Down goes Dalkey - 1 Harbour Crescent, Dalkey (-€100k, -7.5%)



As I’ve said numerous times on this forum - everything in South Dublin between ~€900k and €1.5m will fall 10% - guaranteed.

Whilst this hasn’t fallen 10% yet - I guarantee you they would bite the hand off €1.215m (a 10% discount on their original asking price).

The location is good - which means it will sell eventually - but the interior is very very ordinary - and the photos are, to be kind, bizarre…

Check out this property I found using Daft:


Its a nice location, I don’t see whats bizarre about the interior, a little dated perhaps but certainly liveable. I’d say this would ordinarily be snapped up in an ex-covid world.


I live in Australia - where houses for sale in suburbs (and prices ranges) like Dalkey would always have photographs done professionally. To be frank, I could take better photos on my phone than what’s showing on DAFT - I’ve attached a few that jumped out at me as very very ordinary.


Even the over priced new builds have pulled back.
All remaining houses have had price cut by 10%

Dalkey is a tricky one, lovely place to live but a million miles from town if you’re not on the dart.

The good auld greens new cycle track on seapoint Avenue has only added to traffic problems enroute to Dalkey.


Instant traffic jams on Temple Hill and Monkstown Road as soon as they started building it. And I can’t believe they put parking spots between the remaining single lane and the cycle track bollards. Anyone doing more than 10 mph is eventually going to whip the door off someone getting out. Disaster. :icon_evil:


COVID could be here for a few weeks or a few months
But once we get back to some form of normality people are going to crack when they see what’s been done to the roads. The greens idea of cycle or walk won’t bode well in an Irish winter. I see all out chaos very soon.


Speaking from Australian winter - where we are now having a second wave of Covid - trust me, this thing is not matter of weeks or months - if things get to normal by 2022 it would be a great achievement. 2021 will be a write off.


Ardan on Ardbrugh road just sold, 1.3 mil, half the size of this house.


Ardan is a nice house, in a nice location with awesome views.

Harbour Crescent has a nice location - and that’s about it.

It will sell based on location - but I think it’s a shocker…


That would be an insane price for Ardan, a 150 sq. m. bungalow with no development potential. €8,666 per sq.m. is out of whack even for somewhere like Dalkey.

The sea view must have added €300 K. to the price but I’ll wait to see it on the PPR. Like I said on Kilmuire, I’d prefer to be near the sea than have a sea view. Ardan is a 20 minute walk to the sea and a steep road home.


Harbour Crescent was very nice. The new house on the corner site (garden of this house?) looks dire and has greatly disimproved the area. Parking in the area is very bad (not sure if this house has any). There is also the possibility of a large number of new apartments locally along with spillover from Loreto.


What do you mean by “the spillover from Loreto”?


Loreto is a busy operation with many activities in the evening in addition to the schools. There is traffic chaos locally at times and very limited parking at others. Loreto seem to close access to the road that runs down to the Right of Way by means of a barrier, despite planning restrictions obliging them not to do so. Harbour Crescent gets very blocked up by times. Additionally, 3-4 on street spaces were recently moved by DLR.


I think it is actually an upside down house, with the bedrooms downstairs. Mad money all the same, you could buy a farm for that in Wicklow. People just mad about Dalkey and sea views though. Steep hills wont put them off…In six months time they will go, were we crazy…


This house has been on the market for months and months, previously with different agents and the price is ludicrous for the amount of work it would need to bring it up to modern spec. Bedrooms are upstairs. It has parking. The house has a nice family feeling about it and had I a LOT of money (Lotto win size) to spend I’d be interested (short walk to Dalkey town and Dart station, detached, nice garden) but really, the owners should lower their price if they’re serious about selling. I saw it when it was for rent (after not selling with previous agent) and even the rental price owners were insisting on was putting off any prospective tenants. Awful BER and mediocre condition of fixtures and fittings didn’t help either. New build on corner was done by owners of this house, all info online for anyone interested.


Sorry I mean the ardan house, bedrooms downstairs.


Ardan sold for 1.175.


Even at €1.175M. , a drop of €125k. from asking, this is €7,800 per sq.m. .

Dalkey is not prime Dublin and Ardan is not even prime Dalkey so this is about €250k. over-priced. Seaview mania perhaps.


Just came across this when looking for something else, id have to disagree there, Dalkey is, outside of d4/6 as prime as it gets.

Personally if i won the euromillions a dalkey mansion is what id want over a darty or ballsbridge one.


A Dalkey mansion would be fine for me too but I was commenting on the price per sq. m. which Ardan achieved. Apart from unique seafront properties, it would be mad to equate Dalkey prices with prime Dublin e.g. Ballsbridge and Donnybrook where prices are again approaching 10K. per sq. m.