Don't pin blame for slump on me, says Taoiseach

We can’t blame the global downturn on Cowen.
However we can blame the severity of our coming slump on him.
We can blame him for our economies massive reliance on property.
We can blame him for our complete unpreparedness for what’s coming.
We can blame him for not educating himself in economics before taking his previous role as Finance Minister.
We can blame him for the massive mistakes he is about to make in the October budget.
We can blame him for allowing the civil service to become a mill stone on our backs as we struggle to provide any half arsed medical care.
We can blame him for the deaths of anyone who dies from lack of medical care.
We can blame him for the state of our schools.
We can blame him for wasting the money from the boom and not advancing this country one iota in terms of the services or care this state provides.
We can blame him for all that is to come.

We can congratulate him for giving himself the largest salary of any politician in the Western hemisphere.
We can congratulate him on the fact that his salary is bigger than the salary of premiers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain. All countries that have populations massively greater than our own.
We can congratulate him for conning the people who voted for him.

Well done Mr Cowen and the rest of Fianna Fail.

This government is an absolute disgrace. I believe I’m correct in saying that Mary Coughlan earns a similar salary to that of Gordon Brown and he’s the Prime Minister of a country 15 times the size of Ireland FFS :imp: . Then I open the morning Indo to read that they will share their vast economic wisdom with me for a mere €2k XX . … 84238.html

Will these idiots get paid by the EIU? Not clear to me from the article.

“Don’t pin blame on me”

Freudian slip? :wink:

This from the the former Minister of Finance who continually extended deadlines for the end of Section 23 housing in areas that were already full to bursting with ghost estates,because God forbid any half arsed developer would not be able to build 500 houses on his half an acre homestead outside Drumlish (only 1 hour from Dublin…in a Hellicopter) and cash in… Pontius Pilate hand washing 101.

So, he claims it was his policies that caused above average growth, but he’s not responsible for the all too predictable return to normal.

It’s kinda like

Cowan: Put it all on Black 20
Croupier: Black 20 wins
Cowan: Woohoo, Let it ride on Black 20
Croupier: Black 20 wins
Cowan: Woohoo, Hit me again Black 20
David McWilliams: This is not going to end well.
Cowan: Why are you so unpatriotic? Black 20, do it, do it.
Croupier: Black 20 wins
Cowan: See McWilliams, If we listened to you we wouldn’t be as rich as we are. Black 20 again, do it, do it.
David McWilliams: Seriously, you’re going to regret this.
Croupier: Black 20 wins agin.
Cowan: Oh David, you’re so out of touch, Ireland is different, we can keep winning forever. Black 20 Black 20 Black 20. I know what I’m doing, that’s why I’m minister for finance you’re just a glorified blogger.
Croupier: And the winning number is Red 23
Cowan: Temporary blip, David give me all the change in your pocket we can get back in this.
Croupier: Sir, I’m afraid if you don’t have money you have to leave the table.
Cowan: No man, I’m good for it, I know what I’m doing, It’s the table Man, the table is rigged, that’s why we lost. Nobody could have predicted we’d lose everything. Red 23, shit, who could have seen that coming?

<20 years later>

Cowan: I could have been something, you know. I could have been a contender. It was the table. I made the right decisions, Black 20 it should have been Black 20. I made the right decisions. Look at all the times I was right with Black 20, doesn’t that count for anything? I made the right decisions…it was the table.


Jesus Christ. That sounds like insider trading of the highest order - they’re giving price sensitive information (e.g. the economy is going down the shitter, get out while you can) to a select group rather than announce it publicly. This is corruption pure and simple, it is either policy favoritism (i.e. Cowen is going to hear what business leaders want and then implement it) or else he is going to leak state information to them before everyone else, and this is all for a fee. I would also question this under the standards in public office act, because they are obviously going to be paid a fee for attending, and this money is presumably going either to the ministers personally or to the FF party funds.

The only glimmer of hope is that Fine Gael have finally taken their fingers out and are starting to question FF on their corrupt and incompetent ways, so at least our little country now has two different political parties.

Says it all in just one sentence.