Dr. Leo , A Leader we can all be proud of



The beginning of the end perhaps? What will Mehole say.


Coronavirus 2020


MSM and other politicians asking questions.


goose cooked here if true and it looks to be… is Paschal deputy leader? or is he sailing off to that europe job. it looks really foolish, just bragging to mates.


Fairly categorical denial of any wrongdoing here…

Ball in Fianna Fails court now…


It’s gas. I assume the Irish Times hasn’t reported on it yet because of some copying of the US Media’s Hunter Biden ‘stolen data-won’t report it’ policy. They’re a parody of themselves at this stage.

Edit - they just reported his denial.

I suppose I’m being grossly prejudiced in guessing there’s more than one gay man involved here ? It would explain the IT’s reluctance.


Looking forward to comments from Dr. Fehhlilly and Morrissey.


In the game of political Chess FG may be about to lose it’s Queen. :popcorn:


Village magazines response to Leos statement…



You may expect more of the same from Leo he never touched on the truth re the swing thing never even gave the exact date and one wonders why the date had to got to bed.
Internal investigations and letters of comfort.
It was never about a swing and he knows that it was about criminal activity if the highest order that involved many of his collogues
Lets put it like this a wise men never seen a dead man another thing mobile phones do not work under water


He’s behind you


Ya have to laugh it was “confidential” document, but was already in the “public domain” it’s one of the other. Leaks don’t count.

The Irish people need to see some “enforcement action” fairly quick, if Mr Varadkar is unable to self-enforce. :whistle:


Village have pushed their article onto medium.com


You gotta give me credit. My radar is good


Off you go and make your statement in the house. We have more.

Archived link: https://archive.is/susz7


I don’t think he’s going to survive this, even as a TD. The public no longer see the manufactured “Leo Varadkar” of the last decade and his true nature is on full display. We could get really lucky and lose Helen McEntee and Drew Harris too if they’ve been colluding to prevent a criminal investigation.


In Sporting Parlance, The Chairman’s full support.



Well I would be paying more attention to what the likes of Coveney/Paschal say/do. If they express more concerns then he is probably done for. Not sure MM can tell FG what to do…in fact he is probably happy with this as it could give FF an advantage over FG (at the end of the day the big battle will come down to which of FG or FF can do best against SF…at the moment it looks like FG but that could easily change)


Ah I see, if they all become burning men, then we can’t tell who is the most flaming…



If Leo felt within his heart of hearts he was acting in a “confidential” manner, then I really can’t see the problem here. :icon_beer:

Thankfully,@simoncoveney has confirmed the leaked document sent to @LeoVaradkar’s friend was sent on a “confidential basis” Zany face

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