Downturn sending helicopter sales into a tailspin

Back in '98 I met an American guy in a lounge in Jakarta airport. His job was to buzz around south-east Asia buying up second-hand private planes and helicopters, formerly owned by successful business people. The former Asian “tiger” economies had collapsed and he was being kept extremely busy buying up these old trophies to excess and hubris. It sounded like a great job. :slight_smile:

I guess we could be getting some similar visits from Russian and Chinese second-hand-copter dealers soon.

Reminds me that a read a story about a guy living some 3 hours drive south of Athlone where is working.

As the commute was too much pain for him he decided to fly to work every day, so that he can be home by 6 to join his wife and kids for dinner, and of course isn’t stuck in traffic.

The poor guy said that the it was putting such a pressure on his family live when he was driving and also lost so much productivity as he falls sick when trying to work in the car (of course he had a driver).

These helicopter stories honestly make me sick - I mean just buy a gaff near Athlone and have a 30 minute commute instead of flying to work on a daily basis. Money apparently isn’t the problem.
I was at the Stones concert at Slane Castle last year and there was almost an air traffic jam with the hundreds of people flying in/out with a helicopter service.
I mean if people have the cash to spend then fair enough and well done moneywise. But it doesn’t make economic sense, is a waste of fuel and just noisy.
It is bad enough to have 10 mpg SUV’s as a “city car” but that helicopter stuff only shows one thing: no respect for nature and people you live in and with.
(sorry for the rant but it really pisses me off…)

Next time you take a Ryanair flight you might have to compete with former Irish property “billionaires” or even Sean “P. Diddy” Combs in the scrum to get on the flight.

Let’s get this bailout underway. If I have to read one more story about the hardships these guys face…

You know it once struck me that TUG could *actually *be Ben Dunne but I gave up the drink for a week thereafter :nin