Down €114,950 - 1 Bed Apartments, Marina Village, Greystones


Glenveagh have reduced the prices of their 1 Bed Apartments at Marina Village in Greystones from €499,950 to €385,000.

Link to MyHome here:


Who on earth would pay 385k for a 1 bed in Greystones???


Is that build on or next to the reclaimed dump. Greystones is nice but it’s at the end of the dart line if you work in town it’s a long commute, Charlesland is a bit depressing looking could this end up the same.


Info on sizes of apartments can be found here

Also, looks like there were lots of buyers willing to pay these prices. Add 13.5% VAT to these prices to calculate sales prices:


That must be one hell of a fish-eye lens in the brochure picture. 400k for 550 sq.ft. an hour from Dublin is still utterly obscene.