Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US


It’s nuts how easy they get caught on witness tampering / obstruction of justice.

Even Trump has done enough on Twitter to be indicted on those offences: praising people for not cooperating with investigations, criticising people for not cooperating, saying plea deals should be illegal, etc., If he was lower down the food-chain (instead of at the top), he’d probably have been rolled over by now in an effort to get his cooperation.

I guess it’s what happens when folk have been watching movies about the mob and think “those guys are really cool”, but don’t get the non-dramatic elements of keeping things under the cover of darkness required to really do stuff like that.


So the government is going to open for 3 weeks without any garanteed funding for a border wall
Hard to see this as other than a full on retreat by the donald.
Ann Coulter will have his guts for garters


He caved, clearly.

May be connected to the fact that Stone was arrested, plus the fact that he had defecting votes in the Senate…

Edited to add link: … 78816.html

Nice analysis of why Trump/GOP chose this moment for his theatre, and how the media enables him.


CNN turns up with cameras right before the 4 am FBI raid based on a “gut feeling” - incredible ESP skillz bypassing FBI’s element of surprise dawn raid, from a network that employs Josh Campbell, formerly a special assistant to James Comey. (CNN Bio -

I bet he his! :laughing:


What makes you say that? :slight_smile:


In fairness, even Stone had been tweeting about expecting to be raided. I don’t see much in that.

Isn’t language a funny thing. I meant it figuratively, as a short-form of “cave in”. That is to say, to give in to someone else’s demands. Like a metaphorical roof collapsing under the accumulating blizzard of opposing arguments and activities.

Trump of course favours a more direct line of expression and I believe he was being entirely literal in his own tweets. He clearly favours a wall. He doesn’t believe that the construction of a cave would improve border security, and in fact has very negative impressions of caves both from seeing how they enable thievery[1] and provide shelter to overly-familiar (probably unionised) construction-workers[2]. The first of those was obviously very much at the front of his mind given the effect of the shutdown on security within the national parks.

Although Trump has caved on the wall and the shutdown, it remains to be seen whether he has caved on the cave or not. It’s also not clear the Democrats will be satisfied if Trump were to return to them with an offer to construct a cave.

[1] Yogi Bear
[2] The Flintstones


Like orange Hitler this Carlson fella needs to be stopped

I think Trump is changing the Republican Party, for the better IMO


I’m just back after a trip to Texas. Even the texans are tired of Trump. Even his supporters in Texas (and he has many) don’t see a need for a wall. If there was, they’d already have built one (as I was told multiple times). (This was Dallas, rather than Austin, so not wet texans). There’s still not a rats ass chance of some of them voting democrat, but they will vote for a spoiler candidate to register their approval, or not turn up at all if there’s an indifferent democrat candidate (i.e. not someone excitedly divisive).


Actually you were not in Texas, you were in Austin North. Now if you had been in Fort Worth and heard this I might be a bit more surprised but Dallas has been blue for quite a while.

Some of the local metro members of Congress would not be out of place in California or Coastal Pacific Northwest. Now places like Amarillo, that’s Texas.

Its all those out of state whites who tip the balance in places like Dallas and Houston. They move to Texas from the NE, Mid West and Western states whose economies have been disemboweled by state Democratic government and then promptly vote for exactly the same sort of politicians who destroyed the economies of their home state. The process is called Californication. Although ironically enough, Californias economy was destroyed by politicians voted into office by people who moved from out of state.

Meanwhile in San Francisco its been a long time since I heard a TDS rant and apart from the Kavanaugh spasm they have moved to the acceptance phase. Except from the usual moonbats and loonies. Who can be discounted as either out of towners soon gone, trust fund babies, or people with personality / mental health issues. Who have been ranting against whoever happens to be in power since 1847. So just the usual noise.


Er, Fort Worth was exactly where I was… the Stock Show was great…


You weren’t in Texas, you were in, uh, West Austin North. Stop interrupting jmc’s flow. :wink:


I’ll edit later to add the direct link, but the George HW Bush episode of The Dollop is very illuminating in current world: and you can navigate to it, or add in your podcast app and search…

First of all as a revisionist look at the saccharine coverage around his recent funeral, but even moreso as a look at how the constitutional crises (and uselessness) that everyone is getting wound up about RE trump aren’t really that new.

Can totally recommend that episode, but as it’s the first episode of the podcast I’ve listened to, so cannot fully recommend the series. About 30 mins into the John McCain episode, though, and it’s also very good (that guy crashed a lot of planes!)


Well if you were in Fort Worth proper then thats an interesting anecdote. Dallas / Fort Worth were always very different places. When people talk about Dallas and Texas I ask exactly where. Big place. Best friend while growing up was from Texas. Mother from a small ranching town about 75 miles north of where you were. So I got to hear lots of “Why Texas is Different” stories growing up. Still very much a semi detached republic.

As for the Stock Show being great, could not agree more. I always recommend people go to at least one county fair or stock show / rodeo to get a real feel for the place. Now the ones you find in / close to big cities are interesting in themselves but those out in agricultural counties are unique experiences. Locally the Santa Barbara and Sonoma county fairs / stock shows are fun but its ones like the county fair in Salinas where you will have a really amazing experience. Also Ag colleges open days / annual shows are a lot of fun. The UC Davis annual “picnic” is a great way to spend the day.

There never was going to be a 20ft concrete wall on the 1000 miles plus banks of the Rio Grande. That was a given to anyone who paid attention. The “Wall” has always been a shorthand for trying to force the Dems to pony up for the money for actually building the border control infrastructure that they have voted for on many occasions over the last 30 years but always failed to fund. That what the $6B is for. To fund what the Dems have voted for over the decades. And then enforcing the current laws.

And for forcing the Mexican INM and Federal Police to actually live up to their bilateral legal obligations. Crossing the border at a non designated cross point is a crime under Mexican federal law yet the Mexicans never enforce this law against Mexicans expelled from the US as illegals. Now when Hondurans and other Central Americans try to cross Mexico’s southern border if they show any intention of staying in Mexico they will be charged / beaten up and dumped back on the border and told in no uncertain terms not to come back.

So in the end its just the usually political argie bargie. But one, as usual, Trump is one the right side of. It seem the majority of ordinary folk want our borders to be secure and our immigration laws to be enforced. Just like the majority in Ireland it seems. Open Borders and non enforcement of immigration laws it seems is not very popular idea in Ireland either.


Dan Bongino outlines his views and insight on the spying apparatus used and players involved targeted against candidate Trump and President elect Trump.

For some this may comes as a new take on events, for others perhaps a nice summary.

Dan Bongino - Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History


A recent Military Training operation in LA… the following video captures incredible display of flying skills, truly incredible, tremendous even, the best!



Neal Katyal described Trump tonight as a ‘grandmaster Pinocchio’.


My best guess is that the chopper is under computer control with possibly many lidar and radar based sensors to keep the choper away from surrounding buildings and roads.


Funny cause it’s true… like 6 hours later true.


The power of the 1st Amendment and artistic licence - looks like the corporate media and some more have been marshalled to manage expectations for when Mueller report is released, since word is, well, let’s just wait and see shall we! :nin

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since this type of reporting or kite flying back in Feb 2018

Right now William Barr has been appointed Attorney Genral, his second stint and the appointment Assistant AG Jeffery Rosen most likely to follow.

I don’t know much about Barr but a lot of chatter or what I’ve read briefly says he’s murky is as murky does but others think it’s all part of a very organised procedural plan and will deliver for Trump admin in unexpected ways.

Time will tell.