Down we Go: Ireland 43rd on house price index … 86180.html

43rd Puts us in fifth last place of the countries covered.

We’d actually be last if NAMA got out of the way and allowed firesales to take place.

Anyone know what this index is actually measuring? House prices or annual rate of house price increase / decrease?

I don’t think the article makes it clear but this is an index of price **changes **, Ireland has a long way to go yet.

Yup. No point in us being the country with the 5th ‘worst’ performing housing market if the overall price remains too high thus affecting our competitivness.

Then it strikes me that both the headline and article was explicitly designed to be deceptive. Got to say I’m really sick of that kind of shit. Apart from anything else, it makes a mockery of the public.

People think we are beginning to lose the spin; if fact those with a decade of up-spin are finding those skills work just as well on the down-spin.

Well it looks like the spring selling season took in a few suckers so they only have autumn the nail the rest. By the time we get around to January there’ll be higher taxes and likely higher borrowing costs.

That’s before you start considering the possibility of a double-dip recession, I think the sovereign bond crisis makes this likely.

China up 68% since Jan 09?! My jebus.

True. My first thought was “Ireland is the 43rd most expensive!?”

Should have read: “Ireland 43rd on house price change index”. The bumbling gobshites :imp:

Along with the Standard and Poor report they’re trying to create the impression that Irish property is now undervalued. Sure it has to be, prices have dropped 50%!

I don’t think they’re bumbling - the headline on this article reads “Ireland 43rd on house price index”. I believe they were purposely vague with a design in mind.

Anyway, this is the headline that has gone out to the country. And the accompanying article. The impression a reader gets when he or she reads the headline and skims the article is the impression they get (no more, no less).

I think the title of this thread should be put back to reflect the real headline of the article - to better highlight the kind of thing they are trying to pull here.

inb4 Donie Cassidy

My sentiments exactly

Chinese property market… Ireland on steroids… China may not have as big an empties problem though

We have a government who’d like to talk to them, someone warm up the telex machine!

NAMA can purchase a whole tranche of Chinese property loans and assets. I call it Operation “Ching Ching”, if the boys and girls over at the NTMA & NAMA can time it right, we can cash out big time and balance the books, maybe they can even make a fucking profit! This time next year we’ll be millionaires! 8DD

Now where do I fill out myNAMAsalary claim form? :astonished:

Fixed that for ya 8DD