Dorrian Manor, Leixlip, Co. Kildare -€1,010k, -59%
Now €895k.

Previously listed during 2009/10 at €1.7 million. … &Site=daft

This people give a new meaning to the word “couch potato”. How many couches are there in the house? Couple of dozen? Plus, what’s the story with the pictures of the furniture? Is it included in the sale? If so, I’d have to get rid of, at least, half of the bl*ody sofas!

Now €820,000 … re/1611597

Now €799,000.

Any ideas how much would this cost to build?

As in whats the value for a one acre site with planning permission in a field near Leixlip; plus the build cost?

Now €789,000. Can’t see a drop of another €10,000 causing a queue to form.

Now €690k

Cheap build, cheap finish :slight_smile: €350k approx

Without looking at what question you were answering, I thought you were offering half price Landlord. I thought either we had finally turned you, or possibly just possibly it meant we had hit the bottom. My mistake! :-GC … re/1875974

Just noticed the granny flat is up for rent; can’t say I’d leap at the chance of renting there. The benefit of having you own entrance is a little undermined when you’re dwelling is in the middle of your landlord’s garden.

They still have 2 ads up for the house with varying prices and different EA’s both renewed 3 days ago!:

Back up, with an asking price increase; looking for €750,000. … re/1611597