Donations to TDs 1997 - 2008


I know of one donator in Ivor’s list who is a property developer but is listed as an individual. He also has about 100+ gaffs rented in Dublin


Many thanks to the folks who put this together. 8DD 8DD

I have a feeling this one document is going to provide more entertainment than the RTE Autumn schedule !

Just a name picked at random from Ivor Callelys list of benefactors:

Alan Costello
373 Clontarf Road,
Dublin 3

Loaned €2,000 & is listed as an ‘Individual’

Now a quick Google, & hey presto

A Revenue defaulter…who works where, in Construction:

Companies House has:

Shame the taxpayer only gets €630, while Ivor the Engine gets a couple of grand. :angry:


Another of Callely’s individuals/property developers

Michael Anglim
52 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4

52 Northumberland Road is the address of Gannon Homes Ltd

Michael Anglim is a director of Gannon Homes Ltd … 938528.asp


Must be a crowded address:

Aidan Kenny
52 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4

He was good for €2,000

And I wonder if this one could be related :nin

Anthony Gannon
Turvey Avenue
Co. Dublin

A tightwad, only coughed up €1,500


Thank you - this confirms everything I suspected about FF TDs. Most FF TDs are not meritocrats having either inherited a ‘machine’ from a close relative or parent (an enormous advantage which overcomes the barriers to election in a way that would be impossible for an ordinary citizen), or becoming active in FF not for reasons of patriotism or conviction, but for reasons of self-enrichment and self-aggrandisement.

Oh I am sure at their clann gatherings the Lenihans, the MacSharrys, the Flynns, the Andrews/Tubridrys etc. sit around telling themselves about the sacrifices they make in public service and how they are doing their duty for Ireland, fantasing as if they were the Kennedys, while what they are really thinking is that they must maintain the family franchise: after all, without it, what else would people without integrity or talent do for a living?

Interesting how most donations come from the sectors of the economy driven by consumption (e.g. betting, property, retail) and very few from the sectors producing wealth (e.g. manufacturing, mining etc.)

This is a historic document - it will permit historians years hence to explain how Irish productivity was fiddled and squandered by a cabal of bankers and over-promoted councillors. I suggest you turn it into a histogram, frame it and hang it in the National Gallery.

To quote Colonel Kurtz I hate them, I do hate them.


If a reporter had 3-4 hours to play with they might do a bit of research into some of Ivors contributors.

Question:~ So why would people think the Fianna Fail is in the pocket of Developers & the
rest of the Construction Industry ?

I mean; here we have Ivor the Engine being quite open about his finances. And look
Only 8k of the 71,600 donated to him was from Developers or people in construction.

That’ll show us !! We can trust Fianna Fail.

But hang on.

I think I recognise a few of the names of those ‘Individuals’ donating to the cause
of the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’

Lets see:

Tony Deane Unit 12 Sandyford Hall S/C Kilgobbin Road Dublin 18

Deane Homes Limited
Contact Sean Deane
Address Unit 12 Sandyford Hall Shopping Centre
Kilgobbin Road
Dublin 18
Telephone 01 2945606
Fax 01 2945608

Hmmm, could he possibly be involved in Construction or Development.

Paul Dufficy 68 St. Lawrence Road Clontarf Dublin 3

That’s a rather unusual name isn’t it ?

Paul Dufficy & Co, Builders Co.
St Lawrence Road Clontarf
Dublin 3 Co. Dublin

Liam Walls City Junction Business Park Northern Cross Malahide Road Dublin 17

AKA Walls Construction,
Walls Holdings,
Walls Developments

etc, etc

**James Meagher 47 Cowper Road Dublin 6

Aidan Kenny Rotswall 52 Northumberland Road Ballsbridge Dublin 4
Michael Anglim Fenthorp 52 Northumberland Road Ballsbridge Dublin 4

Which just happens to be the address of:

David Kidd 69 Mount Prospect Ave Clontarf Dublin 3

looking for permission for :

Alan Redmond 56 Main Street Swords Co. Dublin.

Shane Redmond Group ( Estate Agents )
54 / 56 Main Street,
Co. Dublin
01 8401944

**Arthur French 70 Main Street Leixlip Co. Kildare. **
Estate Agent

Louis Scully 61 Merrion Square Dublin 2
Another Estate Agent

David Daly The Gables Torquay Road Foxrock Dublin 18

Of the ‘Daly Group’, Airside Retail Park, Albany Homes etc etc etc.

Dermot Quinlan Greenogue Business Park Rathcoole Co. Dublin

Of Liffey Developments

Stephen Lam Penthouse Broadmeadow Hall Applewood Village Swords

Another unusual name. I’m going to guess it might be this Stephen Lam

So there we go €8k from declared Construction interests, & a further €25,250 from
people who preferred to contribute as Individuals. Although a surprising number of
these individuals gave their company addresses. One wonders if their personal, or,
business accounts mentioned their largess ?

