where they didn’t get abused by anybody.

As I said, I know. But one must assume that the Covington delegation weren’t familiar with them. Since what they (Black Hebrew Israelites) do is mouth off, there’s little to be gained by getting into an argument since it only feeds into the tactics

citation needed on first part, but in any case immaterial to the original topic.

you’re labouring the points so much your argument will join a union…

I get it that the abortion angle is important to you, as this is the second time you’ve gone into the topic. But what’s the relevance? I didn’t see such placards in images of the Covington group, but maybe you did?

But coming back to the core. None of the above really bears much on the central original point concerning the interaction between Covington students and the Native American group/Philips.


Roger Stone’s arrest and indictment, explained … ed-mueller


One of the few news sites worth reading is Axios
The lack of outrage journalism is refreshing
I used to listen to Fox for comedy value but you can add any of the top sites now.
Occasionally NYT and the WP perform some good journalistic functions but not on a consistent basis


It’s nuts how easy they get caught on witness tampering / obstruction of justice.

Even Trump has done enough on Twitter to be indicted on those offences: praising people for not cooperating with investigations, criticising people for not cooperating, saying plea deals should be illegal, etc., If he was lower down the food-chain (instead of at the top), he’d probably have been rolled over by now in an effort to get his cooperation.

I guess it’s what happens when folk have been watching movies about the mob and think “those guys are really cool”, but don’t get the non-dramatic elements of keeping things under the cover of darkness required to really do stuff like that.


So the government is going to open for 3 weeks without any garanteed funding for a border wall
Hard to see this as other than a full on retreat by the donald.
Ann Coulter will have his guts for garters