Downsizing from D6 redbrick, which estate agent?

The chocolate box is down to the nougats and time has come to bite the bullet and downsize from a ppr bought 18 years ago. Kids are grown up and gone, though still living nearby. House need minor repairs but the budget does not stretch very far these days. That said, we are not motivated sellers so time to sell is not a major issue. So, to get the ball rolling, suggestions regarding the best agents to handle the sale would be very welcome.

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I have a relative relative using Sherry Fitz Terenure to offload a property in the area. Is happy thus far with their attitude & advice in comparison to agents in other areas of the country.

Had a very good experience with Rathmines branch of Sherry Fitzgerald selling red brick in Dublin 8 last year.

I would agree Sherry Fitz are the best for selling, they certainly seem to be able to extract the best price and when we were buying were certainly the most proactive

As someone looking to purchase a period property in D6. I have found Youngs to be quite helpful.

In what way?

Sherry Fitzgerald - Geralyn Byrne

DNG - Pat Mullery

I used both and found both easy to do business with, honest, helpful and good at getting the best price.

I dealt with Youngs a long time ago and found them offensively useless. Maybe they have changed.

Youngs have only one period house in Dublin 6 currrently advertised for sale:

37 Elmwood Avenue, Ranelagh … n-1194835/

Wow, that’s painful to read. I wonder do they have evidence for that sort of sales patter actually working; I find it a bit offputting myself.

Youngs sold 22 Lower Beechwood Avenue in Ranelagh within the last month - took about 6 weeks from house going up for sale to sold sign appearing on it.
Elderly relatives in big house in Rathgar are also considering selling - Lisney, Sherry Fitz or DNG seem to be the ones they are considering.

We’re in the opposite situation, we have youngish children and are looking to upsize from our 165 square metre in Churchtown. Send me a private message with the specs of your property - perhaps you could avoid a EA altogether?

As a buyer I found Sherry Fitz (Rathmines) very good to deal with. Also Allen and Jacobs (a small operation but friendly, professional demeanour and nice brochures).

Felicity Fox were OK but seemed to overprice things a little and seemed a little aloof/ snobbish which is a very bad trait in a salesperson. Agents, please don’t assume that the couple in jeans and runners (us) aren’t serious buyers, ready to go with funds for a house in this price bracket.

The one house we viewed in the area through Lisney had a stand-offish to the point of rude agent. We also viewed a couple with Lowes - wouldn’t use them myself. I think they’re probably better for rentals.

We eventually bought through DNG - really it’s the house rather than the agent that seals the deal in the end, but found they screen their calls to a maddening extent (as if you aren’t a potential customer with several hundred thousand to spend!) and don’t include floor plans as standard which is also a major turn-off when looking through ads.

We’ll be selling a house soon ourselves but on DNS. We might well go with Sherry Fitz on foot of our experience with them as buyers. I would go with Allen and Jacobs but they seem to be southside specialists. You’ll reach your buyers through MyHome/ Daft these days. After that what you need to assess is the professionalism of the agent, how hard-working and accessible they are to customers and how skilled at negotiation (though this one is hard to discover in advance). And of course what cut they plan to take! Good luck!

It’s horrible- the Lovin’ Dublin approach to writing. Can’t see who it would appeal to other than idiots and hipster-types.

I went to see a few Felicity Fox houses; found their attitude very offputting. Actually didn’t bother going to see a couple of places because I thought I probably wouldn’t be interested, and I could do without their agents that day…

Sherry Fitz if I was a seller. The pictures are best quality and the floor plans as standard is a big plus.

From (limited) experience years back they were best at chasing me as a buyer too.

Sent you a PM responding to your question.

Eh, other than me not having a clue how the real estate market works in Ireland? Is there an obvious benefit to self-educating and cutting out the middle-man, apart from avoidance of the agents fee?

We’ve also been asking ourselves this question. The premises are of little use now as the vast majority of buyers will do their searching online. Ditto their ‘address book’ of buyers. There might be some value e.g. if they know someone’s actively looking for a house just like yours and has just missed out on one, but that’s limited too.

I think the main value is that they do the admin./ chasing for you, do the viewings - some buyers might be more comfortable with an agent than the actual owner watching them walk around - and you would hope theyare a more skilled negotiator when it comes to the sale.

So, how would this work as a basic strategy - put house on market at 150-200k over the anecdotal best recent price in the neighbourhood and work from there using pre-existing negotiating skills? What other resources are out there to educate myself om the other aspects of the sale?

I wouldn’t go to view a house if the seller was selling it themselves.