So in total €33,250 of a total €71,600 for Ivor came from people who owe their
living to our little bubble.

Fianna Fail, for the common people. :angry:


Great stuff lads. What upsets me most is that people vote for these chancers year after year. Most Irish people deserve every misery that befalls them.


Good man Fishfoodie. No doubt some dull, semi-literate journalist will rip-off the fruits of your research as an ‘exclusive’, but at least that will mean more people will read it - This is important work and deserves attention.

Interestingly, I think it is significant that donations seem to lead elevation to junior ministry e.g. Barry Andrews, Aine Brady shortly before promotion to their non-jobs. Are backers good at spotting talent or is it the other way around? WTF talent doesn’t come into to it but something is clearly on offer here.


Probably; but as you say, its more important that the Irish electorate gets the kick up the arse it needs to wake them up to who’s getting more than their one votes worth out of our TDs, & FF in particular.

If the hooked polygraphs up to most journos, they’d have to list Google as the contributors for most of the stuff published XD


Good job fishfoodie.
Heres another for the list
Barry Conroy €1,500
65 Merrion Square Dublin 2

is an partner at Conroy Crowe Kelly Architects
who designed several developments including Applewood Village, Swords for … Gannon Homes.

Ivor seems to have quite a few admirers in the Swords area,


And yet …

Sean McKeon
45 Clontarf Road
Director of MKN Construction

James Foy
59 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2
Smith Foy & Partners Solicitors

Jeremy O’Sullivan
21 St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2

This is an odd one. 21 St. Stephen’s Green is a building we all know and love.
It has two occupiers, one is the ESB, but it’s better known as the headquarters of Anglo Irish Bank. I can’t find a Jeremy O’Sullivan attached to the ESB, but Anglo have one in the shape of Senior Vice President - Boston Office.
Could be a coincidence, but with Duck and d’Ivor Callely I think not


Thanks for the details lads (Mark Coughlan here, see the “About” section on The Story) I will fill them in when I get a moment.

Just a quick pointer, when you open the document there is block at the bottom where you can move across the sheets - there are four sheets (if memory serves) All Donations to TDs, Post-SIPO Donations, Pre-SIPO Donations and Missing TDs. The Missing TDs one is the list of all TDs who have never declared a donation. Bertie Ahern has never declared a monetary political donations - i.e. legally is believed to have never received a political monetary donations worth more than €126 - but did get the use of property (St. Lukes), and declared that annually for €19000 each year, again, if memory serves.

FYI - “lazy journalists”, myself and Gav are both journalists.

We’ll have a spreadsheet of all party donations and donations to senators up soon. More blog posts on in the interim.


A couple of points lads:

The spreadsheet isn’t complete. We are gradually adding data on every donation. Consider it a “live” document.

Where an “individual” is identified as being a director of a development company, I am re-identifying the donation as from “Property & Construction”. Since the tabulation on here was put up, more have been added.

In order to find out who the people are, we are checking against and against Google and newspaper archives… obviously some people will know names right away that others do not, but give us some time and all names will be identified. Not alone that, I am paying for CRO documents to verify who the directors of some companies are.

We cannot make the document publicly editable, due to vandalism, but we will watch this thread, and add in any research you guys do… to the benefit of everyone.

We will also be visualising this data, using pie charts, or other methods.

Keep at it, we need to perfect the document.


Another correction for you lads.

I’d be pretty confident that:
Larry Murrim The Maudlins Naas Co. Kildare ( where Dawn foods is based )

is actually,
Larry Murrin, Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Farm Foods


Cool, will check. There are lots of misspellings on the SIPO documents.


unintentional I’m sure

This information would make very very interesting Pie charts. One for each Party, showing where the bulk of their funding is coming from.

Also, is it not risky to change from “individual” to “Developer” without noting that it was submitted as “Individual”. You know they are going to say that “I gave that in a personal capacity and it is nothing to do with my business”



We are working on visualising.

Since this is a work in progress, we are looking at re-categorisation of type of donation as an experiment. Obviously we still have original documents that simply say “company” or “individual”. We will work on this document and publish the originals - people can make up their own minds as to what capacity people acted in.

One good example is Marian McGennis. While a TD and Councillor in North Dublin she received “individual” donations from:

Ambrose Kelly (Developer, Flood Tribunal)
Michael Bailey (Bovale, Flood Tribunal)
Mick Whelan (Developer, partner Seamus Ross)
Seamus Ross (Developer + Anglo 10)
Sean Mulryan (Developer)
David Daly (Developer)

… all of whom at the time and still do hold substantial land banks and properties in North Dublin. Now one could argue all of these men donated in a personal capacity. I would argue they did not.


DO you get tax deductions on these " donations" like charity ones?


Don’t think so


I’m pretty sure you have to actually pay tax first before you can get a deduction :angry: